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on 8 September 2003
this film is amazing. johnny depp does an amazing job and i can not imagine anyone doing a better one, this film is brought to life in every way. it is hard to explain my love for this film as tim burtons ideas and films are too amazing and original too explain.
i reccomend this film to anyone,
a heart touching, beautiful film
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VINE VOICEon 2 October 2007
*** This comment may contain spoilers ***

The movie that established Depp in our minds, in probably his best performance as the deformed, unfinished creation of an eccentric scientist. Rightly called a modern fairy tale as it has all the hallmarks of those classic stories- a strange character, some sort of moral, a dark side, a world almost like our own but slightly warped, a story anyone can enjoy. Edward Scissorhands combines this story with some wonderful acting and characters, memorable score, beautiful cinematography and imagery, which makes an excellent, tender film with the typical Burton trademarks.

The story is told by a grandmother to her granddaughter, and we get to hear it too, beginning with Edward's creation and development. He grows and is taught about manners, etiquette and other things by his father, but is alone, never seeing or interacting with the outside world. From his room he can see the nearby neighbourhood, within touching distance, but as he is different he cannot go to them. One day his father dies, leaving him unfinished- with giant scissors where his hands should be. He does not understand, and stays in his massive dark house alone. When a local Avon lady, annoyed because of the lack of interest by her neighbours in what she is selling, she decides to try the scientists house, unaware of what is inside. No-one has been there before, it is a typical small town haunted house in the eyes of most. She enters the house when no-one answers, meets Edward and decides to take him home to her family as he is alone and a mess. Looking past his 'hands' she accepts him, and her son and husband also try to. Soon he becomes a ray of interesting light in the bored neighbourhood, everyone wants to meet the new guy, and he shows his talent for hedge and dog trimming. However, Edward is enchanted by Kim, the daughter and falls in love. Kim is with a bully of a boyfriend, and soon he and the rest of the neighbourhood take advantage of Edward- he just wants to be nice. Soon though his novelty wears off, and most people see him as evil and dangerous, something to disrupt their daily lives. They chase him away, and the story looks like it will end in tragedy.

Everything in the film works perfectly, every corner of the cast from actors to set designers all do amazingly well. It is one of those rare times when everything seems to come together and fit completely. Dianne West is ideal as the mother Peg, only wanting to help Edward, not trying to score points off her friends. Anthony Michael Hall as Kim's boyfriend is also an ingenious choice as he emits that typical jock persona, believing he can get whatever he wants, trying to overpower everyone but scared of his father. Vincent Price is the inventor, and gives an admirable and touching performance, a fitting way to end his illustrious career, and the rest of the family and neighbours are all uniquely odd, made even more strange by the routine they live in and the idyllic place they live. Ryder as Kim is also intensely sympathetic, first scared of Edward, but growing to understand and eventually fall in love with him. But overall, in acting terms it is Depp's film, and no-one could have done better. He completely takes over the role, adding little touches, eye movements and such to add to the character, so that we too love Edward by the end. However, his performance is such that we too realise he cannot be part of the community, he will never fully understand them as they cannot understand him, whether he is in love or not, and this could be harmful for him and others. He does not want to hurt anyone, and so must be on his own. He is a tragic figure, and the movie seems to be saying that the outcast can be heroic, beautiful and tender, but must remain an outcast to keep these characteristics.

Again Burton gives the Gothic look he has become famous for, and this is undoubtedly his most visually beautiful film. Batman had more stunning sets, camera work and stunts, but the charm factor here is almost overwhelming. The Gardens, snow, the ice sculptures, the picture perfect coloured houses and cars all juxtaposed against Edward and his habitat. Edward himself is a work of art, scarred but not horrific. Edward's home is a wonderful excuse for Burton and the designers to show off, full of shadows and weird inventions. The music adds immensely to the film, raising our emotions that much higher, and it is probably Elfman's best. Favourite scenes include Kim dancing under the falling ice, and Edward sitting on the pavement with the dog, but every shot and scene is excellent.

The only fault i can find with the film is that it isn't long enough, or rather, i wish it was longer just so we could be part of that world for a few minutes more. There could have been more scenes between Kim and Edward. It leaves you with a good feeling, and I cannot see any other faults with it. Some may feel it is overly sentimental, but it isn't, some may feel it is simple, but it is meant to be. A film for outcasts everywhere, but one which should be enjoyed by all, as we all feel like outcasts at some point.

The DVD has two good commentaries, and a featurette which are worth watching/hearing. A must for any collection
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VINE VOICETOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 September 2007
After a disappointing sales, Avon lady Peg decides to try and sell her cosmetics at the dilapidated mansion at the top of the hill. It's here that she discovers the scissor-handed, scarred Edward. Despite his intimidating appearance he seems more childlike than threatening and she invites him home to become part of her own family.

Edward's arrival sets curtains twitching in this gossipy corner of suburbia and the odd looking man soon becomes something of a local celebrity when his natural talent impresses the neighbours. His imagination combined with his scissor-hands enable him to create amazing works of art, be it from hairdressing, dog grooming or topiary. It may be a small street where the residents have garden parties and chitchat, but for Edward it's a big new world and although his naivety is endearing, it's also something which can be exploited by those who don't share his honest, simple outlook.

Tim Burton has created a whimsical world which is grounded in reality. It allows us to identify with the characters and also enables him to introduce fairytale themes and still have it all feel so real. Edward himself is an aesthetic marvel with his crazy hair, pale complexion, and skinny black leather clad body - even without his scissor-hands he's an imposing character who could only have come from the mind of Burton. This simple tale explores so many oft-covered themes, this is like a modern re-telling of Frankenstein with the misunderstood monster struggling to fit into society and eventually becoming a victim of his own childlike innocence. This never feels like a film which is borrowing from other stories though, the imaginative style and tender way it portrays Edward and his relationship with his new family ensures that Edward Scissorhands is a unique film which appeals to all audiences.

Danny Elfman struts his musical stuff and gives the film a score to marry the visuals perfectly. There are many scenes free of background music, instead we get the generic sounds of an American street with birdsong, lawn-mowers and radios - this heightens the effect of the emotive choral music, it is said that Elfman and Tim Burton understand each other so well that they don't need to discuss what is required musically - and this is a great example of a score which captures the spirit of film perfectly.

This was Depp's first film with Tim Burton and his boyish looks help to bring Edward to life. Having Vincent Price play the part of the inventor was a master stroke given his well known background in gothic-horror films. Price's presence exceeds his screentime, his scenes are tear-jerking to the point of heartbreaking - it was a fittingly beautiful film to end the career of a cinematic icon.

This is a five star film in my eyes, it's a magical, thought provoking piece of cinema, but unfortunately this Blu-Ray transfer doesn't do it justice. The picture is unclean and although there are scenes which look incredibly detailed with textures well presented, there are too many scenes which look little better than standard definition DVD. The extras are quite sparse too, there are special edition DVDs released of Edward Scissorhands which contain more additional material. Other than the commentaries this only contains the original trailers and trailers for other releases.

In a nutshell: Forget Wolverine's adamantium claws or Freddy Krueger's bladed glove, The Scissorhanded Edward blends complexity with simplicity to bring you a character crafted from childhood imagination and mature gothic style. A genuinely compelling romance threads together a perfect fairytale story.
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on 11 September 2015
i can't see why he is called Edward, but yes I can confirm that this guy does have scissors for hands. Tragic. Here is s picture of my fingers as if they were scissors.
review image
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on 30 January 2016
Bought mine from the USA much cheaper, but the quality of the Bluray is amazing for a older film.
review imagereview image
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on 14 July 2006
Edward Scissorhands rates as one of my all-time favourite films. Why? Because through this film, Tim Burton - a seriously underrated director - pours out the confusion and loneliness of adolescence, in the guise of a modern fairytale.

The film follows the plight of Edward, who is put together by an inventor. He is discovered living alone by the local Avon lady, who brings him to live in the 'perfect' town with her family. At first the locals are fascinated by this strange individual with scissors for hands, and welcome him, but it is not to last as Edward is hounded out of town, in scenes reminiscent of Frankenstein.

Burton picked the perfect leading man in a young Johnny Depp, who was desperate to shed his teen heart-throb image. By making him virtually unrecognisable as Edward, and by communicating through minimal speech, he paved the way for himself. Edward is a thoroughly engaging character - funny, sweet and tragic in turn. The story is captivating, and Depp plays it with such an innocence, using facial expression to wring the most out of his lonely character.

The imagery in the film is perfect - the carbon-copy houses juxtaposed brilliantly with the dark castle on the hill, the cheery nature of the locals compared to Edward's restrained emotions, the colours used for costumes with Edward in black, while everyone else is in bright, clashing shades. Burton uses this to communicate to the audience that we all feel the need to be accepted by society, and the pressures to be 'normal' can be overwhelming. Edward is an extreme example of an 'outsider', and his castle does not match the rest of the town, marking him out as 'not-one-of-us', to the townspeople. His attempts to fit in will ultimately never work because he does not know hate, anger or fear - until the end, when he realises he must be alone.

The central love story between Edward and Kim (Winona Ryder), is your basic Beauty and the Beast fare, although it is played beautifully by both, with a depth of understanding that these two are doomed never to be together. The scene where they part for the last time is heart-wrenching. Edward learns about love and human companionship only to have it snatched away at the hands of the ruthless mob.

The film is intricately shot and directed, and Danny Elfman's atmospheric score lends the film a haunting beauty. It is an absolute must-see for anyone, and essential for Burton and Depp fans. BUY IT!
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VINE VOICEon 15 July 2008
This tells the touching story of Edward Scissorhands. Edward was originally a chopping machine, which an inventor used as the template for turning into a human. However, the inventor died before the final part of Edward could be made, his hands. As a result, Edward was left with his original chopping scissors instead of hands, and lived in the inventor's castle all alone. That was until a chance call by a door to door saleswoman, who took pity on Edward, and took him into town to live with her family.

Despite initially startling the townspeople, Edward quickly wins their affection. He provides free hair cuts, free hedge trimming and free dog grooming, something he is naturally suited to give, and quickly becomes a local celebrity. However, one person who does not warm to him is the boyfriend of the family daughter he lives with. The boyfriend routinely teases Edward, and resents the soft spot his girlfriend has for Edward. He also accuses Edward of causing trouble, and Edward's naivety and social clumsiness from years living alone in the castle makes him unable to counter these attacks. This leads to dramatic consquences.

The acting is extremely good. Johnny Depp was arguably made by this role, and it is impossible not to be moved by Edward's tenderness and timidness. Also, a young Winona Rider makes an appearance, as the daughter of his adopted family. The sound track is haunting, and the film has a real Tim Burton "feel" to it, especially the scenes in the inventor's castle. Fans of Nightmare Before Christmas will readily recognise this!

The film does not have any major weaknesses, although the brutish boyfriend is very dull and one dimensional and at times not very believable. The films premise is also built on a fairy tale, and some viewers may find this lack of "realism" and plausibility detracts from the film. There is some blood as well, often caused by Edward accidentally scratching himself or other people, so squeamish viewers be warned!

All in all, the film is strongly recommended.
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on 7 August 2016
Purchased for my grandchildren who are 7 and 10. They really liked the film and story line. It was quite sad in places but it didn't upset them in anyway and loved the film till the end. I loved watching the film again as I haven't seen it in years and anything with Jonny Depp in is a bonus. I wouldn't let children under under 5 watch it as I think it could be a little scary seeing someone dressed in black and makeup on to cover his scars that he has done with the scissors he has for hands.
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on 14 December 2016
I bought this for a bit of nostalgia for myself and the missus. Unfortunately watching it as an adult was a different experience. This is a bad film! By that I mean the story is just a retelling of Frankenstein, so you can guess the plot and ending before the opening credits have finished. It's the usual Tim Burton dark universe with strange relationships between the characters and obvious plot lines. Take my advice and don't watch again after not seeing it since the 90s, you'll only ruin it for yourself.
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on 7 August 2013
Great packaging and movie. Came all the way to Australia in great condition. Packaging was robust but the steelbook was not at all damaged. I was so pleased.
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