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on 22 January 2004
The series that started it all, the phenomenon that shook the world...Yes it's all here in one little box.
The box set contains all 24 episodes of X Files Season 1 and also commentaries from Chris Carter and behind the scenes/making of featurettes.
The main story behind the X Files is about an agent, Fox Mulder, who works for the FBI and deals in cases classed as "X Files", basically very weird and strange occurrences that make hours of quality viewing. Then along comes sceptical agent Skully who is far more down to earth and is always looking for a more plausible/biological explanation behind each case. Therefore you've got the perfect pretence for countless episodes of Mulder trying to persuade and Skully not believing (it gets a tad tedious, but at times you find yourself on Skully's side because it seems Mulder has a never ending supply of knowledge when it comes to weird happenings)!
Within the series a huge range of topics are covered. From the occult to AI. From alien/government conspiracies to worms and bugs. From spooky spectres and ghosts to fire wielding maniacs. The list is endless. Each episode is a stand alone but links can be made and huge plot developments are made in the second series.
All the episodes are brilliant, entertaining and sometimes downright scary. I would love to describe each episode in detail but that would take ages, so instead I'll briefly describe three (I'll give a back of the box description not a complete in depth plot analysis). Before I do I first want to greatly recommend you buying this. It's well worth the reduced price and unlike the other series it won't confuse you too much. The only bad points are the simple sets and average acting (although sometimes the acting is great) but that can be forgiven, it is the first series.
EPISODE 8: ICE: Mulder, Skully and three other scientists trek off to Alaska to discover what led five geophysicists to kill each other. The answer is a worm like creature they found deep underground frozen (but not dead) in the ice which burrows into the brain and gradually drives people insane. But as the prospect of them spending more than one day in the deserted lab becomes more and more of a reality (the plane driver dies) tempers rise and so does the question of whether any of them have the worm in their heads!?
EPISODE 3: SQUEEZE: A mutant serial killer who can stretch his limbs beyond what is humanly possible goes on a killing spree. But the question is why? And will Mulder and Skully be able to get to him before he kills his next victim or is the next victim actually Skully...?
EPISODE 11: EVE: Two men killed in exactly the same way on opposite sides of America (M and S have a lot of travelling to do). But what is stranger is that the two men's daughters are identical! As Mulder and Skully investigate they uncover a dark and sinister plot of human cloning but the results are not just simple replicas they are replicas with enhanced strength and speed!
Hopefully I haven't given too much away and if you want to find out what happens you'll have to buy the DVD...
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on 22 November 2000
Almost seven years after the series was first shown in America, the UK can finally get their hands on the first season on DVD.
The episodes themselves are brilliant, as any fan will know. The DVD quality is perfection itself; sharp picture, and great sound. There are numerous extra features that come with the episodes. There is instant scene access - very useful for a TV show like the X Files - and subtitles.
That's it, you think? Well no, that's not it. On the seventh disc that comes in the set, there are two television trailers for each episode (more entertaining than they sound), interviews about half of the episodes from the first season, a documentary on the first season, more than ten "Behind The Truth" mini-documentaries, and the DVD-ROM game. Now how many lines did that take up?
All of these features are great, especially the game. Not exactly long-lasting, but very entertaining.
In summary, any X Files fan MUST buy this, no questions asked. Don't hesitate if you don't have a DVD player: if your computer has a DVD-ROM drive, you can watch them just as comfortably. The picture and sound are still great, and so long as you have a decent sized monitor and a nice chair, it's fine.
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on 3 April 2004
I was always a fan of the x files but buying this first series made me appreciate so much that i missed first time around. It contains 24 episodes that will keep you glued to the screen. Hope you have a spare 19 hours before you start watching. After I had finished I was hungry for more and the show had cemented its place as my one of my favourites. Admittedly, I was a little unsure when I bought this. The price seemed high and I wasn't sure how many times I'd return to watching the episodes. But having watched the first two discs I became convinced that this was my best ever dvd buy. The seven discs are presented in a tidy package and the box set reeks of quality. One major plus point of the first series is that nearly every episode is a stand-alone and you do not need to watch the series in any particular order. This means plenty of focus on action and the paranormal; each episode is more like a short film than a series. This makes it an ideal buy for anyone who remembers liking the programme series but has long since forgotten the first series. While each episode achieves a high standard, everyone will have their favourites. For me, Squeeze and Tooms stand out but following its release on video as a two-parter, many may already be familiar with these episodes. Apart from these, I have a big soft spot for the episode 'Fire'. This is not brilliant televsison, the acting and script is perhaps under par by the series very high standards. However it is pure entertainment and I have probably watched it more than any other. We also learn quite a lot about Mulder's past in England and perhaps become aware of Scully's feelings for Mulder. This is how the x-files was meant to be. A far cry from the disappointments of series 8. I find it hard to think of a weak link from the first series, each episode is beautifully crafted and the chemistry between the two leads is sublime. I advide anyone who is slightly uncertain about splashing out on this to save up and splash out. You will not buy a better dvd.
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on 30 October 2000
This DVD box set is just unbelievable, especially to the X-Phile in you, superbly boxed in a flip out case style box. (Which is a mystery in itself to open hehe)
Each disc contains 4 (a total of 7 discs, 7th disc contains all the wonderful extras) super sharp episodes, the sounds really come alive, which makes watching the whole series again justifiable in their own rights, and what episodes they are, we are duly introduced to the `Spooky` Fox Mulder, and his new sceptical sidekick/partner Dr Dana Scully, who is (as you all will know) sent in to debunk his work.
What follows is an intriguing series, which duly created a whole new meaning to the word `paranoia`, not only in the native US/Canada, but worldwide.
There are also little snippets on the discs of `International Clips`, from two out of the four episodes, which include your favourite clips in German (if thats your thing)or how about listening to Mulder & Scully argue in maybe Japanese? Fun to watch anway.
Anoter little interesting item is the `cut to post production` elements within certain episodes (Fallen Angel Disc 2, Episode 2) for instance, this basically is like the `Follow the white rabbit` from the Matrix, where at a certain time of the episode you get to press SELECT and view this bonus material, which again is fun.
Over all, this is definately a must have for the X-File lover, and for the uninititated members of the public out there, all I can say is roll on Series 2!!
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on 12 September 2000
The X Files. It's all I need to say for you to know that I'm talking about the best television show to appear in recent times. Everyone has heard of Mulder and Scully and now you can own the first season of their quest in a handy DVD box set. I have been a fan of the X Files since the beginning. I enjoy the different stories each episode has to bring about the paranormal and the on-going mythology keeps you hooked. This is a must for any X File fan as the DVD set includes extras like interviews and behind the scenes footage and also includes deleted scenes. If you have never watched the X Files before, then this is a good place to start. You wont be disapointed. WE have been waiting for a while but finally, the DVDs are out there.
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on 5 July 2001
It is great to get down to the very beginning of a show and to see its roots and the X Files has the best starting season of any TV show ever. It shows the unusual partnership between Mulder and Scully, the secret government conspiracies and "Deep Throat". All of the episodes are brilliant because none of them delve too much into the ongoing story lines and keep your interest longer. A must buy for any X Files fan or just if you want something brilliant to watch!
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on 16 January 2001
The first serires of the X files left me hooked to this day. The sight of Mulders dodgy suits and Scully with long hair are a trip down memory lane. The DVD set offers more backgroung info than the video version and for this alone the money is worth it. If you are new to Mulder and Scully's quest then this is for you. If you are a seasoned viewer like the rest of us, then sit back and remember how it all started.
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on 10 May 2004
Season 1 is the original and probably the best. Its made up almost entirely of stand alone episodes, only really season finale could be classed as "mythology". Its facinating to watch the start of the x files, the relationship beetween M + S. The pilot is great and the whole season is filled with classic episdoes like Squeeze, Ghost in the machine, ice, eve, genderbender, tooms, erlenmeyer flask and my all time favourite episode, Darkness falls. There are some weak links in the season like shapes and space but overall the quality is very high and all true x philes need this in their collection.
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on 23 July 2007
Given that the x-files has now been finished for 4 years (and many fans would argue it was finished before that, around season 7 maybe?) I suppose I look at the early seasons, especially season 1 as being particularly poignant. And it's certainly incredibly nostalgic sitting down and watching the first episodes, seeing how Mulder and Scullys relationship was kindled and grew. Its interesting actually that there is more obvious sexual tension and physical chemistry in this season than any other. You can't help but watch this season and think "wow - how far they've come since that, how much they experienced, and I suppose if you've watched the season over the 9 years, how far you've travelled too).

But that aside, and I suppose those feelings apply to any long running tv series, this really is a great season. What you notice in heinsight perhaps more than on first viewing is how the writers, esp. Chris Carter are trying out different stories and angles, lighting and sound, and really experimenting with the Mulder and Scully dynamic. Its so entertaining to watch and I very much agree with early reviewers about many of the episodes being like standalone mini-movies. In fact Chris Carter often said they tried to film each episode like a movie despite having a very limited budget.

When you've watched all 9 seasons its great to come back to this season. Its refreshing, and different and although the characters might seem a little awkward, that just adds to the charm, especially when you know how smooth they become later. You know like Scully becomes a lot more kinda detached and pedantic in later seasons, really not letting her feathers be ruffled by Mulder's jibes. In contrast, the performances Scully puts in in Season 1, the first episode being a particularly good example, really gives you an idea of how irreconcilable what she is witnessing and what she believes is. Its a fantastic foundation to the rest of the series, and I think you see in this season how her character gives the show so much more legitimacy. Her criticism and cynicism keeps the viewer enraptured, to the extent that if she believes, then it must be true!!

Anyway, the fact is this is a great season, for those reasons above and so many more. So buy it now, and treasure it. Whether first time, or returning fan this is a timeless show!

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on 31 December 2000
I bought the DVD version of the complete 1st season as I am deaf and the VHS version doesn't have subtitles! I've been a X-Phile since it broadcast all those years ago on BBC2 and boy, do the memories come flooding back! Squeeze and Tooms, and my fave of the first series, Darkness Falls. No wonder I carried on watching! Roll on Season Two. Just a pity the interview with CC wasnae subtitled!
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