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  • 1984
  • Customer reviews

Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 26 August 2017
So like everyone else on the planet of course I know the mega-hit Jump by Van Halen but for some reason, maybe it was the idea of Eddie Van Halen's guitar shredding (don't ask me what that means but I'd assumed I didn't like it) or the bands uber-metal sounding name but something had hitherto put me off investigating Van Halen. But you have to start sometime, somewhere and so 33 years after its release I bought 1984 (for less than a fiver) and dived into Van Halen. Perhaps not head first as 1984 is a soft safe start having the afore mentioned mega-hit as its second track, and having sold 12 million copies in the US alone it had to have something about it; and you know what it does. This isn't a one song album, all the songs are great, although the goofing around at the start of Hot For Teacher is a bit naff and not really fitting for men who are now in their third age. But end-to-end this album rocks, its not the metal album I had supposed it to be, its just good old fashioned heads-down guitar driven rock but with a supporting cast of synthesiser and keyboards. So my first Van Halen album is a big five star thumbs up, but, if as so many other reviewers have suggested this is VH's best album, where do I go next to avoid disappointment. Thoughts welcomed!
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on 15 July 2017
One of my 'must have on vinyl' collection....it's the only way to listen to this album - It sounds incredible!

I'm not going to review the album as such, other than to say it's a classic DLR era LP with all the traits of the band pushed to the limits.

This pressing is fantastic, no surface noise and on a heavyweight vinyl....someone has put some time and effort into this. It's a weird thing but music of this time was made for vinyl and therefore probably sounds more natural played on that format. There's so much detail in the sound which again brings things out in the mix that I've not heard before. Quality.
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on 20 November 2015
Van Halen; the genius of Eddie's playing, the pounding of Alex's drums with Michael Anthony's bass rhythm and then the delivery of the unique vocals done by Dave Lee Roth (someone who must be one of the best show/front men of the rock genre) and you have the perfect cocktail that just hits the mark every time !!!!!!! The (probably without knowing it at the time) original innovators of glam metal were just way ahead of anything that had gone before in nearly every respect - Van Halen's classic line-up of Eddie, Alex, Michael and Dave together, were just the 100% perfect recipe!!
This was the final album from the classic line-up and, what an album it is with tracks like House Of Pain and Girl Gone Bad that could easily have been put on their very first debut album as they sound and, are, soooooo good !!!! Other tracks like Panama and Hot For Teacher just kick ass - fabulous!!!

If you wanna listen to Van Halen, buy the CD's with this line-up of the band.
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on 27 November 2015
My favourite Van Halen album 1984. It was also a very poignant year for me so maybe thats why it has such impact. Great songs and great rock era the 80's had some cracking rock bands and Van Halen were certainly one of them., This is a Diamond Dave Van Halen not a Sammy Hagar Van Halan so its the big hair skin tight leather trousers and skyscraper styletto heels look and sound - which I personally loved then and now. All of the tracks on this album are fabulous. Jump was my favourite but Hot for Teacher soon became a very close second. Panama is another that sticks. Love listening to this when the roof is down and doing a burn up in a hot rod. Just takes me right back.
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on 28 May 2015
love this album and lead to me getting the rest of the dave lee roth albums. great vocalist, brilliant guitarist and most importantly in the world of rock they had fun and didnt take it too seriously compared with other bands of the time. I have noticed none of the first 6 van halen albums last more than 30-35 mins which these days is quite short. However if this is all they had then fine, the quality was generally pretty consistent.

great to see dave lee roth back with the band even the reunion album was pretty decent!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 12 March 2007
As everyone knows, their great frontman left after this amidst much recrimination and blaming-each-other on the parts of EVH and Roth. It`s pretty scary that it all happened 23 years ago (I missed it being too traumatising back then, due to my age)...but if only Eddie wasn`t in and out of rehab in 2007 and they could just get along I`d still love to see the classic VH line-up live, and even better, record some new stuff.

I still think 6 amazing albums is a pretty decent output, and can`t think of many other bands who`ve managed that. 1984 isn`t my favourite, but it`s still a stunning, 5-star effort. The band weren`t all that happy with Eddie starting to throw a few keyboard numbers in and I think I agree with them, but "Jump" and "I`ll Wait" are great songs, just not the hard rock we`d learned to adore from the previous albums. "Jump" has one of Eddie`s greatest guitar solos on for sure. It`s not really that song though that makes the album so special. There a three or four others that are a sign of a band at it`s absolute peak. Firstly, "Panama", classic Roth, with the sort of tongue-in-cheek sleaze that VH never showcased again with Sammy Hagar. Classic Eddie too, he just blows me away every song. Alex and Mike are great as ever too. "Hot For Teacher" is wonderful too, funny and loud and a real party song! "Top Jimmy", "Drop Dead Legs" and "Girl Gone Bad" would be career-best songs by any other rock `n` roll band. My favourite song though is one of the less heralded VH tracks and the album closer, "House of Pain". It`s almost as though Eddie had distilled all his anger with Roth`s antics and released it in the form of this huge, monster of an attacking solo. It was one of the earliest written VH songs that missed the cut on all their other albums but Alex insisted it was on this time and thank God. If I could play the solo I would die a satisfied man...it`s amazing and I`m always stunned by it...I know guitar playing isn`t all about speed, and that`s why I love EVH because the feel is incredible too and it`s perfect.

So, buy it. And revel in the greatest four-piece rock band there ever was (and who knows...perhaps they will be again one day)!
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on 6 September 2017
I really like this album 'jump' is very enjoyable, I love the keyboard stabs on the track, and I think the rest of the album is fab, the tracks have a really have an superb melody, and I love the guitar riffs in many of the tracks, this is a brilliant record collection for my taste in music and I love classic rock.
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on 29 August 2017
What can I say....its Van Halen at their best. love this album, brings back memories for me when I was working in Los Angeles in 1984!

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on 21 September 2016
I was looking for this as my old version CD got scratched so bad that I couldn't use it anymore. The old formula when VH doing good stuff. I prefer Sammy Hagar on vocal but here David Lee Roth is just brilliant.
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on 1 May 2011
1984... the album that's as good as the year...
This was the final album with David Lee Roth on lead vocals, came out here in the uk in 1984, the singles "jump" and "panama" are the most played on planet rock today but also features the other single "hot for teacher", a definate must have album for any van halen fan or 1980's collector.

From myself... very highly recommended... still sounds better with the volume turned up... just like the LP did in 1984 :)
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