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on 19 October 2003
The films themselves are amazing, i was quite happy with my purchase until i realised that the Americian release of the elm street collection was a million times better...The americian release contains all 7 movies and a whole disc full of extras, including alternative endings and documentries. The extras on this (the uk) version are rubbish, a couple of dodgy music videos and the old actor filmography.
find the US version instead!!!
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on 7 February 2003
Although missing the final 2 parts in the series, this box set provides a well presented, value for money collection of the first 5 films in the Nightmare on Elm Street series.

The first - and arguably the best - episode sees Wes Craven's creation Fred Krueger terrorise teens in their dreams. Genuinely scary and suspensful, it differs from its descendents which focussed on a more humourous, visually imaginative bogeyman. However, Craven shows his forte lies in creating surreal images and set pieces, rather than the comedic postmodern horror of Scream. Released at the time when teenage slasher flicks were feeding off of the success of Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm St. should not be remembered along with the formulaic Friday the 13th sequels and exploitative video nasties. A truly original and thoughtfully constructed story (though inevitably flawed in places) ANOES strayed from the escaped lunatic theme that Halloween made standard. Although the acting and script are often a bit shaky, the film is exciting and original and puts to good use the techniques used by a director short on funds and support.

The best DVD of the lot in terms of extras, this includes a commentary from Wes Craven and stars of the film Heather Langenkamp and John Saxon. Although an exciting prospect, the trio appear to have little to say other than how effective they think the story is. The DVD also includes cast and crew bios (which are interesting on this disc - however returning cast and crew are replicted on the others) as well as the usual scene access etc.
The 2nd film proved to be a disappointing sequel, though not without merit. The plot focusses on Freddy's possession of a teen boy, and despite some rather overt homoerotic/phobic (it can't really decide) themes, the film has little else to offer. An interesting opening scene involving a school bus however does show the broadening of the series scope and reliance of imaginative set pieces. Like the film, the DVD has little to offer than biographies of a number of unrecognisable cast and crew members.
Part 3, co-written by Wes Craven is a vast improvement from the last outing. It is the presence of Craven which provide the stylistic consistencies with the first film. By now, the death scenes have become far fetched and contrived enough to the point where ex-heroin addicts are given forced overdoses and sleep walkers are manoevered like marionettes with veins instead of strings. However, the returning presence of Langenkamp as well as soon to be discovered stars Patricia Arquette and Laurence Fishburne, manage to keep it afloat. Freddy still manages to evoke a sense of fear, and the climax evokes the same sense of tension that the first did. Only a small step down from the original. Again, the DVD has little to offer, but a bizarre music video and the usual extras.
Director of part 4 - Renny Harlin - manages to sever the umbilical chord linking the entries from this point on, with all previous. Any sense of horror has vanished, with Freddy now taking star billing and often being portrayed as the protagonist in many scenes. Conventions of horror films such as a creepy, haunting score and darkly lit environments, have been replaced with soft rock tracks and fair-ground style sets. However, not taken as a horror film (a strange frame of mind to take, I know) this entry still proves entertaining on a humourous level. The script also manages to squeeze symbolism into the character of Alice's blank canvas 'painted' with the characteristics of her murdered friends. Again, some music vids on the DVD and little else.
Part 5 is perhaps the 2nd weakest in the set, however still serves as a visually interesting fairytale. As Alice from part 4 now becomes pregnant, Freddy invades the dreames of her unborn foetus. There is little in the sense of horror, with only 3 rather incomprehensible death scenes occurring throughout the film -each one played for laughs. Fans of the series will however enjoy the films exploration of Freddy's birth and his mother's character. This time, you get 2 daft music videos.
For die hard fans, the box set is perfect, as it doesn't look like a complete set, including parts 6 and 7, is coming to the shops any time soon. However, for those who are easily baffled or only searching for a genuine horror film, just seek out the original and the best.
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on 6 March 2014
The major success in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies was that the villian unlike Jason or Michael could talk and that because the deaths could only happen in dreams we were treated to some of the most outlandish, wild and imagnitive ones ever filmed for the genre. I have a;longer more indepth review for the 7 film box set, but here I will go through this 5 disc set briefly.

Part 1 is a bonafide horror classic, mostly in the sense that we are dealing with an original story, have decent actors, good deaths, a few genuine scares and the film is directed by Wes Craven.

Part 2 has a completely different feel to the original- almost campy, but it contains likable characters and Freddy is still dark n' nasty in this one. Not a great sequel but good enough.

Part 3 took most by surprise because it was excellent, some say better than the original. It was backed up by people that would go on to greater things. Think Chuck Russell directing and Patricia Arquette and Laurence Fishburne in acting roles. The deaths are amongst the best and most inventive of the entire series and we are introduced to a devilshy quipping Freddy, who is comedy but is still able to retain his dark side.

Part 4 is where the series took a bit of a dive. But take nothing away from the entertainment value of it all. And back in 1988 when the movie came out Freddy was at his most popular. He had become akin to an MTV pin up hero. The deaths again are very good and Renny Harlin directs.

Part 5 marks when the series did nosedive. Which is ashame as the makers tried to make Freddy more darker and open up a back door to his past. But try as they might with the plot, the script and acting is weak. Even the fun moments seem contrived.

So that's it. There was 3 more Freddy movies if you count New Nightmare and Jason v Freddy- at least Robert Englund was still playing Freddy at that moment.

This box set is very good, but for the same price you can get sets now that have the 7 movies so that may be the way to go.
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on 22 July 2004
Warning. this is not "the "complete" collection" because there are only 5 discs in this collection but there are 7 films.
dont be fooled by this like i was. the picture on the box is identical to that of the 8 disc american version.
this is the good ole british attempt and the good ole british result at screwing up a release of a box set of a classic horror series.
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on 20 May 2002
wot can i say, its a nightmare on elm street and freddy kruger a gripping series of wonderful horror movies. not always the scariest films in the world but full of guts and gore, and at times very mind-blowing ideas.
the transition to DVD is also excellent, having previously owned all the movies on VHS previously, again i think it was a shame not to include at least Freddys dead in the box set, doesn't quite seem complete, but have aquired the last two movies seperately.
a really good buy!!!!!!!
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on 20 March 2002
The 5 dvd box set is brilliant.the improved Sound works well,even more scary.the Picture is really sharp,you can see more than the old videos.
The Dokken Video on Dream Warriors is cool,i've not seen it till now,a bonus.
I recommend all Fans to buy this.People who didn't like it before.i believe you'll definately like it,now.
The best DVD box set,EVER!!!
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on 12 January 2002
The best horror on DVD is Freddy!! I'm a great fan and collector of Freddy stuff. The movies are great, all of them. After seeing the movies on DVD I want no other. Threre is one comment I have to give on this DVD-set. Where are the last two movies?? Freddy's Dead and New Nightmare?? I also own the Region 1 box, which is much better. With the two last movies and a bonus disc with a large amount of extras!! Overall, the price of this box is much more cheaper, so that is a plus! So if your are a fan buy both, just for the fun of it!!
Enjoy your Dreams!!!
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on 29 August 2011
Sent out to me that day,got it the next day.brilliant service and DVDs are fantastic classic horror these films beat the remakes any day,I would recommend to any horror lover.
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on 12 February 2002
The first Elm Street movie is good with the first kill being the best in the whole series. A good amount of gore and a great feeling of nervousness at the besst of times and terror at the worst. The final scene before Krueger is dispatched to become a ghost who haunts a house rather than people's dreams is sheer brilliance.
Freddy's Revenge is my personal favourite in the whole series. It has some confusing moments: The bit where the stuff in the coach's office starts attacking the coach. and the film is very corporate sponsered. Check out how many adidas adverts there are. I think it's 27. It also has a really bad ending. So do most of the Elm Street Movies. The plot is about a boy who has moved into 1428 Elm Street. His dreams are being haunted by visions of Freddy. Freddy then posseses his body and forces him to kill his coach and one of his friends. Before eventually Taking over the boy's body entirely. The pool party scene where Jesse has turned into Freddy is just magic.
Dream Warriors is another solid entry in the franchise. This time a bunch of teens are a gain being haunted by Freddy except now he's causing them to hurt themselves. In the first film cuts would just appear on people now they slash their own wrists in real life but i their dreams Freddy does it. This lands all the kids in an asylum where our hero Kirsten finds she can pull people into her dreams and they all have powers in their dreams. Krueger barely apperears in his usual form in this move. Instead he appears as a giant worm or as a puppet for most of it. He only appears as himself in the climax.
The Dream Master is a heap of trash. Putting it nicely... The longest least exciting film in the series Freddy is well into his transformation from scary to stupid by now. He looks stupid he tells hopeless jokes and just generally manages to make a bad film into a dire film. Useless kills and a diabolical ending. A worthless film.
The Dream Child : Scary in that it manages to be even worse than The Dream Master. Freddy is now positively odious he prats about making himself into a comic book character and killing more fodder....er....I mean Victims. That's what the kids had become by this point. You could tell who would survive and who wouldn't as soon as they were introduced.The film used the by now tired Dream Powers as its drawing point and a ridiculous way of getting Krueger into people's dreams. Along with way too much attention being paid to the creation of Freddy and a lot of detail being put on his mother The sets of the dreams are all long windy staircases and firey pits along with the now complimentary scene inside the rundown old 1428 elm street house still only a dream of course ther hasn't been a real scene in there since Freddy's Revenge. A terrible finish to the series. Should never have been made.
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on 24 August 2011
this is still one of the best horror box sets you can buy highly recommended to all horror fans a must to watch
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