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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
Muchas Gracias: The Best of Kyuss
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£11.39+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 7 July 2015
This album is just down right awesome from a band that are pioneers of the stoner rock genre!!! Tracks Un Sandpiper & Fatso Forgotso are just 8mins plus of sheer brilliance!!!!
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on 24 March 2015
Brilliant Quality
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on 8 August 2015
Awesome desert rock.
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on 7 August 2011
First thing is first; as you may ave heard already, Muchas Gracis: The Best Of Kyuss is unsatisfactory as an actual greatest hits package. The band only have four albums anyway, all of which can be found for very low prices nowadays, so if you are thinking about trying out the band don't start on this compilation but just jump straight into one of their wonderful studio albums like Blues For The Red Sun or (Welcome To) Sky Valley.

Ignoring the 'greatest hits,' tag however, Muchas Gracias is a fine compilation album that all Kyuss fans should give consideration to checking out. The disc compiles all the b-sides, rare tracks and the "Live at the Marquee Club" bonus disc from special editions of Sky Valley, together in one place.

If you want more from Kyuss than the studio albums that you already have, take a shot with this fine rarities compilation and find six fantastic rare tunes, four live versions of old favourites (Gardenia, Thumb, Conan Troutman, Freedom Run) and then five incongruously placed studio versions of Kyuss tracks that are there to justify a 'Greatest Hits,' label, presumably a record company decision as a greatest hits album would likely sell more copies to new customers in 2000 than a rarities album aimed at existing fans.

The actual six rare tunes are of great quality and have that same perfect hypnotic, virtuosic Kyuss feel as the best of their studio output and are sincerely worth investigating if you are a fan.

So in summary; if you aren't interested in shelling out hundreds of pounds to collect all the rare singles and EPs, but do want a little more Kyuss, then Muchas Gracis is a fine product and I'd definitely recommend it.
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VINE VOICEon 1 January 2007
Think of this compilation more as a point of accessibility into rare Kyuss songs, as this really isn't a collection of Kyuss' most stellar work, despite being labelled the `best of' the band. However, that is not to say one should overlook this as it contains some previously unreleased songs, including live cuts and some works from the Kyuss/QOTSA split EP that was previously released on the now defunct Man's Ruin label. So really this album is for Kyuss fans, and will not really act as one of those accessible compilations that will spark a new casual fan.

Firstly to look at the positives of this release - the rarities. The opening track "Un Sandpiper" is a typically bluesy Kyuss song, held together with a great swaggering rhythm and some idiosyncratic jamming/noodling, especially by guitarist Josh Homme. The song was an instant hit for me, recalling the unmistakably fuzzy and epic journeys the glory albums "Blues For The Red Sun" and "Welcome To Sky Valley" ensued so effortlessly. The next track, "Shine" was released on a split single but is another rarity. This song is an all-instrumental affair, offering more of the trippy bluesy swagger but this time combined with a rather visceral and aggressively toned `chorus' section. Other standout rarity work includes the two-part "Fatso Forgetso" piece that was initially released on the now out of print Kyuss/QOTSA EP. On this album the shorter track is re-named "Flip The Phase" as opposed to "Phase II" on the original EP. The two tracks are excellent, especially "Phase I" with its slow-burning lead riff and a divine closing encompassing bongos and congas, chilled back vocals and trippy guitar playing. "Mudfly" is really a bit of filler, and seems a rather pointless waste of two minutes on a supposed `best of' album. But then, this really shouldn't be treated as your typical compilation, so I suppose it will have to do.

As for the live cuts, they are decent and enjoyable at first, but plagued by the inevitable poor recording. The mix seems a little too bass heavy, which might have been perfect in person live, but on the cd it creates a lot of unwanted distortion, and also the cymbal hits seem a little overpowering. But hell, Kyuss live cuts are rare, so hardcore fans will savour these.

Now for my biggest problem with the album, the choice of their `classic' material. From BFTRS they selected the excellent "50 Million Year Trip" which is a fine piece and encompasses everything one could want from Kyuss and furthermore stoner rock - big riffs, fuzzy tones, raspy vocals and an amazing trippy closing section. "Thumb" and "Freedom Run", the two other tracks I would pick from that album are also included. However they are in live format, which is fine for the Kyuss fan who already has the studio cuts, but really I would have liked to see these classic tunes in studio format to balance out the compilation better, and attract any potential new fans. The biggest disappointment selection wise is the sincere lack of material from "Welcome To Sky Valley", with only "Demon Cleaner" and "Gardenia" (which is live anyway) making the album, overlooking such gems as "Supa Scooper" and "Space Cadet". Their final LP, "And The Circus Leaves Town" is represented reasonably, "El Rodeo", perhaps the highlight of that album, is present here, but the inclusion of "Hurricane" over tracks such as "Phototrophic", "Catameran" and the jaw-dropping jams of "Spaceship Landing" bemuses me a little.

So really this compilation lacks a whole bunch of Kyuss' best works from their classic studio albums, but acts nicely as a means to obtain rare and unreleased gems.
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on 13 March 2004
This is the first Kyuss album i bought, and to be honest was probably the worst. It gives you a cross section of Kyuss that hardly encompasses their four albums, but it does offer you tracks that aren't included on these: Mudfly and Shine. This record also has four live recordings which give you a real taste of their live set; with screams of "Hell Yeah" from psyched-up members of the crowd filling the intervals between songs. For any Kyuss fan, this is a must have because of these features, but for anyone who is just getting into Kyuss, i would recommend "Sky Valley". Kyuss truly rock, but this record doesn't really go along way in capturing it.
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on 19 February 2003
Although this 'best of' album doesn't give you a real feel of the way Kyuss structure their albums this is a very good selection of some of their best tracks including a couple of live numbers as well. What surprises me every time I put this cd on is just how many tracks there are. Excellent value for money!
A good starting place for anyone new to the band, you'll probably own all the songs already if you've been into them any length of time.
Oh yes, they're bloody good too....
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on 8 February 2002
.....not sure this deserves the title of 'best of'. Buy any of their albums for a far better idea of what Kyuss were about and how truly astounding their work is (was!)
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on 17 June 2004
If you wanna get into kyuss but don't no where to start this album is a great help!
It has a selection of the best Kyuss songs on it like thumb and Demon Cleaner also some live tracks which are great!
Go Buy it's cool.
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on 5 November 2000
Can you really beat an album that starts with an 8 minute work out on one riff? Un Sandpiper is perhaps reason enough to buy this album. Sure, some of the songs here are on various albums, but the live tracks and songs like Shine and Mudfly make this well worth while. This CD can hardly be called 'The Best of' - where is Spaceship Landing and 100 degrees? - but it carries a whole other meaning. It's a recollection and reminder of how heavy and trendsetting four people can be. This is a strange collection of non-album tracks (Flip the Phase, Fatso Forgotso), favourites like Hurricane and Demon Cleaner and four live tracks from 'Blues for the Red Sun' and 'Welcome to Sky Valley'. Where this mix of tracks really makes sense is somewhere inside your head, right between your ears, at a level that causes the whole world to buzz the next morning. Tuned-down, turned up, freakin' heavy music.
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