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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 27 October 2000
Another composer gets the Loussier treatment,and the result is pure bliss. The album contains a mixture of familiar and less well known compositions that all benefit from the new interpretation. The jazz element seems less pronounced than the Bach adaptations; for example, the opening track moves almost imperceptably from classical to jazz interpretation to improvisation; but the overall effect is delightful.
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on 15 November 2014
Enchanting and hauntingly beautiful, these exquisite, captivating interpretations of Debussy’s wonderful French impressionist music, performed by the maestro and his trio, will leave a marked impression upon YOU.

Awesome performances by a rare and extraordinary talent are few and far between.

Such rare occurrences can be counted on ones fingers – The Royal Ballet’s 2014 visionary performance of ‘Don Quixote’ as realised and choreographed by Carlos Acosta and danced by Marianela Nunez and Carlos Acosta (available on BluRay) being a perfect example of what I mean.

THIS recording is one such occurrence! Here Jacques Loussier and his trio take you on a deeply moving spiritual journey where jazz meets classical in an explosion of breathtaking virtuoso performances that will have you spellbound and in awe from the very first note.

There is an uncanny spiritual ‘oneness’ in the trio’s performances that one doesn’t often encounter – it’s as if there was TELEPATHY between them – it’s AWESOME to experience.

BE WARNED – when it comes to SONIC FIDELITY to capture ALL of the nuances and dynamics that the performers deliver THIS CD delivers in SPADES!

Not only are the performances delivered with exceptional beauty and feeling, so too is the AUDIO!

Unlike most CD recordings and ALL digital media players, the performances are NOT COMPRESSED in any way whatsoever so what you hear is the FULL dynamic range of the trio to achieve a ‘naturalness of sound’ that delivers the FULL frequency spectrum – and some – you can hear the drum-sticks actually HITTING the drums and tapping the cymbals – and the reproduction of the double bass is AWESOME - its like ‘being there’.

What this means is that the LOUD parts and the very very low BASS may WELL overwhelm your sound system so initially KEEP THE VOLUME DOWN TO AVOID DAMAGING YOUR EQUIPMENT and then steadily increase the volume control to achieve a signal level that your equipment is capable of handling without distortion - or sending the cones of your speakers across the room to land on your lap.

If you wish to savour the full rich sound that this amazing CD contains then purchase a VALVE AMPLIFIER such as the MISTRAL 307A (Bluetooth) valve (tube) amplifier (Available form Amazon for around £250) or if you are on a budget and you want to experience the sonic fidelity that valve amplifiers deliver then give the Marriola RV-100 valve amplifier a go - it’s a ‘stupid-money’ bargain from Amazon at around £160 that wipes the floor with everything else in this price bracket.

Of course if you want a DIGITAL amplifier that also delivers so that you can also enjoy 7.1 Dolby surround sound, then give the Denon AVRX-2100 your consideration, or seek out a pre-owned Denon AVR 1909 on eBay.

The TRANSIENT RESPONSE of sound – a term to describe the ability of an amplifier to effortlessly deliver a sound from complete silence to ‘full-on’ (such as a clap of thunder or a pianist striking a chord on a piano with full force – and everything else in-between) extends FAR beyond the FREQUENCY RESPONSE of the human ear.

A sound system is an INVESTMENT that delivers joy for DECADES. Only amplifiers that possess a very wide BANDWIDTH (AKA ‘frequency response’) – which must start at around FIVE HERTZ and extend to AT LEAST FIFTY KILOHERTZ to experience the sound ‘naturalness’ the sound engineers have taken the time and trouble to capture and place upon the disks - will deliver TRUE SONIC FIDELITY. Purchase an amplifier or a speaker system with a bandwidth LESS than this and you are wasting your hard earned cash and you fall victim to ‘penny wise-pound foolish’ – or as my nephew puts it – ‘buy cheap-buy twice’!

The Denon AVRX-2100 is kitted with Bluetooth and built in WiFi and is ‘4K ready’, and BOTH amplifiers deliver truly stunning sound with a natural ‘openness’ that is comparable with very high-end valve equipment.

If your speakers aren’t ‘up to the task’ and you have around £120 - £150 to spend then seek out a pair of KEF CONCERTO speakers on eBay.

Be warned though – Kef Concerto speakers have a VERY wide frequency response (8 hertz to 50 kilohertz) that delivers sonic fidelity that you can FEEL, as well as delivering stunning sound detail such as a cello bow ‘bowing the string’ creating a lovely deep sonorous ‘rasping’ sound as the note is played, as opposed to just hearing the frequency of the note being played; or mallets physically striking a xylophone or vibraphone – producing a sharp ‘click’ sound as they do so, and not just a flat ‘dink’ or ‘ding’ as the wood or metal vibrates; or drum sticks physically hitting the drums – producing a sharp staccato sound as they do so, and not simply reproducing the ‘thud’ of the instrument.

As for this fabulous album from a genius virtuoso – just GET it and enter a spiritual world where dreams and ideas are born!

Happy listening!
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on 20 September 2014
Debussy himself was inspired by jazz rhythms and harmonies in his later years, so there is nothing blasphemous in attempting to jazz up the old boy a little. The Loussier Trio approaches the task with taste and respect - maybe even a little too much of the latter. There is nothing particularly inventive in adding drums and bass to a familiar classical composition, and you will find some of that here. However, it is when the trio lets go and really start improvising (and challenge Debussy a bit) that things get interesting. Overall this is highly enjoyable, but maybe just a little bit too safe. Still, you are left wanting more after the 51 minutes offered here.
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on 5 February 2011
I am listening to this CD as I write. Having spent most of December in hospital I have found Jacques Trio a great way to recover.
My greatest regret is that it took me so long to discover his work. Thanks, Amazon and your reviewers, for the recommendation
The CD notes written by Alyn Shipton help to make this CD a must to purchase! He quotes Jacques as saying that he admires and loves Debussy's music, and this certainly comes through. This trio do play like a single person; such a team group!
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on 10 December 2012
I am slowly collecting the jazz versions of classical composers by the Trio and they do not disappoint - excellent listening
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on 28 April 2016
Let's not beat around the bush! This jazz is pretty old already... but has it lost it's cool? Does it sound dated? Perhaps it is even necessary to ask if Lousier does justice to Debussy's fabulous impressionist music? No, No and Yes, I just love this album to pieces and play it and its cousin 'Music of Satie' all day long and I love the unwind, be cool yourself, buy the album... no... buy them both!
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on 30 November 2010
What a fantastic combination, Debussy's music, Jacques Loussier's interpretation, The trios' playing, and a Telarc recording. Does it ever get better than this ?
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on 21 September 2013
I have several CDs of Jacques Loussier and this one is quite the best, playing is sensitive not too jazzy,yet still exhibits
Loussier's distinctive style.
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on 7 June 2016
Jacques Loussier plays these pieces very tastefully with just the right amount of jazz content
It works very well and makes for very pleasant listening An enjoyable CD
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on 31 January 2016
Great album. The interpretation has been done really nicely. Recommend it.
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