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on 15 December 2000
Quake 3 Arena is quite possibly the greatest multiplayer Dreamcast game so far. It is a PC port but is so much better on Dreamcast it is unbelievable! The graphics are crystal clear and the frame rate is fantastic even in multiplayer games. The single player is great fun but is easy to complete, but multiplayer gaming is far better and is comparable to that of Golden Eye's in my view.
Right from the opening start up FMV you get a real sense that Quake 3 will be more than your average shoot 'em up - you will not be disappointed I can assure you. The sound is superb and there is a real sense of atmosphere when you play the game: each and every character, level and weapon has been meticulously designed making the game even more amazing. You may well have heard that Quake 3 Arena offers a full online experience to compliment the offline game modes - it does, and it is stunning.
There are so many characters to choose from, each having a selection of 3 colours. There are robots, aliens, skeletons, a giant eyeball, as well as many 'regular' people. The online play is absolutely brilliant. Firstly you should enter your player details in the player profile before going online. You can change your name, character and other options here. When you connect you must obviously ensure that the phone line is connected to your Dreamcast and then select the online option from the game main menu. Connecting will take around 30 seconds but you will then be greeted with a message displaying the number of online games available, no. Scanning and number found (I think there are about 901 in total!). You can either wait for the lot to download or just press stop and join a game that has already got people in it (you'll see that every game has an out of 4players sign).
All the modes from the multi player game are included online so you can play capture the Flag (CTF), Death Match (Death) or team battle mode. I don't think the tournament option is included though. When you join a game you will have 15 seconds to walk around before the battle commences. In this time it is wise to chat to a fellow team member, and discuss strategies etc. In order to do this you can use your control pad by pressing start and selecting a pre-set message, or alternatively, and preferably, using a keyboard press '`' (the key next to the number '1') and you will be able to type in what you like! I have played in many death matches (this is an all against all!), but haven't done that well losing to 'BLAINE' many a time! However, I much prefer the superb Capture the flag mode as you can work in a team and discuss tactics and chat in general. I managed to rake up a score of 32 against 5/4/6 which was rather pleasing considering the other 3 players ganged up on me! I've played alongside 'Dan D Man', which was a fantastic battle - of course, we won!
I simply could not believe the quality of the online gaming due to the fact that there is less slow down than a MACLAREN F1's accelerating! It's amazing! The reviews that I have read stated that you would need to get used to the slight online lag - what online lag? The only time that the game even hinted at slowing down was when I fired around 18 Rockets from my Rocket Launcher! I really recommend that you get yourself this superb game, as it will provide one of the most exhilarating times of your life.
Q3A is just so realistic without taking itself too seriously. By this I mean that the game is violent, really violent and you can cause blood to spill from your opponents dead body (this is quite funny actually) but it doesn't seem like a violent game - its really light hearted fun, and any parent objecting to their son or daughter getting Quake should really test out the game first to realise that it isn't that bad at all. You can adjust the gravity levels, your handicap level and many more.
Quake 3 is simply a must have title and will last you longer than anything out there. Fantastic! Available to buy from many retailers, but the best deal I have found is at amazon.co.uk where you can get Quake 3, the keyboard AND the mouse fo.. instead of the RRP of £.... You do not have to purchase a mouse, but I recommend getting a keyboard, as your Internet surfing will also speed up. The deal mentioned is very good though as you'll effectively get the mouse for free anyway, and it will be compatible with the forthcoming Dream Arena version 2.0 released in early 2001. I am currently using the control pad for offline games as well as online. Experienced Quakers will tell you that the mouse and keyboard provides better control, but at present the current pad is fine. The controls do take a few games to get used to, but become second nature: the four buttons 'X, Y, A and B' are used to move forward, back, left and right with the right trigger acting as a fire button, the left trigger as a jump, the D-Pad as the weapon select and the analogue pad is used to look around.
A truly triple 'A' title that should win even more non-DC owners to the format. This is one of the most enjoyable games that I have ever played in my life and has won its way permanently into my Dreamcast. Even with top titles like Shenmue, MSR and JSR around I really do believe that Quake 3 Arena is the must have this Christmas. You'd be foolish to miss out on such an enthralling game. 10/10
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on 11 December 2000
This is one hell of a game - I can't recommend it enough to anyone who's thinking of buying it. The graphics are comparable to a high end PC, the sound and gameplay is awesome as well. The action is fast and furious and is a real adrenaline rush to play. On top of all this, the online game works really well. Top game....
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on 22 November 2000
Quake 3 is and always will be the best multiplayer on the dreamcast. It is fast, fun and action packed. It also has a good range of levels and characters. Multiplayer on Quake 3 is brilliant. I have never had as much fun on any game. Best buy for the dreamcast. I stronly advise this game to all multiplayer game lovers.
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on 19 January 2002
This game is truely amazing. As long as you have 2 or 3 other people around and enough controllers you'll be stunned at what this game can do. I've lost many an hour to this game when I should have been working. Quake 3 has probably destroyed my first year at Uni, but it was worth it!
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on 25 January 2001
On the PC the definitive multiplayer battle was always between Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament. Each had equal support from gamers all over the world. Seeing as I only had UT, I was unsure which was superior and so when Quake 3 was released on the Dreamcast, I jumped at the chance to buy it.
The first thing I noticed was just how good a conversion Rasta had done. The game moves at a terrific speed with very little slowdown at all. The graphics are also pretty darn good. However, where Quake 3 falls down is in the gameplay department. Quake 3 lacks any real substance: it is an extremely simple concept, that lacks any of the tactical opportunities present in Unreal Tournament as well as having a miniscule and ultimately boring arsenal of weapons. As a result, the single player game is extremely tedious and has no real reward for successful completion and lacks the structure of UT's excellent tournament challenges.
The multiplayer is a slight improvement, as you actually get to play against some real opposition, but the winner is usually decided by who is using the mouse and keyboard instead of the joypad. However, the servers are often unstable and as a result frequently crash or disconnect you, leading to much frustration. There is also quite a lot of lag too, so you have to aim just in front of a moving enemy for your projectile to hit them.
Overall, a flawed but OK game but by no means an essential purchase. If this is your first forray into the world of first person shooters, then buy it, but as for me, I prefer UT any day.
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on 27 May 2001
An absolutely top quality game, and the best on-line game on any platform. So satisfyingly gory and graphically beautiful. I have to say that it has great control system, even when you use the standard controller. Buy it!
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on 30 December 2000
This game how can i put it it contains the addictive jist of the quake series but lacks the hardcore revelation that brought quake fans from around the world so close in matramony . The characters are good but you dont get much more then the pc version while the guns are a slight improvement on the p.c but how could you really improve them . I find if a game isnt addictive ill take it back and this grabs your taste buds and hangs them out to dry pure genius encourages to use all your skill as if it were a real life blood fest . let me just say im looking forward to number 4
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on 28 December 2000
What can I say, this game is not only a great technical achievement but it has simple yet addictive game play. I only brought this game to see what all the hype was about I intended to take the game back to the shop after seeing what is was like but I can't part with it now. after playing it for an hour I had developed a low level skill in the game and I was loving it. I normaly find shoot em ups tedious and boring. this game keeps you on your toes, BUY IT TODAY.
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on 17 June 2013
I was rather displeased when I opened my package and found a disk sitting inside a thin transparent case. I was hoping for the actual case with the manual and cover, but instead I am stuck with a rather rubbish case. Having said that, the game itself is fantastic I would recommend it to any halo/unreal fan..if there are any..But yes fabulous game, great price, but that being said it does only come with a disk; no manual or cover :/
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on 4 February 2001
This is the first time i played one of id softwares games and i must say its excellent. You can play 4 players on ether one consle or over the internet. Unlike other dreamcast online games thre is no time lag between pushing a buttun and it happening.
All I can say is this even if you have neither played online you should with this. I hope that when no.4 is made it will also come out on dreamcast.
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