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on 27 March 2007
I've played every Tomb Raider game, with the exception of the widely disliked Angel of Darkness, so I can confidently say that Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation (TLR) is in my opinion the best game of the series. However whether you'll agree with that really depends on what you're looking for. At the time of its release, TLR had the best graphics of the series and the improvement from TR3 is fairly noticeable. Even so, the difference isn't huge and the game still uses the original TR's engine. If you've played the previous games and are happy with more of the same, then you'll love this game. Anyone looking for an original experience though won't find it here. It's certainly a great game in its own right, but as a part of the series it hasn't really changed as much as some might hope. The changes in TLR really should've all happened in TR2 and the series definitely has progressed at a slow pace. Lara has a few new moves, but nothing amazingly different.

Fans of the original game who were disappointed by TR2 and 3 may still want to give this game a shot, as it definitely moves back to the original's tendencies. TLR contains quite a bit less combat than the previous 2 games, and the quiet, atmopsheric exploration of the original has returned. The next TR game, Tomb Raider Chronicles, was good but I didn't like how you're forced to use stealth in some areas a la Metal Gear Solid. To me, TR just isn't that type of game. Luckily TLR doesn't bother with that and sticks to the formula that we originally fell in love with. As with most games in the series, the difficulty level is extremely high and a walkthrough is pretty much a necessity if you're not extremely patient. Some of the puzzles seem like they'd be impossible without a guide to help you.

To summarise, this is my favourite game of the series, I like it more than all the other games of the series (including Legend). It's a huge game that will keep you busy for a long time, and is great value for money. It may be a little too familiar for some, but at least the minor changes that have been made are definitely in the right direction, and it ultimately comes together as the best TR game there is.
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on 13 December 2000
Strange isn't it? What you may ask. Well, I was admiring the reviews in Tomb Raider 4 and I was gobsmacked at what I found. 3 stars was the average. 3 STARS!!!!!! NO WAY !!!!!!!!. Its much better than the rest of the seris. At least this time it actually represents the name. What's the point of calling it Tomb Raider if Lara is sprawling the streets. Revelation offers you the chance to actually raid tombs, and in most cases the tombs raid you! Its as if its Indiana Jones, only with the rather lovely looking Lara as you run away from bolders, jump away from spikes, and attack the dead. Personally its my favorite game ever, mainly because it delivers . It has the most lucious graphics ever to have graced the PlayStation and its gameplay is second to none. Only Shadowman is longer than Tomb Raider 4, and thats dreadful compared to mighty Lara. So forget the rest of the reviews, this really is class.
P.S The ending is particularly brilliant (and shocking)
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on 11 April 2007
I would agree with the reviewer below Angel of Darkness SUCKED!

But TLR is awsome the best of the series so far(My Opinion)

I like this game because there are alot of levels that keep you going and going yes they may be a bit short but...they have riddles that will keep you thinking and thinking and have you on levels for ages P.s i have always wanted challenges in games finally i get a game that has a challenge.

The graphics are good for a Psone game the controls are abit confusing at times but you get used to them.

But the main thing is i have nearly completed it i got it for christmas well the Psone version and it has kept me going i have looked at the walkthrough afew times bad me!!! but still i can figure out most of the challenges.

Overall buy this if you are a diehard tomb raider fan dont worry that its a old Psone game still get it.
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on 15 February 2014
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation was the biggest Tomb Raider game when it was released, comprising of 35 tough levels(and still is),and in my opinion was brilliant, up until level 21, when it started to get boring, but more on that later. To be honest, the first 20 levels were absolutely excellent and mind-blowing, vintage Tomb Raider (which all fans would like to see). They were some of the best levels of not just the game, but the entire series (Desert Railroad being a personal favourite). The only thing that prevented me from giving it 5 Stars was that levels 21-35 were so boring that i could have fallen asleep. It was just lots of repetitive nonsense, climb on a ledge, shoot a giant fly, climb on another ledge, shoot two giant flies, etc. Though in all due respect it was still better than 3, because 3 wasn't as good as i would have wanted it to be, and 3 also didn't have many tombs at all. If i could rate it for halves, it would be levels 1-20, 5 Stars, levels 21-35, 2 stars. In my opinion, Core should have ended the game at level 20 to save its dignity, because after that it just dragged on and on like a snails pace. The gameplay was slick, the graphics were good though, the weapons cool, and the first 20 levels excellent. Overall, i would recommend it for its first half of levels, and i would also use a walkthrough, because it seems near impossible without one, having to make 2nd, 3rd, 4th visits to some levels and so on. I would buy it for the welcome releif of exploring tombs and so on, but i'd put it down after level 20, cos it gets increasingly dull and boring afterwards, but that's just my opinion.

Joe Ree
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on 27 February 2002
THIS GAME IS BRILLIANT! It is the best out of the Tomb Raiders (and they're all good anyway) and it is one of the best games ever released. I'm not exaggerating. Prepare yourself for an origional, yet familiar gaming experience. The graphics are one of the best to see on PSone and the sound is immaculate. The gameplay is very origional with much more puzzles and traps and much less shoot, kill, run, then shoot again. It also retains the charachter of the origional in a way 2 and 3 never did. There is a lot more Tombs to raid (in 3 you raid about 1). It is massive, with about 50 levels, and the new way of revisiting levels adds to the gameplay. The plot is the best i have ever played through. Although the main game is only in one country (Egypt) it is compelling, surprising and the prophecy of Seth and the Amulet of Horus (which is the main plot of the game) is based on real Egyptian myth! Cool or what?! The training section in Cambodia takes you through lara's first steps to becoming the tomb raider she is today. The AI is brilliant. Enemies have Lara's agility and her mentor in Cambodia, Von Croy, tells you how to perform a move then performs them himself! (it won't spoil the plot too much to tell you that he pops up again in the game but maybe not as lara's friend...) Overall, this is a game everyone should have so get it miss out one of the greatest gaming masterpiece ever.
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on 19 July 2009
Thought this game was absolutely amazing. A true gem from the creators of the Tomb Raider universe. As a true Tomb Raider fan, I noticed that indeed, despite graphics being only the best for their time, this game happened to have a better plot when compared to something like The Angel of Darkness which had been a big disappointment.
The control system is pretty easy and the practice adventure is most certainly very different than going to visit Lara's home (although a very nice home it is.)
I suggest that if you are a Tomb Raider fan and have some money to spare, seriously pick up this little beauty because it is amazing!
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on 25 April 2003
What can i say? I played this game and was utterly riveted. The graphics are incredible for PSone and the sound blows you away.
And as for the gameplay... Tomb Raider has always been fun and addictive but this game took the series to a new level. New puzzles and more exploring rather than shooting not only return her to her TR1 heritage but add new exitement. This is the sequel TR2 and 3 never were.
The story is brilliant. Based on real myth and egyptian prophecy, it really fits in with the gameplay and is interesting and awesome. The FMVs are flawless and the movement of other characters in the game adds to the realism. Quite possibly the best plot i have ever played through, it is so good it could be made into a film.
The controls are easy to manage and work very well. I would recommend turning off analogue though. The game requires precision perfect jumps and fast moves. This precision only the digital arrows can offer.
All in all this incredible feat of gaming on the PSone is a must have for anyone. Its worth buying a PS just to get your paws on it.
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on 13 September 2012
This is legit one of the best tomb raider games that I have played. The graphics are really good for a ps1 game. The weather effects, the lighting effects are good. The rippling water effects are very good for a ps1 game.
Lara herself looks very nice in the video cut scenes.
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on 19 August 2015
Exclent game i love it... better then the original number 1 game, lara runs crouches and walks fast unlike the original game lil. Overall good condition. Play it you wint regret it.
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on 9 October 2016
Fast delivery, very good condition. Ordered games a couple of times from this seller and always been very pleased with my purchases would definitely buy again!
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