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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 26 September 2000
Its good. Very good. But then, I'm biased - I'm a Gomez fan. More Detail? Goodness, you are demanding..
This album will please anyone who's a Gomez veteran - While it's similar to the first two albums in some ways, some of it is very different. Especially since it contains unreleased material and B-sides from the first two albums. You'll also notice a few re-mixes in here, such at the X-Ray version of 'We Haven't Turned Around' - all very well, but I can't help but be a little disappointed with them, I mean, same song and all that :)
BUT, if you happen to be a Gomez newcomer I'd recommend you stay clear of this album, and go for one of the first 2 albums, Bring It On or Liquid Skin. This give a more accessible Gomez than the one presented here :)
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on 13 January 2005
Believe it or not, Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline was the first Gomez album I bought. Yes, now I look back at it I laugh, and I imagine other Gomez fans who've heard this album to raise a smile at such a choice for a first time listener also.
In all honesty I hated it! After a brief listen it swiftly journeyed to the bottom of a somewhat 'thin on the ground' CD collection, to be later discovered and stolen by a sibling. But in hindsight I'm not surprised I disliked it at first. The album is definately a listen. A perfect representation of Gomez' highly sophisticated 'beyond their years' sound that so many critics went on about. Its fair to say that the bluesy, atmospheric, experimental features such an album contains weren't particularly appealing to someone not used to the Gomez sound. Oh yeah, not forgetting my age at the time. (I'm sure it was released earlier than 2002!) But like all Gomez albums, and like the finest of aingle malts it got better with age. A few more listens (after retrieving it from the sibling some months, if not years after) rendered the album a great listen. Something that fuelled my admiration for this truly unique slice of British music. Unfortunately i've lost the CD, but it still remains as one of my favourites, although to all those non familiar with Gomez, listen before you buy. And then listen to it again, and again, and...again!
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on 27 September 2000
Well done to Gomez! This is a very good collection of rare tracks. This album has a very rocky feel to it, and with the added advantage of vinyl - it sounds even better, buy this only if you have bought "bring it on" and "liquid skin", as you will apprecate the different versions of "78 stone shuffle" (or wobble) and "We haven't turned around". This is a must for a Gomez Fan!
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on 27 October 2000
A disappointing follow up/fill in/money maker after 2 brilliant albums for who really are one of the greatest bands today. This album has no direction, nothing new to it and not a lot to satisfy my desire 4 more Gomez. If your new to Gomez, this is not the 1st album to buy, but any of you out there who know what Gomez are about, please wait for the next 'proper' studio album. This is hastily put together, and I think the band will soon wish it had never been released. A poor example of a very good band.
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on 27 September 2000
Gomez get divided press coverage. People don't like the image (modest retro-nerds), or the fans (ditto), so the music never gets a fair hearing. But ignore the anti-hype: there's more vitality on this CD than on 90% of this year's releases.
It's far from being their best record. But then, it's a collection of B-sides and out-takes and has been marketed as such. The vitality comes from the group's willingness to experiment, with chord-changes, song-structures, and the genres of pop. Latin, Country, R'n'B and Folk are much more in evidence than plain old rock or blues influences. "High on Liquid Skin", "Emergency Surgery" and the charmingly titled "Shitbag" are of a quality other "indie" bands can only dream about.
Possibly they try too hard. Possibly they're "musos". But I hadn't noticed the pop-industry being awash with musicians, so perhaps it's no bad thing Gomez came along.
I wish they'd binned the cover of "Getting Better" (the vocal's slightly flat and they don't do the song or themselves justice) but they mock the track themselves in their sleeve-notes, and I can always stop the CD. What I can't do is find such interesting listening amongst their contemporaries.
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on 25 September 2000
Although in some aspects this Cd may sound a bit more up beat than the previos album "Liquid skin", it is still good old Origional Gomez style to which all the fans should be glad to hear. The Beatles cover "Getting Better" is fabulous and does the original song justice. If you have the previos two albums "bring it on" and "Liquid skin" then this is a must buy it really is one of the albums of the year.Fanstastic. Buy It right now. plus the track "We havent turned around" is the same song but with a totally differnt rythem to it. Its Brilliant. IF you like gomez then you'll love it and if you don't like Gomez you won't see how anybody else can, but give it a try it's great.
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on 28 September 2000
When bands decide to knock out an odd and sods type compilation like this, you never can be sure how good it'll be compared to a standard release. Furthermore, when that band is only two years on from their debut, what gems could they have hidden away at this stage.
But Gomez are no ordinary band. ASTH is great fun and is worth the price of admission. "Bring your loving back here" is classic, "Emergency Surgery" is smooth, the covers are great, the alternate versions are alternative enough to count...
Chances are if you're thinking of buying this album you have the same question in your head that I did: Since I like their other two albums is it worth getting this collection. Yes. Duh!
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on 9 April 2001
The opening song, 'Shitbag 9', is an ample opener but not what I would call vintage Gomez, with 'bring your loving..' sounding like it would fit in well on Liquid skin. 'Emergency surgery' submereges you into the cool, atmospheric groove that I think Gomez pull off so well. Tracks 4,5,6 & 7 are truly excellent and you soon find yourself lying back, eyes closed, allowing every crackling melody to wash across you. Following that, tracks 12 and 13 stuck out in my mind as excellent offerings, and worthy of being on either of their earlier albums. 'The Cowboy song' and 'Getting Better Man' are both good fun but probably not what I would have chosen to end an album on. Definately worth a listen for any Gomez fan.
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on 26 September 2000
Gomez have always had quite an anonymous and distant image and this album/compilation maintains the truly great side of the image. The only possible problem with the album is that the tracks do not fit that well together, but they are not supposed to. Like all of the best b-sides and rarities albums it has a very personal, recording studio feel to it. The beatles cover is the track that everyone mentions first and it is a great track, albeit not one that could be a single or on a 'real' album.I think it is a very good buy for gomez fans but not one for those who are not very commited.
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on 27 September 2000
I've been waiting for this album for a while, and frankly it's been well worth the wait. With new songs such as "Buena Vista" and "Wharf Me" being brilliant and some great re-workings of past material this is essential for any Gomez fan. From the beginning rift of "Shitbag 9" to the absurd "Hit On The Head" and the great anthem which is "Bring Your Lovin' Back Here" this could nearly be classed as a real album. Damn, now I have to wait for the next album!
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