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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 30 January 2001
This is my favorite album of all time; I would rate this 6stars if possible. On the day it was released, back in November 2000 I went down to my local ourprice and bought it. I can honestly say that I was not disappointed by any of the songs, initially the stand out songs are Haemoglobin, Taste in men and Special K, however when you listen to it again you come to realise the true genius of this band, with sublime lyrics by Brian Molko combined with awesome music Black market music is by far the most played album in my collection. I have both Placebo and Without you I'm nothing, which are also incredibly good albums, so if you like what you hear (and can afford it) buy all 3 placebo albums, I promise you wont be sorry!
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on 23 December 2000
How can we describe this album in anyother way. all of the other albums placebo have done are brilliant too and they have added another one to the list. although i preffered placebo to all the other albums (im a sucker for nancy boy) this is still a very good album and you should buy it. if you are a placebo fan then you will love this album. the best songs on the album are special k, days before you came and black eyed (in my oppinion). spite and malice is darker than all the other songs and proves that it has a lot of messages behind it. BRILLIANT GO AND BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!! YOU WONT BE DISSAPOINTED
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on 10 April 2001
if you're just getting into the 'bo, then i sugest you check out the previous 2 albums as well because they are each very different! if you liked 'nancy boy', then don't expect this to be more of the same- they've moved on and grown up! also 'every you every me' doesn't really get reincarnated here either. sorry! i'm not really sure what else to say about it.... it's brilliant. placebo prove that you can do decent rock that atually has meaningful words, and a tune! whatever you're going through, there will be a little place in brian's lyrics for you. guaranteed. anyway here's a little summary of the album: Taste in Men- if this is the first you've heard of the band, you'll love it. older fans will take a bit of time to adjust. Days Before You Came- now we get down to business. Special K- when I'm in a good mood it's brilliant. Other times it's a bit boring. Make up your own mind. Spite and Malice- will stamp out all the bad press rap gets from rock fans. trust me, it works. Passive Aggressive- make of this what you will. it could have a thousand meanings. guitars are a bit deflated unfortunately. Black-Eyed- Don't like dance music? well you do now. Blue American- this song isnt very convincing, it's a bit pretentious. but then again, some of the lyrics are- "It sounds pretentious, but it's true." hmmm. Slave to the Wage- this will be an instant favourite, but gets rather wearing after a while. Not the best song on the album, but quite inspirational. Commercial for Levi- this will put a smile on your face. haemoglobin- excellent example of placebo's darker rock side, though i'm not sure what oxygenated blood has to do with black slavery. Narcoleptic- brings about similar symptoms in the listener. awful ryhmes, boring tune. not their best moment i'm afraid. it's quite good if you're half asleep though. Peeping Tom- sweet, innocent, sympathetic. Beautiful. Black Market Blood- what you'd expect to get when you mix placebo and PJ Harvey- a rather queasy song which reminds you of the feelings you get when you've got a bad headache.
This might sound rather critical, and many fans will disagree with some of my opinions about the songs, but you should definately still buy the album. I don't know how else to convince you really that placebo are simply the best band in the world. the end.
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on 10 October 2000
This is essentially Part 3 of a triumvirate of albums. Placebo started it all off, Without You I'm Nothing continued it and Black Market Music finishes it. Each album has a recognisable sound, serrated guitars and pounding drums, they are all fantastic. The only thing is, as the albums have gone on, less quick speedy songs are on them. Placebo had Nancy Boy, Come Home, 36 Degrees, Bruise Pristine, Teenage Angst et al. Without You I'm Nothing had Scared of Girls, Every You Every Me, You Don't Care About Us & Pure Morning. Black Market Music is too accessable and mainstream. The beats used in Taste In Men don't sound like traditional Placebo and the rap song is not great either. But the album does have its strong songs, Slave To The Wage and Commercial for Levi are classics and would never be left off of a "Placebo: Best Of". All in all I believe Black Market Music to be a great album, sadly not as good as the other two, but they are a lot to live up to.
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on 27 April 2015
Am slowly building by collection up again after watching the Ex husband smash my music to smithereens!!!! Been divorced 7 years now lol!!!.......Moved on and my new man called me 'Special K' ......took me back to this Album (which I forgot I had) Love Placebo....they never get boring even after All these years ") x
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on 24 September 2000
If you believeed that "Every you & Every me" & "Nancy Boy" were delicious you will be frothing at the mouth when you hear even just one song from this masterpiece. Placebo have done the imposible and bettered their previous two albums with, "Black market music" , the songs "taste in men" & "slave to the wage" are what the fans have been waiting for and there are new samples which show that Placebo have no limitations to their brilliance. We should count ourselves lucky that this album isn't just reserved for the people with to much money to count, Buy it as it is a modern masterpiece.
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on 4 July 2006
It has always been beyond me why this got such a slating by almost every critic, it is utterly compelling, innovative and is Placebo simply being Placebo, maybe the critics were too busy giving kick ass reviews to some generic, predictable, 'we're guranteed to make the top 10 with this safe collection of already done a thousand times tracks' trash!Ok here is the ONLY review you need people!Things start in good shape with the irresistible 'Taste In Men' which starts off the shock factor which was absent from the previous album,with its unusual lyrics and amazing riff played over and over in a 'Pure Morning' fashion, 'Days Before You Came' is loud, brash and rocking, 'Special K' is very catchy and very fun, things then get taken into an unexplored area with the unusual Hip-Hop based 'Spite And Malice' Which IS good, 'Passive Agressive' is a perfect slice of emotion, then, we have 'Black-Eyed', 'Blue American' and 'Slave To The Wage' a trio of songs that aren't bad, but are lacking a certain something, thankfully the next track is 'Commercial For Levi' which is an amazingly perverted experience, yet an entirely sweet one, an art of song making that Placebo have perfected, 'Haemoglobin' and 'narcoleptic' are not of stellar quality but both fine tracks and then, the big one, 'Peeping Tom', This is truly a beast and is the song that sticks with you the most, a VERY emotional track,with an urgent plea at the forefront, this is the best song on the album, and an entirely compulsory listen!The 'Hidden Track' is nothing special and Placebo then saw sense, since neither of the next two following albums contained any hidden material and hopefully a trend they will stick to!Please buy this it is utterly unique and an essential listen!
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on 5 December 2000
having already got placebo & without you i'm nothing i was expecting something just as good with placebo part 3 & black market music does not disappoint! although placebo's sound is still as unique as it has always been -- thanx to brian's "recognisable" voice they have matured as a band. this can be seen from songs such as commercial for levi -- superb lyrics & a postive message. as brian said in an interview he isn't at all opposed to the recreational use of drugs (---as described in special k, my definite favourite on this cd!!) but like eating too much cake makes you fat, if you take too many drugs you may die. not only do placebo have a mind-blowing sound and a unique image they are also good guys. brian also said that the difference between them & eminem is that although they sing bout the same kind of stuff, they love their mums ((ahhhh)). this is like in blue american, a really cool mellower song that goes 'i wrote this novel just for mom, for all the mommy things she's done'. songs like the thrashing taste in men revert back to the sound of their first album a bit like the sound of nancy boy (and didn't that song just steal all our hearts away). haemoglobin is also a really cool song .... just like basically all off them!! days before you came is prime placebo sound you will really feel them I RECOMMEND!!
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on 28 September 2000
First you were fasinated by the debut album 'Placebo' containing the amazing 'Nancy Boy' and 'Teenage Angst'. Then you were amazed by 'Without You I'm Nothing', Placebo's second album. Now when you thought Placebo couldn't get any better, you have been pleasantly suprised with 'Black Market Music' containing the strange but fasinating 'Taste In Men' and the beaty 'Slave To The Wage'. 'Black Market Music' contains many more brilliant songs inlcuding 'Days Before You Came' a heavy but amazing song, 'Spite And Malice' which is very different from anything Placebo have ever done before. All the songs on Placebo's new album are certainly exellent, it will definatly keep you busy while they prepare there next album...
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on 27 September 2002
This album is a must have in your c.d collection. If you loved the first two albums you will not be at all disappointed. It includes the classic singles TASTE IN MEN, SLAVE TO THE WAGE and SPECIAL K.....these are fantastic, and the rest of the album is also great, it will get better with evey listen as did its predecessors. Fantastic music and Molkos' lyrics and vocals are as poignant as ever..... Get a fourth album out guys!!!
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