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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 10 October 2001
Yes you read it correctly this is the best game on Dreamcast by far. This game has everything, fantastic gameplay, super stylish graphics (still photos do not do the game justice), great sound and something which is always refreshing in todays world of sequels and updates.....originality. The game revolves around a gang of streetpunks called rudies. There are 4 groups of 'rudies' all fighting to control the streets of Tokyo-to by graffiting all over the place, all the characters are super stylish with their own skills. This game has one of the best soundtracks ever, probably on par with tony hawks, the tunes are all dance tunes which i usually dont like but the suit the game perfectly and deserve a mention in my review. The game also has online capabilities, you can download graffiti and post your top scores. All in all this is probably one of the best games ever and definatly the best game on dreamcast.
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on 26 November 2000
Sega does it again. I'm not sure how many more first class titles my bank balance can handle. Ferrari 355 Challenge, Metropolis Street Racer, Half Life and Shenmue to look forward to next week and Quake III, Unreal Tournament and Black & White on the horizon. Jet Set Radio is funny, original, has excellent graphics like nothing you've ever seen and incredible music, the quality of which easily surpasses anything else I ever heard in a video game. As with many of the new Dreamcast games, novice gamers may find the challenge set quite high, but after the first couple of levels, the gameplay suddenly clicks and you'll be pulling all the stunts you see in the game's intro before you know what's what. This game reminds me of the good old days of first class Sega games and marks a return to form for their in-house coding teams, who always were the best at producing risky, 'off-the-wall' titles. You'll never see anything like this on the PS2 - just a load of dumbed down, 'safe' sequels. Good job I cancelled my PS2 order in time, then.
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on 29 November 2000
... how good is this game? I bought the Jap import a couple of months ago and couldn't stop playing it. The graphics are amazing, the Japanese music is superb and the gameplay is great. My only gripe is with the camera system ('s a bit ropey) but hopefully this has been sorted out for the UK version. Plus, you get the bonus city and extra music tracks from Jurassic 5 with the PAL translation, which can only be a good thing.
Sega really have to stop releasing so many good games at once (M-SR, Shenmue, Samba de Amigo, Tony Hawks 2, Phantasy Star Online, Quake III - need I go on?) - my bank balance just can't cope anymore...
If you haven't got a Dreamcast already my advice is: buy one. Stuff the Playstation 2 - Computer games don't get any better than Sega.
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on 30 August 2003
when i took this game home my hands seemed to be glued to the Dreamcast controller because it was so fun to play.
You start off playing the part of a young skater named Beat, who wants to start his own gang of skaters, spraying graffiti on the streets of Tokyo-To to express himself to the world. It starts off easy - copying tricks from skaters Gum and Tab to recruit them to your gang, the GG's. But as you recruit more and more members and your offences become more serious, you get deeper into trouble, being chased by dangerous Asian killers, cops in choppers, and SWAT teams. Complete the three chapters, the fifteen levels, and eventually use your graffiti to save the world from a demon! It may sound ridiculous but it's probably the best ever dreamcast game! Buy it
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on 5 November 2005
Jet set radio oozes style, from the first moment you load the game up you will notes the games unique cell shaded look (jet set radio was the first game to use cell shaded graphics, of course it has been copied many times in games such as Zelda and viewtiful Joe) the game looks just like a cartoon and the cartoon look fits the game so well.
The whole idea of jet set radio is to skate around a area tagging walls sounds easy right? Well Sega have chucked in a load of police that really don’t like taggers. The first levels will start off easy you can easily out run the police as they are on foot but soon they will start sending in helicopters, dog’s, tanks and hit squads and you will have to plan how you are going to get around them and plan what walls you are going to tag first as some tags are larger and take longer to paint.
Although tagging is the main chunk of the game there’s loads more to do, some tasks you will be challenged by a potential new member to your crew, if you can complete the challenge you will have a new member, these challenges start off easy but soon you will be doing all kinds of grinds, flips and landings. Other tasks involve racing other crews through the massive levels, you will need to know all the short cuts in order to win and the final face off with the other crews involves tagging them, if you can tag all three members ten times each you will take there turf.
The level designs are great they range from roof tops to sewers to back streets to parks all the levels have loads of rails for grinding and short cuts all over the place, trust me you will need these short cuts to get away from the cops. The music is very well written, before you know it you will be humming the songs as you are playing and defiantly builds a great atmosphere.
When tagging the computer gives you a certain tag but if you go in to the options you can spend as long as you want customising your own tags or if you really want you can look for tags on the internet and transfer them to your game, although this is not a crucial feature it certainly adds to the game and I am sure some people will like designing there own tags.
The only problem with jet set radio is every now and then the camera will go mental and you will mess up a jump although within a short while you will learn to control the camera quite well with the L trigger that centres it but the L trigger is also the some button that uses the spray can, why could they not of set the centre camera button somewhere else? It’s not like you use many buttons, anyway you soon learn to get around these problems and after a hour or so you won’t even notest.
Overall jet set radio is one of my faviout games this generation it oozes style has great game play and is a really unique game I say bring on the sequel.
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on 6 May 2012
i am a huge Dreamcast fanboy, in my opinion it is the second greatest console of all time (with the N64 being the first) and is home to some of the greatest games ever made (Skies of Arcadia, Sonic Adventure 2 and Phantasy Star online to name but a few), but the game that i kept playing over and over and over? Jet Set Radio. This game is just so much fun, it is impossible to put into words how much fun it is. the premise of graffiti artists being shot at by helicopters is comletely ridiculous but you'll be having so much fun you won't care. Definitley pick this game up, and i can only hope that Sega will one day make a Jet Set Radio 3!!! :(
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on 11 April 2001
If I had to choose my favorite DC game so far, this would be it: Brilliant Graphics that single-handedly wrangle 3D-gaming from the grip of realism, simple but wonderfully balanced gamemechanics that reward practice, style and taking a strategic approach, great Leveldesign with lots of goodies to discover and finally a fine soundtrack. Yes, it does feel a little like Pacman without powerups at first and no, multiplayer doesn't feature, but give it a spin and you'll find that it's merits more than outweigh it's shortcomings.
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on 29 November 2000
This is the coolest game ever. Do not be put off by the surrealism or the cartoon-esque graphics - this is a very fun game. The music contained is some of the greatest game music ever, beating off the likes of THPS and various Squaresoft games, it has banging tunes from Jurrasic 5, Mike D and Mixmaster Mike. With the aim to graffiti all around, as well as pulling of some happenin' stunts the sheer simplicity turns this into a game worth mastering. Buy it. Live with it. Be it. Jet Set Radioooooooo!!!!
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on 21 October 2000
Heck, who needs a playstation 2 when games like these are coming out weekly fot the DC. This game is original, fun and most of all challenging. This is in two words a "must buy" game. This game would never ever be able to be made on the PSX2 why because it is original and because it ain't a sequel. Hey if you want to buy your PS2 go ahead but think about it for a moment do you really want to be playing GT 3000 or Fifa 2099 or FF45?? When Sega is making ground breaking games on its amazing little machine! The game has brilliant graphics and you will be shocked by just how much you will be absorbed into this game after only a matter of moments. If you liked Tony Hawk or Crazy Taxi then this game is for you cause it mixes both parts of those games together to make an excellent game! GO BUY
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If you're looking for something new,funky,nice looking and totally wacky game you sure found it. I think this game is fun because it's got a new style of gameplay. You play this little skate punk that think the way tokyoto has become sucks. So he grabs his jetpowered inlines and some spraypaint and starts rebelling against the order. The coolest thing about this game was that the characters are cartoon style! And the feeling of grinding on a rail while you make a little tag is just so cool! Buy this game if you are looking for a new game in your dreamcast collection
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