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on 10 February 2004
Sony's 8meg memory card is the essential purchase to go along with any new PS2. The nature of gaming nowadays means that we have high scores to save, progress during games to save, options files to save ... and because we've moved on from cartridge media, where do we save this? Negating the need for an internal hard drive, Sony provided the memory card as the solution. 8meg large, its plenty of room for the avid gamer to fit a hell of alot of game data on. Imagine you have been bought a PS2, a lovely Squaresoft RPG and no memory card. Unless you plan on keeping your PS2 turned on for the duration of the 60hours+ of gametime needed to play the game, you're not going to get past the initial stages. Frustration ensues, and the PS2 is regarded with disgust as you quickly bore of your machine. Many parents out there don't know of the need of having this piece of hardware, I hope I'm making you aware of this need!
Something to note, PS1 game owners will not being able to save their game data to a PS2 memory card (much the same as many PS2 games like Gran Turismo 3 are not compatible with the old grey Dual Shock controllers). If you plan on playing PS1 games on your PS2, you will need the old style '15 block' 1meg cards for that.
When I first got my PS2, I thought that the rather pricey tag pretty much took the mickey. I remembered this though, after using a 3rd party memory card for a while on my PS1, it began to corrupt, losing valuable save data. This is something you really don't want to happen. The one thing about Sony is that they KNOW how to make the best hardware to support their machine. They make the best controllers, they make the best memory cards. Stick with Sony basically, and if this is your first foray into consoles and you've just got yourself a PS2, you must own one of these.
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on 19 February 2006
Well, unless you complete all of your games in one sitting then you`ll need one of these. The capacity could do with being bigger as I have five of them now, with alot of the sports titles being extremely demanding on space. However, in the absence of any other storage medium (apart from the hard drive) this will have to make do. Don`t even think about getting a third party manufactured card as they are notoriously unreliable and you will end up in tears after losing your "hard work" when they conk out. Sony only please!
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on 31 December 2003
Feel free not to read any further just do it. The Sony memory card is without doubt the most reliable (meaning you won't get corrupted data etc.). Now, while getting another memory card for £3 less might be appealing, it's just not worth it when you can lose 100 hours of gameplay or more in the blink of an eye with a third party one. By all mean, buy third party joypads, remote controls and all the rest, but with memory cards it's really only safe to go with the Sony one, I am pretty much certain it won't let you down.
(One further piece of advice: don't be tempted by 16MB cards, they are well known to have problems and occasionally corrupt save files!)
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on 24 July 2005
I have had my Playstation 2 now for a couple of years and i don't know what i would do without one of these little memory cards to save all my game data on to. On the outside it just looks like a small piece of plastic, but on the inside it holds so much infomation that can be plucked out depending on which game you are on at the time.
In total this offical Sony memory card holds up to 8MB (Megabites), which although may not seem much in today's world of 300GB+ (Gigabites) computers, concidering how small it is and when it was first created, its pretty good, and can actually transfer data two hundred times faster than the original Playstation memory cards. If your a serious gamer then you probably won't be able to hold all your save points on one single memory card, you may need two or three or more, but for a more casual gamer such as myself, one card is plenty.
Of course different games vary in size and so they may take up more or less space depending on what is saved. On the old Playstation Memory Cards all the infomation was organised into blocks, and each game told your how many blocks saving would take up on your memory card. However this PS2 memory card is organised more like a computer where each game has its own icon, which you select and then see how big the file is.
To view your memory card you simply insert it into your PS2 and turn on the console. After a few seconds you can select the 'Browser' link and select which memory card slot you wish to view. You will then be presented with a list of icons. Each game that you have saved has an icon and you can usually tell what game it is from the icon. For example if its a football game you have saved, the icon may be a football (you get the idea). You can then select the game you want and view how big the save point is, when it was last saved etc, and you then have the option to delete the file. Easy.
Overall, this offical Playstation 2 memory card is a vital piece of storage software for your PS2 and i highly recommend that you get when you buy a PS2 console. With 8MB of space, a casual gamer will have just enough space to save games, and if you do run out of space and don't want to delete and files, simply get another card.
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on 26 December 2001
Ok, yes it's a memory card. Yes, it saves 8 mb of data, and yes it's faster. But what you really want to know is whether to go for the 16 mb versions, or this one don't you?
Go for this one. Third party manufactures tend to loose data, where as these cards are designed after all by the people who brought you the playstation itself! Surely they know how to manufacture a decent, solid card that's gonna hold your game saves for years to come.
I've had a ps2 right from the beginning, and have saved countless games on loads of cards. I've dropped them, thrown them against walls in anger, hell I even spilt a glass of coke on one of them! You know what? They all still work.
Yes it's good, it's reliable, and more importantly, it does the job more securely than any third party rubbish.
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on 29 July 2002
When I got my PS2 the PS1 was dying out... Imagine my shock when I got my new system and found out the price of saving next-gen games! But if you wanna play PS2 games (and save 'em) then you're gonna need one, and you'll soon find that you get a lot of saves for your money. I have saves from 17 different PS2 titles on my card, and have still only used up 7 of the 8meg available, so that just shows you the capacity of these things.
In short, these things may be pricey but you wont need many of them, so it's a worthwhile buy.
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on 12 February 2003
Ok, so what can i say about the official PS2 memory card. Well its the best one you can buy, its quick to save data and most importantly can hold alot -8MB. Considering the PS1 memory card only held 1MB thats quite an improvement.
Ive had my memory for well over a year now and not had any problems, I have 8 ssaved files and its not full yet. Recommended to and PS2 console owner.
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on 13 January 2002
as a new owner of a ps2 i was very impressed with the graphics, i bought harry potter game (for ps1) and played it on my ps2, i found i could not do the game unless i had a memory card, so i purchased one, expensive too i might add. When i came to save the game it would not save and when i went back to the shop, apparantly you can only save ps2 games on the memory card, which they fail to tell you on the packaging of the ps2 memory card. So i had to buy a ps1 memory card as well if i wanted to play ps1 games on my ps2 and save the data on a ps1 card. VERY CONFUSING!!!! and not fair i feel a consumer rip-off yet again!! If you are able to play ps1 games on the ps2 then you should be able to save them on the ps2 memory card also, especially as the price is so high!!
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on 16 October 2008
Ok so I HAVE had my PS2 memory card for a while now, but it has now started to act up.
A few months ago it lost all my Guitar Hero 3 data, so i had to do it again!! (not a huge problem as i love the game!) But seemed to work afterwards, thinking it was just a glitch i carried on using it but now it has failed again on GH3 and other games aswell.
I will be getting a replacement Sony card as they do last well and are better than other cards for the PS2 but be warned they can fail. (thats not to say they will though) :)
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VINE VOICEon 21 September 2005
Does the job perfectly, and fits nicely in the spot provided in the plastic cases the Game disks come in.
Probably the most important accessory you can buy for your PS2, as it's impossible to get anywhere on games such as "Gran Turismo3" (or the latest "Gran Turismo4", but I ain't got that one yet) without one to save your progress on.
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