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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
The Complete Bagpuss [1974] [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£4.68+ £1.26 shipping

VINE VOICEon 8 June 2014
Bagpuss is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened on TV and I've never either grown out of it or tired of it, which means that I'm overjoyed to have my very own copy of the series, which I can watch any time I like and I'm not in the least bothered that it hasn't been re-mastered. It looks all right to me and I'm happy with it. After all, Bagpuss never aspired to being perfect; it shows us that in every episode. Anyway, I expect someone will re-master it, which is all right as long as they don't re-do all of it and mess it all up like they do with so many things these days.

There's much more to Bagpuss than tales just for children. The format is an inspiration for all of us to be more creative in everything we do. I'm told that modern children have no interest in Bagpuss because they are too busy playing on their tablets. Well, if they learn to play well enough, maybe Bagpuss will appear right there and inspire them with a real good tale. I've met characters just like the ones depicted in Bagpuss. Have you? I mean like the woodpecker, the mice and all that.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 July 2013
When I first saw the cover of this DVD, I was more than a little surprised; I simply didn't remember Bagpuss being as vibrant in colour as that. My memories had always told me this programme, although charming and very clever in concept, was really rather dull to the eye. All that sepia business with Emily in every episode, that must have been what it was. That and the fact that I'm even older than Bagpuss and so, presumably, my mind is going. I did remember finding those singing mice extraordinarily creepy when I was little, and that recollection alone was nearly enough for me to abandon all thoughts of buying this product... but then I thought of my two little relatives, aged 8 and 5, and wondered what they would make of it. And, more importantly, what they would make of me for being a complete wuss. My mind made up, I sent for this DVD. After all, was I a man or a mouse? Yes, alright, I'm a mouse... but at least I'm a lot more of a man than the high-pitched crowd in these thirteen episodes. At least, I sincerely hope I am.

The kids immediately fell in love with the photo on the cover of the DVD and were more than keen to join me in a three hour Bagpuss marathon. Very cleverly, the main menu manages to incorporate an ever cuddlier picture of our eponymous hero as well as some of that unbelievably evocative theme tune. Feeling brave, I pressed the 'Play' button. Ah yes, that theme tune. And Emily! And the reassuringly dulcet tones of Oliver Postgate. And, oh my heavens - those mice!

I have a feeling I might be in the minority here, but I spent quite a large proportion of the next three hours watching the action from behind the sofa. They're really not creepy, anyone can see that (apart from me, obviously). No, it's the tune they sing their little high-pitched ditties along to, that's the real problem now. 'Sumer is Icumen In' - an innocent enough piece of music, for anyone who has not had the 'pleasure' of seeing the last few minutes of 'The Wicker Man'. From behind the sofa in my case, naturally. Neither the soft, comforting sound of Madeleine the rag doll's voice nor the fine singer/songwriter talents of Gabriel the toad could disabuse me of the notion that this show is most definitely ruined for me by those exceptionally sinister mice. No doubt the wise old Professor Yaffle would tell me to simply pull myself together and grow a pair but, I'm sorry, they're far too much for me.

My two little relatives however were completely enchanted by everything about this show. Kids of today are obviously made of sterner stuff, that's all I can say. And there is something utterly magical and thoroughly endearing about that cat! When he goes to sleep, those mice almost completely disappear - what's not to love about that cat?!

The 'Bonus Material' on this disc amounts to a few still photographs (some of which include those wretched mice) and seven of the little stories that appeared within the thirteen episodes. I rather generously decided to donate this to my little relatives and have thus far escaped without too many rodent-related nightmares. The children were ridiculously grateful for my 'sacrifice' and, I'm told, watch episodes from the DVD fairly frequently. On the basis that it's a kids' programme and that the two kids I know obviously love it, I feel obliged to award it the highest marks I can. If nothing else, it might make me look slightly less feeble.

Although I'm still not happy about those mice.
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#1 HALL OF FAMETOP 50 REVIEWERon 16 June 2015
...Old fat furry catpuss.

This is just as charming as you remember it from childhood. In all honesty, I bought this as a bit of a nostalgia trip, and really wasn't expecting my 3 year old to like it. Silly me. It's about a magical cat and his animal friends - what's not to like? The stories are timeless, and the animation has a wonderful otherworldly quality that just adds to the charm.

The only surprise was to realise that only 13 episodes were ever made. How wonderful that such a short-run series is still available, and still enjoyable today.
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#1 HALL OF FAMETOP 10 REVIEWERon 19 November 2010
I already have this and decided to buy it for my sister. She was born in 1972 and remembers this fondly as I do and I'm now 41! From the brilliant Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate Bagpuss began life in 1974 and only ran for 13 episodes and yet is so well remembered! The story was based around a shop where nothing was sold but lost and broken things were found and repaired then displayed in the window for people to claim. The shop was owned by a little girl called Emily who was actually Emily Firmin daughter of Peter Firmin. She would leave the item infront of her favourite toy which was of course Bagpuss and recite. . .

Bagpuss, dear Bagpuss
Old Fat Furry Catpuss
Wake up and look at this thing that I bring
Wake up, be bright, be golden and light
Bagpuss, oh hear what I sing

Then Bagpuss would awaken and the picture would turn from sepia to colour! Which was sort of magical to me back then and I suppose still is now! Then all the other toys would awaken too. Gabriel the Toad who played the banjo, Madeleine the Ragdoll who sang the songs whilst Gabriel played! Professor Yaffle the wooden bookend and all the carved mice on the side of the mouse organ! absolutley brilliant.

The dvd has all 13 episodes:-

The Ship in a Bottle
The Owls of Athens
The Frog Princess
The Ballet Shoe
The Hamish
The Wise Man
The Elephant
The Mouse Mill
The Giant
Old Man's Beard
The Fiddle
Uncle Feedle. . . .

And, of course, when Bagpuss goes to sleep,
All his friends go to sleep too.
The mice were ornaments on the mouse organ.
Gabriel and Madeleine were just dolls.
Professor Yaffle was a carved, wooden bookend in the shape of a woodpecker.
Even Bagpuss himself, once he was asleep, was just an old, saggy cloth cat,
Baggy, and a bit loose at the seams,
But Emily loved him.

It's a classic and I cannot recommend it enough and at this bargain price! My sister will be delighted and so will her new baby I think!
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VINE VOICEon 2 November 2012
This will be a welcome trip down `Memory Lane' for those of you who remember the original showing on TV almost forty years ago, and will delight children and adults alike! This is the complete series of the popular children's animated TV series: `Bagpuss'!

Like many popular TV Shows from years ago; we usually think there were loads and loads made, when in fact there were only ever a few, and this Show is no exception! One season of this delightful programme - and just thirteen episodes in all were ever made! I guess it's a testament to just how well things were produced, and how `imaginative' when compared to today when most children's TV is done with the aid of computers and technology we did not have back then...

Sit back and enjoy your childhood all over again! I was a little old myself for this, even back then, but still recall it with much fondness when I used to catch glimpses of it on TV.
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on 9 April 2014
Rightfully THE classic of the genre. Cannot praise this highly enough. Remember it first time round with deep fondness. Never tire of it as an adult. Bought for school as a compare/contrast corrective to modern fare, which can lack charm. Madeleine the Rag Doll and Gabriel the Toad never floated my boat, but Professor Yaffle, the indignities inflicted on Charlie Mouse (though note - he's the only rodent to be named, if I recall correctly) and the Marvellous Mechanical Mouse Organ are inspired creations. Bagpuss - is he a modern envisaging of God or what?
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VINE VOICEon 27 October 2009
Now I admit that my review is somewhat compromised by my love for this series. It was bought as present for my nieces (along with a copy of the Clangers), and they seem to think that is it good.

Bagpuss in my eyes is one of the high points of all childrens programs. It doesn't condescend. It doesn't rely on bright, flashy images or loud music. It simply a beautifully constructed example of what can be done when someone puts love into their creation. Oliver Postgate was a genius.

Buy this for your kids and grandkids if you have no idea what Ben10 is and don't understand Pokemon.

Hopefully they don't ruin this when they remake it.
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on 17 January 2013
Though only 13 episodes of Bagpuss were ever made in 1974, the programme holds firm its position among the timeless classics of children's television. Suitable for viewing by all ages, the series is absolutely full to bursting of the innocent charm of childhood imagination. The true magic is in its simplicity, the uncomplicated and yet ingenious concept of a lost property shop that comes to life in the fanciful daydreams of a lovely little girl whose heart belongs to her saggy pink-and-white striped stuffed toy cat. Emily's magic words awaken Bagpuss from his apparent slumber whenever she has something new to show him, and when he comes to life he is immediately joined by the other inhabitants of the shop, such as the mice on the Mouse Organ, Gabriel the banjo-playing Toad, Professor Yaffle the cynical woodpecker bookend and Madeleine the Rag Doll. Together the magical toyroom characters examine whatever object Emily has brought into the shop on her latest visit to the world of her dreams and try to discover what it is and find a purpose for it. Once they have reached a conclusion, they are simply restored to their inanimate state, Emily's attention having been diverted elsewhere.

I didn't even exist in 1974, but Bagpuss was as magical for me when I was little as it might've been for any child who was around at the time, and it certainly has the potential to continue to entrance and delight children for generations to come. There's absolutely no bad points to this series. There's no sex, no swearing, no innuendo, no overcomplicated humour or incomprehensible language. This is something you can safely and comfortably show to any three year-old without the slightest fear of any malinfluence.

All in all, Bagpuss is a lovely story, the characters are charming, the setting is attractive and the content is pure. Get it. Show it to your kids. Watch it yourself when they're at school or in bed and feel your heart melt.


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on 19 September 2013
Children still love Bagpuss. Doesn't have to be amazing quality animation to hold children's attention and imagination!
The only thing I found VERY annoying was that the episodes were short and they go through the lengthy (in relation to each episode) beginning at the start of each one, so I did get sick of hearing about Emily over and over again over a short period of time.
Used to love Bagpuss as a child and daughter enjoys it now.
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on 22 October 2009
How pleased I was to spot this DVD is on the market. My daughter loves his character. She was given a soft toy of Bagpuss which is now deceased. I gave her the DVD for her Birthday and she was thrilled and is now happily enjoying this old favourite. One thing I should add is my daughter is now 37 years old and she is introducing Bagpuss to her 6 month baby. To the uninitiated there are little stories around Bagpuss and characters which have repeating words for the children to memorise. I hope the future generations will enjoy him.
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