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4.6 out of 5 stars
SelmaSongs (Dancer In The Dark OST)
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 30 December 2012
Bjork has been known to me for a number of years but it is over the last year that I have really took a liking to her music. I own Debut, Post, Homogenic, Vespertine and now Selmasongs so far and aim to get the others as soon as I can.

Like with much of Bjork's work it takes me a little while to appreciate it. My first listen brings the odd love, but it is only after a 2nd, 3rd and 4th listen that I am hooked. It may take time but this album has some great tracks.

Unknowingly I found myself with 'Scatterheart' lodged in my brain and 'New World' is simply fantastic.

Another great album from the enchanting Bjork!
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on 18 March 2006
It got bashed a little bit when it first came out that the film was poorly shot and Bjork would never be able to carry a lead role successfully.
They never figured that the film would be built around her amzing voice though.
If I am in mood, (often), and feeling like there's no inspiration left in the world, even if I can't sleep, this is the soundtrack I turn to.
Sounds made up for the lead charcter's lack of eyesight - and then some.
Admittedly I had this before I saw the film, a couple of things made more sense after watching the movie though.
Spontaneous singing and imaginative numbers are given life through Bjork's quirky and charismatic voice.
A story that can be followed through song, '100 steps', 'I've seen it all'...you haven't until you've heard this soundtrack.
Peaceful and exotic in turns it is a piece that stands alone.
Tastefully done and exceuted - not one bad track.
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on 4 May 2002
I highly reccommend.. insist.. that you watch the film before buying this, if you haven't seen it. The songs only make sense in the context of the film.
Released also as a standalone album, some songs are quite different to in the movie (Scatterheart, I've seen it all, In the musicals), some are similar. If I remember correctly "New World" is not really sung in the film, but instead there's Selma's Second to last song, during the execution. New World is one of the most beautiful songs ever!
Without seeing the film, the depth of tragedy in the songs is not at all realised! You should really see it first.
Also, be aware that the album is only 7 songs (just over half an hour) long. And the first song is an instrumental overture, which is really just an instrumental version of "New World". I think it's worth every penny, but you shuld be aware it is a short CD.
To conclude: Buy it! And the video!
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on 6 February 2001
I am a huge fan of bjork as it is,and had heard many reviews of 'dancer...',some of them good,so of them bad.So when i got the chance to see a screening in the town hall theatre in Galway i jumped at the chance.It started a little slow but by the end of the film i was crying my eyes out...(did i mention i usually do not cry at films?)and i was not the only one.There were fully grown men crying by end of it.The music is some of Bjorks best work especially the beautiful 'new world'.Buy it,its short,sweet and well worth every penny!!
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on 24 September 2000
I have been a fan of Bjork for a number of years now and she remains the only artist who can continuously surprise and inspire. Her voice is unique and often breath taking. Here it works as an instrument, smoothly gliding over the often industrial beats and glorious string arrangements.
The first song to feature vocals is the brilliantly hyperactive 'Cvalda'. A change of pace arrives via the sublime Thom Yorke duet, 'I've seen it all'. Beautifully built around a continuous train beat, the song ascends into a soaring display of vocal prowess. 'Scatterheart' is amazingly sad and is followed by the album's best song, 'In the muiscals'. The song seems to feature every sound effect available, from basketball bounces to tap dancing, all sampled and placed over juddering beats. The lyrics deal with the power of musicals and the impact they have over Selma.
The album's only weak point is '107 Steps' which seems likely to implode as the strings become too claustraphobic. But the album ends on an amazing high with the beautiful 'New World', where Bjork's voice soars and soars with amazing ease.
I thought that her last album 'Homogenic' would never be surpassed, but i should have realised Bjork is forever redefining my opinions of her. Amazing.
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on 11 October 2000
Bjork has done it again! Her work just gets better with every album and this time she has excelled herself.
The album starts with 'Overture', which lulls you into the perfect state for the rest of the album. A feeling of real meloncholy and that this is about serious music. However, 'Cvalda' which is 'Bjork Style' percussion using the sound of the machinery where she works, and it typically does work!
'I've Seen it All' is her duet with Thom Yorke, which is such a sweet tune with such sad undertones and meaningful subtext.
However, 'Scatterheart' is probably my favorite song out of the whole album as it is so innocent and bright, which is so paradoxical to the story she is telling. Selma uses musicals as escapism, and Bjork has cleverly written 'In The Musicals' boasting the pizzazz like 'show song', that reminds the listener of her wham bam old jazz song 'It's Oh So Quiet'.
'107 Steps' paints the reality of Selmas story, however, Bjork, never one to leave us feeling heartbroken, cheers us with the inspirational, upbeat 'New World'.
This is an album that I had no hesitation in buying, and it did not let me down either...I would say to all who love her - BUY THIS NOW!
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on 20 September 2000
Bjork's "Debut" and "Post" are considered to be her finest work... not any more. "Dancer in the Dark" the award-winning film has given Bjork the opportunity to showcase her talents. Not only does she emerge as a superb actress, but as she was given the task of creating the soundtrack, her fans have been treated to some of her finest music.
Bjork's musical style has always coupled rhythm and harmony, and this has not been as evident as it is in "Selmasongs." "Scatterheart" showcases Bjork's superb vocal talents... it doesn't matter if you can't decipher the maddening "hhhrrrn" screaming noises she makes, because they add to the atmosphere.
But of course, the highlight of the album is Bjork's superb duet with Thom Yorke of Radiohead - "I've Seen It All." This song is now one of my all time favourites, and I couldn't think of two people better matched to duet. Not only are the vocals amazing, but the lyrics are superb too..
Bjork: What about China, have you seen the Great Wall? Thom: All walls are great if the roof doesn't fall.
The lyrics just stream over the ragged train rhythm.
Concepts of fear, love and fate all rolled into one album. If you like any of Bjork's previous work, you'll love her for this gem of an album. =) Buy it!
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on 5 December 2000
I owned this album before I saw the film and to be honest, I found it a little lame, then I saw the film and my opinion completely swapped round! This really is the definitive soundtrack of any film ever released! Ever!
"New World" is my favourite on the album, second being "In The Musicals." Via audio alone, they convey a sense of happiness and security, however, when the music is played via the film, it unleashes a raw power of sadness that I've never experienced. (oh how I cried)
It may be short, it may be off the wall, but its beautiful harmonies and superfluous lyrics make this an album not to be forgotten.
The Thom Yorke duet is great too...and we all love Radiohead...DONT WE!!!!!!!????????
BUY BUY BUY!!!! You wont we regret it, and afterall, I'm a man of taste!
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on 23 April 2001
After reading many negative reviews of the album from magazines and fans alike, I was a little dubious as to whether I should buy it. But how wrong those people were. Selmasongs is not dissapointing at all! It is an incredibly beautiful album, the most complex Bjork to date. In many ways it is experimental- the clatter of trains and noisy machines provides the rhythm for many of the songs and a somewhat pleasing characteristic of the album is that of the varied and diverse range of tracks. I have been a Bjork fan since I was ten years old and every new album she has brought out has been different from the last. She has never been afraid to change her style and in turn has never failed to write music that is challenging but also, well, lovely. Her childlike vocals on Selmasongs are charming and heartbreakingly emotional (as they always are) but her lyrics have a more mature tone to them. In short, buy the album because it is wonderful. Your spine will quiver with delight I assure you all. Bjork makes my heart sing.
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