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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
A Prayer Under Pressure of Violent Anguish
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 20 July 2017
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on 1 October 2000
congratulations to MISS Tairrie B. (lead vocal)finally an album number 2 of the same band name, although in many ways this is another debut.
a fresher more serious 'My Ruin' consisting of real band members! tairrie-throat, mick-guitars, meghan-bass and newly found drummer Yael. to anoyone who didn't know the first 'My Ruin' record it was a sort of solo project (Tairrie working with Five different writing musicians)
OK, so the new album... BUY NOW! what can i say? this is Tairrie more raw, and angry than you've ever heard her. Managing to roar through killers such as Stick It To Me, Post-Noise revelation, Rockstar.. to the Intelligent controlled anger of Beauty Fiend, Heartsick.. to the sensual Let It Rain. 'Miss Ann Thrope' is an amazing powerful duet between Tairrie and Jessicka (of Jack Off Jill) which is definetly one of the best tracks... just to hear them trade swear words would make any grown man wet their pants. Look out for the cover of 'Do You Love Me' originally by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, and secret track (sorry to ruin the surprise) 'My War' another cover (black flag)
listeners beware hell hath no fury like a woman scorned... there is nothing like a prayer.
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on 19 September 2000
How to review this album? Good question. The album seams to have a heavier feel too the previous My Ruin album, gone are many of the lighter tracks. This is defiantly (yes i meant defiantly) Mrs B at her loudest.
Featuring 13 tracks and a secret, bonus, special (insert more descriptive words at will) track. The album features the almost obligatory spoken intro and outro tracks (1 and 13):
"Last night I had a dream, I was drowning again... ...Then all My teeth fell out, I hate it when that happens"
The intro sets the mood for the album perfectlly, this is not meant to cheer you up.
The first real track 'Beauty Fiend' (this is availible as a single) is a nice slow soft (HA!) track. What does the song mean to Mrs B, I ain't got a clue, but to me it talks about not looking how other people expect and like and the opinions other people form about you for that.
The third track (availible from October 2000 Metal hammer) is 'Stick it to me' featuring the lyric:
"It doesn't matter what I say, Doesn't matter what I do, I really don't give a ****"
Seems, to me at least, to be about the faces we all ware, how they are different to the real us inside and how people wear a nice face to hide ulterior motives:
"Stick it to me, You know your going to"
Track 5 'Rock Star' is dedicated to 'Lynn Strait', now I will admit I have no idea who lynn Strait is. I don't keep up to date with Mrs B and her life, after all thats her business and not mine, I just buy the albums, the face she puts on to the world. Nor do I keep up on the Metal 'scene'. However from a pure music sense of view the song is good, the lyrics get over a sense of anger and loss:
"I can see you in the moonlight, I feel you when I sleep"
"Feel me when I scream these words, I'm just a girl that hurts..."
Track 7 'Miss Ann ThropE' (when you've heard it you'll understand why I use a capital E) is a duet(?) with Jesicka from 'Jack off Jill' (Their new album is out, and very good it is, by the way). The setup is simple Jesicka sings the softer sections and Mrs B screams out the rest with her usual gusto. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album, it seems to scream / sing / screach (delete as appropriate to your musical tastes) about feelings towards other people and humanity in general (for your information a misanthrope is a person who hates humanity, I had to go and look it up in a dictionary):
"If god created man in his own image, then **** you"
Track 12 'Do you love me' is a nice end to the album proper, the softest off the album tracks it winds the whole thing down nicely.
And at the end where would we be without Mrs B wrapping the whole thing up in the second spoken track:
"Screamed at my demons, Prayed to my god"
I have never been sure if these final spoken tracks are meant to wrap the album up, or are simply a chance for Mrs B to get over a message, and to be honest I still don't know. however 'evening prayer' does do a good job of ending the album. It would not be a 'My Ruin' album (or 'Tura Satana' album, Mrs B's previous band, for that matter) if it didn't end with one of these tracks.
For your information the single I've mentioned also features the non-album track 'masochrist'
Mrs B vocals are somewhat deaper and more throaty than previous albums (infact she is credited as the bands 'throat' not their singer) and in general the album is heavier than previous releases. As cohesion goes, the album fits under a single theme well. That theme is Mrs B's opinions on the world and on those people who have opinions about her. There are ocasional foreys outisde this theme, with tracks such as 'Rock Star', but it is her album after all, she can take it where she wants.
To finish BUY THIS ALBUM and if you like Jesicka's singing on track 7 'Miss Ann ThropE' then think about buying 'Jack off Jills' 'Clear Hearts Grey Flowers'.
Andrew Milne
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on 15 March 2001
Firstly, buy this album. This is the best album the gorgeous and talented Miss Tarrie B. has released, and it is a strong contender for my favourite album! If you like anything that is hard and heavy I recommend you buy this album, even if you have never heard of Miss B.
I also recommend you check out the latest My Ruin album - 'To Britain With Love... And Bruises'. Also you should definatly check out the Tura Satana album 'Relief Through Release' which also features Miss B. on vocals!
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on 25 January 2017
A great album. Big fan of tarri b
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on 17 May 2001
If you haven't heard this, either steal your best friend's copy, or even better: BUY IT IMMEDIATELY (I MEAN, NOW!!!) If you HAVE heard it (good 4 u), you KNOW this is 5-star quality! Miss B in a pure, raw expression of "violent anguish". You simply must buy this album-I bought it 3 days after I first heard a friend's copy. I swear 2 you-this album won't dissapoint. It can be rare 2 find an album where the songs all rule; but this album RULES. BUY NOW!!!
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on 19 September 2000
If you don't own this CD, why not? A return to the raw power and strength of Tarrie's Manhole days, but with the open, heartfelt tourment she obviously has suffered. This will be a true classic LP. Contains a guest vocal from Jack off Jill's Jessicka, and a true tribute to the late Lynne Strait. Come see us soon Tarrie BUY IT NOW!
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on 15 November 2007
So someone knows I'm into my metal and recommends this lot to me. Apparently it's "totally brutal" and "the most violent thing [they]'ve ever heard." To me, this sounds pretty convincing. So in short order I splash out on a My Ruin album, specifically, this one, and void my CD player to put it in there, leaving Dark Angel's 1986 masterpiece "Darkness Descends" ignominiously on the floor.

"Underwhelmed" is an understatement at this point.

So why was I underwhelmed? Because it wasn't "brutal" or "violent" at all, it was just, dare I say it, boring. Flappy, needlessly downtuned guitar riffs (if you can even call them that), most of which seem plagiarised from 80s glam rock but with a Dimebag Darrell-esque guitar tone, played by someone who has the skill of neither, underpin dire, pretentious, irritating lyrics, which in turn are delivered in a voice that resembles endless vomiting.

Of course, not all of it was like that. There were these passages, such as on "Rockstar", where Tairrie B went into an oh-so-ironic little-girl voice before hitting us again with the blurting.

Maybe I'm some sort of cultureless philistine, but this pseudo-intellectual, poorly played, musically washed out heap of trash is not for me. I prefer music that actually is worth listening to, not stuff that becomes popular after hordes of Kerrang kids fap themselves to death over it. Get thee to some European thrash or some modern black metal and I guarantee that any of those will eat this lot for breakfast.
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on 8 July 2001
this is the best album out of all three, it has a range of sounds, and great lyrics. i suggest that you get this if you admire tarries work in tura satana. great stuff-buy now!!!
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