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on 8 August 2015
What's can I say ,when tenchu first aired on ps1 I fell in love with the game play,as fresh as driver was as great as GTA 3 was,a must own title jump sneak from the shadow's to kill your targets, so much replay it never gets old,and now the secondary addition, does it bigger ,better looking ,but so satisfying like the first
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on 11 September 2000
The origional Tenchu is my favourite game of all time, I have played it through, inside out and every way possible. So I was looking forward to the next installment of the saga with bated breath!
This time around we get a prequel, set before the action of the origional by roughly 4 years. The graphics are good, when you first turn the game on you are greeted by a beautiful intro... if you're a fan of Tenchu, you'll be getting exited by this point.
It doesn't seem like there are a lot of options, you just get START GAME, MISSION EDITOR and OPTIONS. Well firstly, the story mode is massive, each character takes their own route through the game and each of their stories interlink with the others. You will not be disappointed with the mission editor, Activision have basically given you a game with infanite lasting appeal as you can create your own levels, save them to memory card and swap with friends.
Now not everything is perfect though.Apart from when you fight bosses or when you are spotted, there's no in game music. This isn't a major problem, but they could have given the player the option to turn music on or off. When you get in and out of water, you make LOADS of noise, very UN-Ninja like! When you turn around you move very slowly, Ninja are meant to move like the wind so they could have sorted this problem out. The slow turning causes major problems when you fight a boss who somehow gets you in a corner, you see, they've made Tenchu 2 MUCH harder than the first Tenchu, this is a good thing but if a boss gets behind you, you can't defend yourself and they just don't stop hitting, you will lose a lot of lives because of this. The stealth kill scene has a habit of cutting off half way but this isn't a major problem.
Now it sounds like I'm tearing the game appart but I'm not! Yes there are lots of bugs which at this point in the PSX's life, developers should be able to deal with! But Tenchu 2 is an AMAZING game! It is EXTREMELY playable, everything that made the origional great is there plus more! You've got more moves, more tools , more characters, bigger playing areas, much better AI, and a superb mission editor! They've really done there research on Tenchu games, I train in a traditional Ninjutsu school and they have got a lot of Ninja facts correct, right down to what Rikimaru wears on his feet!(Not tabi boots!)
If you are a Tenchu fan, a ninja fan or just a lover of great and challenging games, this is a MUST for your Playstation collection! I just wish I could have the chance to help develop Tenchu 3, and that will be on PS2, think of the possibilities!
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on 10 September 2000
Well this game has come along way since it's predessor. It has a stronger more controlled sense of the way of the Ninja. Take on the roll of either Rikimaru or Ayame once again to perform body-chopping deeds for your Master. Tenchu 2 has alot more to it than number 1, such as an increased number of executions, the ability to swim under water with a reed, re-sheath your katana sword and a whole load of new levels and weapons. With the difficulty level seeming more advanced, fighting the master Bad guys in the game is no walk in the park this time around! They do take quite a beating! In the game you also get to unlock a hidden character, this also being a new direction for the ninja sim of 2000. With it being harder and more exploratory the game is definately a winner, I highly recommend it and it'll last a while as well! Now go chop some arms, legs and heads off! Enjoy!
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on 3 May 2012
Tenchu two is my favourite out of the series because of the building and originality.

My favourite part is letting my little brother create different stages for me he is really good at it and somtimes it takes me a whole 30 minutes just to comlpete his mazes.And somtimes create stages for him (I TRAP HIM WITH LOADS OF ENEMIES) LOL

The story is quite exiting and is really hard to complete and I have completed all of it including Taatsumaru plus the end stories have really good graphics for PS1 games.

The only thing I did not like about this is the enemies spot you really easily but to me its more of a challenge and I think it was a good idea to make the enemies like that.

I would suggest you buy this game!
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on 30 December 2000
I really can't see what anyone can have against this masterpiece. There is an excellent (if melo-dramatic) storyline and great action. But I do have some quibbles with the developers:
-What happened to the music? This was definitely a strong point in the original game, why did they dent the atmosphere?
-The American voices aren't good. The game sounds like a badly dubbed Kung Fu film sometimes. Tenchu 1 had people speaking with Japanese accents, which I feel is better.
-The camera still needs some work; getting cornered by enemy ninja is especially difficult when all you can see are their pixelated faces.
-Where is the gore? The game had an 18 certificate, but gone are the ridiculous amounts of limb-chopping and head-rolling that made the first game so damn enjoyable. I thought that getting the Sword of the Ancients would mean that I could cut off body parts, but to no avail.
-The spearmen in Tenchu 2 are no way as good as the ones in the original. And the musket-armed troops shouldn't fire so quickly.
But, on the positive side:
+There is a superb array of differing levels within the game, from the Samurai battles in and around Ghoda Castle to the vast enemy battleship at the end.
+The huge range of people who populate the game's levels are great. My favourite are the Samurai (strangely absent from all of Tenchu 1's levels) and the Ninjas with scythes (who do some spectacular moves).
+The strong storyline really ads to the atmosphere, which partially makes up for the lack of good music: At Ghoda castle I came across a rebel Samurai and a Ghoda retainer fighting each other (the retainer won), and enemy troops often leap all over the place to get at you. It's these kinds of details that make a good game.
+The level editor is a godsend. It's not as detailed as the proper levels, but it certainly lengthens the lifespan of the game. I especially like the inclusion of a European castle editor when you complete the game.
+There are tons of new items to mess around with.
+The cutscenes are much more sumptous than the original.
+The whole game is considerably better looking than the original. The destroyable pieces of scenery adds another dimension in combat.
+The new stealth kills are superb, and the safety catch (which stops a ninja mid-animation) prevents any mishaps that occured in Tenchu 1 from happening (such as stepping into lava).
+The new daylight missions are challenging, but they should have been even harder.
+The new array of moves available to the characters are nice, such as the 180 flip (down, up, X)
This is a very good game, and really worth getting. I advise that you buy the original aswell if you haven't already.
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on 7 November 2000
I bought this game after awaiting what seemed like eternity. I was gravely dissapointed by the graphics, the "uncat-like" movement of the ninjas, the missing atmospheric soundtrack which enhanced tenchu 1, the appalling Americanized voices of the characters, and the ease of finishing the whole thing in less than a week(part-time).
The only thing i thought was rather good was the mission editor but this falls down as well due to limited memory.
Next time i hope they get more expert Japanese influence. Authenticity is the key.
But,hey this is just my opinion,it's up to you to decide....
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on 11 September 2000
I'd never played the original Tenchu and so bought this game on a recommendation from a friend. What a game! For those of you like my self who are not familiar with games like Tenchu . . picture this . . . You stand flat against a wall right at the corner of a long corridor, using the L1 let's you peer round the corner where you see a psychotic gaurd marching up and down on patrol . . you have to be quick but you have to know his pattern, otherwise you lose time, points and the chance to aquire some vital items. Seeing him turn you take the opportunity sliding out around the corner into a crouch, creeping towards him . . he still faces away from you, draw the sword . . .a quick roll, stand up and run your sword straight thorough his neck . . . silent, deadly and heartpoundingly addictive. Not to say this game is perfect though . . the controls for moving, sidestepping and jumping are not fantastic . . and PC graphics make titles such as Thief stand out better in the graphics department but for a surefire way of raising the pulse and for performing some truely satisfying stealth this one is a title worth owning.
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on 11 September 2000
Tenchu 2 is actually a prequelwhere you play the role of Ayame or Rikimaru before the Time when Stealth Assassins was made. The game contains the same action, adventure and excitement as the first title but it also has new combos, weapons and a special missions section that is unique to the game. It is fast- paced and the graphics a breathtakingly realistic. Completion time is around 3 weeks as the game contains many parts that are strategic. The storyline behind this great piece of software is that you are a ninja hired by kinosawa who is the leader that is trying to build the new Japan. You must uncover your enemys attack plans and strategys to your master as well as just killing thr odd rival. This title is a must for the action/adventure gamer
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on 2 October 2000
Top drawing gaming is the only fair way to describe Tenchu 2. Yes the graphics are pretty dodgy, yes the control system can make you want to throw the controller at the dog, but just the fact that your a ninja silently running round cool levels slicing and dicing the enemy in stupendously wicked slow mo ways means you should splash out your hard earned cash on this little gem, and after two weeks you won't be throwing the controller at the dog, you'll be sneaking round the sofa and suprising him with the analogue stick before he knows what him. BUY NOW!
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on 31 October 2004
I love Tenchu 1, always have. I also always rated it above the fabled Metal Gear Solid in terms of its use of stealth. Unfortunately, the stealth has really been toned down in this prequel. Where Tenchu 1 required careful concealment, and enemies would sometimes unexpectedly catch of glimpse of Ayame or Rikimaru skulking in the shadows, Tenchu 2 lets the player get away with almost wandering around in plain sight.
That's my major comment on this game. It's not bad, by any means, but it doesn't match the original.
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