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Light Years
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 4 November 2016
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on 24 September 2017
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on 8 October 2017
Mi favorite album of Kylie!!! Good Job Amazon, thank you.
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on 26 September 2000
OK, so let's get the inevitable comments out of the way first. Both Madonna and Kylie have released their first studio albums for two and three years (respectively) within seven days of each other. Madonna's "Music" (the track) has been said to be a retrospective look back at "Into the Groove"; Kylie's dropped the 'grunge' and gone back to her pop roots. In other words, maybe they are both taking a backwards look over their shoulders?
But that's enough! The two should never be compared anyway: what true similarities are there between them anyway?
With "Light Years", Kylie takes an unashamed look at the pop and disco styles of the 70s and 80s and it's FANTASTIC! "Disco Down", "Loveboat" and "Koocachoo" will get in your brain and will stay lodged there for days, in the most pleasant of ways, of course. Her thin voice is still thin, but is perfectly suited to the material, and she sounds as confident on this entire album as she did on "Confide in Me" (possibly her finest moment ever?). In fact, it is the very thinness of her voice that works so very perfectly on the sensitive ballad "Bittersweet Goodbye".
Miss Minogue has acknowledged on many occasions the regard she has for her gay fans- numerous appearances at G.A.Y. and at Gay Pride and Mardi Gras- and this album is no exception. There is a slice of pure camp excess on "Your Disco Needs You", with clear nods to "I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper" and The Village People. And, when the music breaks and Kylie proclaims, "...La disco a besoin de vous", no one but the most cynical wallflower could fail to feel the rush of sheer fun that results. But this is an album for everyone, straight or gay.
This is a fine pop album and one that will leave you feeling good in every way. There is no need to read anything into it, no hidden messages, just great sounding pop. Kylie should be very proud of her "comeback".
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on 16 March 2001
If you are a Kylie fan and already have this album, PLEASE dont be fooled in thinking that you need this. YOU DONT!! Dont get me wrong, the original Light Years is fantastic , without a single flaw on the album, i'm solely basing this review on the whole "bonus" package. The extra cd consists of a hurry of remixes, and half of them have already been released on the single/chart releases of the songs (eg. spinning around, please stay,on a night like this). So the only reasons left of why you would possibly buy this album is perhaps the Sandstorm Dub of Butterfly (which is quite good, but has hardly any vocals on), or the Casino mix of Your Disco Needs You (which is the reason i upped my review a star!!) - what ever happened to remixes of Disco Down? or the d bop voyager mix of Light Years??... Overall, this cd could have been better thought out, but hey, dont let me discourage any of you from buying the original Light Years - its a classic- but this extra cd certainly isnt!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 January 2016
key tracks..
spinning around
on a night like this
disco down
im so high

after only moderate success with her last studio album, light years was a return to kylie's pop roots, and rocketed her back to the top end of the charts. the number 1 'spinning around' kicks off the album, with its catchy melody and lyrics quite fitting for the new era popkylie. 'on a night like this' does pretty much the same, and you cant help but know that your going to have a good time with this record.

this album has everything you want in a good pop album, from the hearfelt piano ballad of 'bittersweet goodbye' to the clubtastic usa single 'butterfly' and the rock edged duet 'kids' with robbie williams. not only did this album revitalise kylie's career, and the pop charts...you also get the feeling that kylie is enjoying herself for the first time, in a long time!!
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on 26 February 2001
After far too long Kylie Minogue has finally made her return to pop music. And what a return this is. This album is pop music at its most perfect. Catchy and infectious tunes delivered by every gay man's favourite pop star. Britney and Madonna, it's time to step aside now and let the true queen of the charts show you how it's done:
1)SPINNING AROUND The single that signaled her return, I'm sure all of you will know this uplifting tune, so I don't think I need to say anything about it.
2)ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS Another single, possibly not one of the exceptional tracks on the album, but nevertheless extremely catchy and easy to dance to.
3)SO NOW GOODBYE In this song Kylie tells her boyfriend that it's over and she's leaving him, and I can't help but love all songs like this. You go girl!
4)DISCO DOWN VERY catchy song. Another dancey one, this time with Kylie starting to use more of her vocal range.
5)LOVEBOAT The first of a few bilingual songs, this song is basically an invite to her boat. I'm not gonna say no. Very happy song, nice catchy tune. Love it.
6)KOOCACHOO The beginning of this is reminiscent of Cher's "The Beat Goes On", but it quickly moves away from that. A complimentary song about the "dream boy of my bedroom poster", a sweet song with a happy tune you can't help but like.
7)YOUR DISCO NEEDS YOU An epic song if ever there was one, this song has it all: a good beat, fabulous lyrics in two languages, strings and even a soaring operatic voice near the end. A true classic if ever there was one, this is one of the highlights of the album.
8)PLEASE STAY Yet another single, this one has lots of guitar in it, and an almost Latino sound sometimes, but is still very dance-orientated. A more melancholy song than most on the album, this is still a fabulous song.
9)BITTERSWEET GOODBYE Another sad song about a couples last night together. Basically just piano and strings in this one, Kylie's fabulous wavering vocals are flawless. A truly beautiful song.
10)BUTTERFLY Very definitely dance, this one has almost a Trance like sound. It's a very uplifting track which you can't help but dance to.
11)UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF LOVE This song reminds me of some of The Supremes songs. Celebrating the feeling of being in love, this is another song with quite a bit of strings, and breathy vocals, it has to be another single.
12)I'M SO HIGH Again, not a highlight, this is nonetheless a nice little song.
13)KIDS Her duet with one of pop's most well known stars Robbie Williams is an extremely good song. Lots of heavy breathing at the beginning and some very high pitched vocals from Robbie, a very enjoyable song. 14)LIGHT YEARS The best song on the album. Easily. It begins with a count down from 10, and the different sounds layered in. The bass line is similar to that of Donna Summers "I Feel Love". The song is about, as far as I can tell, a trip in a space ship to visit "the pop stars on the moon". This is pure genius, it has to be heard to be believed. This song alone makes the album a worthwhile purchase.
Overall, if you like pop, you'll love this, and even if you don't you'll probably find something to your taste.
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on 19 September 2000
Kylie's 7th album places her back into hot pants and the disco spotlight, and the world is a better place because of it. A departure from the more alt-rock-pop sound of her last (and woefully underappreciated) cd "Impossible Princess", "Light Years" finds a more confident and playful Kylie. It's not surprising that there are some f***ing amazing songs here: Disco Down; Coocachoo; Butterfly; Light Years; Your Disco Needs You (all of which rank next to 'Confide in Me' and 'Better the Devil' as her very best work) -- we've come to expect that. What astonishes here is the consistency of the album as a whole, the cleverness in the song writing (3 co-written by Robbie Williams), the lack of a single filler song. "Spinning Around" was but the tip of the iceberg. Her voice has never sounded better, her songs have never been more infectious or memorable. The album's unabashed embrace of lyrics like "Now I boogie in my dreams, to LeFreak and Dancing Queen..." sets it apart from anything else out there. All hail the princess of pop!
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on 7 December 2003
I must admit I bought these in the wrong order, having bought Fever first, and I recently decided to buy this one!
This is a fantastic album, almost every song on it is great, with the exception of the weakest track, 'Please Stay' - why this was released as a single I don't know!
Highlights for me include 'On A Night Like This', 'Light Years', 'Spinning Around' and 'Under The Influence Of Love' - I remember the original too!
There's something for everyone on here, classic pop, 70's disco, or something a little more rocky courtesy of 'Kids'. However, by far my overall favourite is 'Your Disco Needs You' - it's got it all, the beat, the words, the voice and the atmosphere, all mixed together with an extra big slice of OTT camp. Had this been released, it would have been the biggest selling single from the album. Sheer pleasure a la Pet Shop Boys (Go West) and Village People (YMCA)!
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on 15 May 2002
Can I just start by saying I have just read the firt 20 reviews of this album and no-one has said how amazing track 3 -SO NOW GOODBYE is; this track is the best song by far itll get u boogyin all your home!! Its pure disco with a funky bass and its bound to make you smile and put you in a top mood for the rest of the day!!!
Another top song is track 12 - UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF LOVE - its a similar style to the supremes old bamdsw like that - very uplifting.
One particular track that stuck out for me was track 6 - KOOCACHOO - if youve ever seen any Austin Powers movies you will understand - very sixties and very original!
Buy this album just to make you smile its amazin!!!
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