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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 1 July 2011
This review is going to be more about the Blu Ray side of things. The film in general is legendary and my favourite film ever personally, visually the film is stunning and the acting is superb, featuring some amazing actors (Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder etc.). Now for review of the Blu Ray version. I have the original DVD version which is very basic and has no special features at all which I found highly disappointing. The Blu Ray version does have a featurette which contains cast interviews and in sight into the making of the film which I found very good. It also includes original theatrical trailers and commentaries. In comparison to the DVD version this version has much more to offer. I personally think they should of released a 20th anniversary edition of the film which would had much more special features but for the time being this version is reasonable. As far as the resolution of the film, I think the remastering of the film is amazing considering this film, is 20+ years old now. I was a little hasty about how much of a difference it would be to the standard 480p version and wondered if it would be worth buying a film I already have on DVD, but I was not dissapointed with the new 1080p version. The colours are much more vivid and the picture quality is superb, you can see much more detail in facial shoots and a lot more in landscape shots.
All in all a great film to experience on Blu Ray and for the price it is now, a bargain.
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on 1 May 2017
This is a very funny but pointant film, I loved it.
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on 8 April 2017
Gud thankyou
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 28 February 2016
This film's a bit like Dali - you either love it or you don't! It has an authentic fairy tale quality, and a lot of ideas. Some of the visuals are very striking, and Edward Scissorhands himself certainly is: an unworldly waif who looks like a goth with a few facial scars from his over-excited chopping, yet hardly dares to speak. He seems to combine E.T. with Frankenstein, while walking more like Chaplin - there aren't many characters who make you think of all three. Johnny Depp is perfect in the role; Dianne Wiest also provides a warmhearted grounding to what could otherwise be too bleak, that warmth being taken over by Winona Ryder like a baton at a certain point. There is a lot of intense oddball humour and visual moments of spine-tingling flair from Tim Burton; I wasn't too keen on the pastel colours of the town and its very artificial look, but this is purely personal - it looks like a certain kind of illustrated children's book. The visual effect is richer and more appealing in Ed Wood, which Burton also made with Depp as the main star. With evil present in different guises and a sense of ganging up on the outsider, the film has quite a lot of resonance, and plenty of sculpted hairstyles, and the classic line: "Knock it off, bubble butt!". There are many things here that you don't hear or see every day ...
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on 24 June 2017
This movie for me is one of the best, it speaks to me on a very deep level. I have autism, and know how it feels to be in unfamiliar situations and around people I'm nothing like, feeling like an outcast and just being viewed differently from others. I have liked girls who I knew I had no chance with, as she was more into the type of guys basically shown in this. You start to feel that you are just doing everything wrong and begin to feel isolated. I love this film because Edward goes through what I go through on a regular basis, except obviously not exactly the same, I don't have scissors for hands but this film does have a deep meaning about difference, and what it's like for those who know they are different from others, the frustrations of being totally aware that you are different and wanting something else. It's a genius film and will always be one of my favourites. Tim Burton was the perfect guy to work on such a movie, the gothic nature goes perfectly for this type of film and the meaning behind it.
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This is the fantasy tale of a boy (Johnny Depp) who is built by an aging inventor. The old man dies before giving the boy real hands; instead, he has knife blades where his fingers would be. A motherly Avon lady finds him hiding alone in his abandoned castle and brings him home to suburbia to live with her family, which includes daughter Winona Ryder. Edward is extremely shy, never having been around any people, but he is sweet and helpful, and soon the neighbors all love him. He likes Winona, which angers her bully boyfriend, played by Michael Hall (the geek from Breakfast Club).
The star, of course, is Johnny Depp. As Edward, he is painfully timid and longs to be, like Pinnochio, a real boy. His character is so heart-wrenchingly delicate that you ache for him in his confusion over the evil that others do. Even with white make-up and very few words of dialog, Depp proves he is a very talented actor. Diane Wiest is adorable and funny as the Avon Lady. She lives to take care of people and can only see the good in others. Winona plays her role in a foggy, teenage haze, not realizing how wonderful Edward is until it's too late. Michael Hall is the villian you love to hate. He is so cruel to poor Edward; partly because he is jealous, and partly because he is just mean. The wonderful and quite frail Vincent Price, as Edward's loving creator, is quite likely to bring a tear to your eye if you remember him in his prime. This was his last role.
This completely unique film blends comedy, horror, and a love story to become a modern fairy tale both teens and adults will enjoy. It is a heart-breaker; bring your hankie.
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on 31 July 2008
Tim Burton's attention to fairy tale detail is perfect for Blu Ray. Every blade of grass visible, all the colours crystal clear. This is the perfect DVD to watch on Blu Ray.

The film is visually stunning and the story is sad, funny and very sweet, but with a dark edge that Tim Burton is renowned for.

Thoroughly recommended.
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on 23 October 2016
No extra's, no menu, just the movie.. I thought there would be something more because it's a 25th anniversary edition...
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on 17 March 2004
In my opinion this has got to be Tim Burtons best film it also has to be Johnny Depps best, even though he's hilarious in Pirates of the Carribean he does to go a bit over the top in that role but this role he plays Edward perfect. Edward Scissorhands is one of my favourite films ever. Its a film that can make you laugh and can make you cry. The story is about Edward who was created by an inventor (respectfully played by Vincent Price )Edward wasnt created perfect he had scissors for hands. I dont get why the inventor didnt give him hands when gave him everything else eg: eyes, feet, hair etc. Anyway the inventor died before Edward could be completed. Ever since then Edward lived alone until a kind lady Peg took him home to live with her and her family. At first everyone is took to Edward, but the novelty soon wears off. But only one person Kim (Beautifully played by Winona Ryder) loves Edward for who he is on the inside. The film deserves 5 stars, watch it and try and be man enough not to shed a tear at the end. Edward Scissorhands Rules!
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on 15 November 2008
Edward (Depp), born with scissors for hands, is brought into the local village and becomes the talk of the town.

God bless Tim Burton. Who in their right minds would take a fairy tale and include a man with scissors for hands? Burton's sheer strangeness continues after his beautiful Beetlejuice and Batman in this darkly colourful fantasy drama and throws the fairytale convention out of the window. Burton is an inspiration to the film industry, a man who does everything differently and there is no one else out there like him, and his finally cut creation, inspired by one of his own drawings, is a sentimental spark in his collection, his most touching to date.

For those fairytale lovers out there don't worry. This 1990 picture follows the convention of an outsider trying to make it in a land of troubles and difference, also including a beautiful girl and a touching if slightly obvious love story.

Like many Burton films he gives us a wonderful imaginative other world.

The oppositions encoded into this drama are fantastic. From the cold hearted dark home of Edward's to the unbelievably organised and colourful suburban town below, Burton's imagination allows viewers to see two opposite worlds living next door to each other.

These settings are exquisite in establishing the characters. The similar styled houses are those tidy and sophisticated homes you expect the rich and posh to live and sure enough all the middle aged gossip loving women live next door to one another. Their tidiness and appearances create that stereotypical shallow middle aged woman that shapes the story in so many ways.

The darkness of Edward's home is brought to life through the cold machinery. The inventor's house is a dark walled, miserable and negative creation and marks the quietness and shyness of central character Edward.

Who would believable Captain Jack Sparrow and Edward are portrayed by the same actor? You see Jack's cockiness provoking Elizabeth Swan with his quiet ruthlessness, and then you see Edward hiding his face from Kim with his Scissorhands. How Depp was never nominated for as Oscar for this performance will rage on until the end of time. Words cannot describe how he makes this character.

Good support is given by Ryder, West, hall and beautiful protagonist Joyce is created by Kathy Baker's ultimate fake charm.

Burton has waved his wand again to cast a dark and imaginative spell over the conventional fairytale and turned it into a bubbling dark and touching fantasy

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