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on 7 April 2017
Love love love this movie and the delivery was super quick.
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on 7 November 2014
good old school film
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on 22 May 2017
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on 22 April 2013
good movie
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on 14 October 2009
I really applaud Gina P.BytheWood for writing and bringing to the screen such a clever and thoughtful love story. I love the period in which the movie is set (80s/09s). I'm a big fan of the Old Skool and have a whole collection of movies from the way-back-when like House Party, Coming to America, Friday and many more. Movies back then just seemed to have more of a point of view.And the same applies to Love and Basketball.Everything blends perfectly- the soundtrack , the cast, the story lines, the chemistry between the two main characters... And it has a nice ending too like a real feel-good love story should. It really feels like you're watching real people (which is something you don't get to see that much today in urban movies) and you root for their relationship till the very end.

If you like Sanaa Lathan, the film Something New is also pretty good, though it's completely different from Love and Basketball in being set in the 21st century and portraying an interracial relationship. It's also directed by a female director and I've noticed that most movies which are written/directed by black women tend to have better story lines and turn out better.
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on 12 February 2001
Definately a one to watch. This film centres around two next door neighbours Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps who want to make it big in basketball. This movie follows the ups and downs of Sanaa and Omar's lives as they try to hide their love for each other and follow their love for basketball. But when Omar suffers an injury the pair are thrown together again and there's a happy ending.
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on 20 June 2017
I like actor in supporting role. I watched this video by myself. The special effects of the film are really good. The ending was unexpected. The film is too good to be true. The plot is exciting.
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I bought this DVD for my daughter who happens to play Division 1 college basketball. I didn't know anything about it, other than it was a love story between two basketball players. When I watched the film, I was completely blown away by it. It is one terrific, quality movie. The director outdid herself, as did the actors, with strong performances from the entire cast.
It is, as the director suggests, a love story with basketball as a backdrop. Two kids, one boy, one girl, meet when the girl, Monica, moves next door to the boy, Quincy. They are about ten years old and both play basketball with a passion. They grow up together and both play basketball in high school. In their senior year, they realize that they are in love and they give themselves to each other, heart and soul.
They are fortunate enough to be recruited to play for the same college, but the contrast between their respective reception is telling. They both do their best and are passionate about basket ball and each other. There comes a time, however, when their love is tested, and they are pulled apart by forces that they lack the maturity to understand. What follows is a test of their love and commitment.
This is a beautifully told love story. The depth of passion that the two main characters have, both for basketball and for each other, is palpable throughout the entire film. The movie is engrossing at all times and is wonderfully directed.
The DVD itself has a plethora of features, including an absorbing documentary of successful women from all walks of life who have managed to break the glass ceiling. This is certainly a DVD well worth having.
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on 8 September 2002
I first saw Love & Basketball at the premiere of the movie with all the stars. It was a special viewing where there was almost not a dry eye at the end of the film from tears of joy. I think you cannot get a better chemistry of on screen love then Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan. I guess the film was their destiny, because last I heard they were engaged to be married in real life. The film is simply a beautiful epic that combines a little bit of everthing from drama, comedy, action and romance. You not only care about the characters in this film, you actually see them grow up on screen.
Love & Basketball is definitely one of my all-time favorite films. It seemed so realistic as if it was a true story, and I myself being a USC graduate and former Trojan athlete from the area the film is set in can attest that the film is very realistic and true to the story being told. This film is about the true undying love of two things: the love of basketball which sees both characters in their pre-teen days on the basketball court to their days of both being professional basketball players in the hometown. It's also about the true love between a man and a woman that had to evolve and elevate just like their basketball skills had to succeed. "All is fair in love and basketball"!
The DVD version of this film is a true treasure. I love every bit of it and it gives the viewer their money's worth. The producers of this DVD out did their self with giving the view a whole complete vision of what they expressed on the screen. The two original documentaries: "The Rise Of Female Athletes" and "The Portrayal Of African-American Women By The American Media" are outstanding and really conveys the point of view the writer/director Gina Prince-Bythewood experienced herself as a basketball player. Plus, the deleted scenes and bloopers, three feature length commentaries, storyboards, and music video of Lucy Pearl's hit are a treat! One thing I truly loved as a screen writer was the whole screen play of the film on the DVD. This not only helped me understand the film more, but also helped me as a screen writer as well.
Love & Basketball is definitely a classic! I loved this film when I first saw it, and I still love it today, maybe even more because of the outstanding DVD version of it. This film makes you believe in the power of Love and Basketball! God is Love!
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on 25 June 2010
This Film as actually my favourite of all time..
It's one of those childhood favourites that never loose their touch.. brings the same feeling no matter how many times i watch it..
feelings of warmth, familiarity, romance, triumph, anticipation (and so on) all at the same time
Its one of those films you have to keep in your house just for memorabilia and aesthetic appreciation
I just cant get enough of it..
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