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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
The Height of Callousness: Limited Edition
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£3.23+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 11 January 2018
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on 12 April 2016
Awesome rock music
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on 24 October 2006
the album they released before this was rubbish and the album they released after this was also rubbish but there is something about this one that i clicked with. its odd as they arent doing anything new or even different from what is already there but it is very very enjoyable to listen to. pretty good nu-metal/industrial riffs mingle with some very fearsome drumming and jonny santos singing/whinning(delete as applicable) and shouting and roaring away like a man possessed. the main thing that sets this album aside is that it is very cacthy, as even at its most chaotic on cyanide 2600 there is still a singable chorus, so game on to the boys. give it a go you may be pleasantly surprised.
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on 10 October 2000
Spineshank's debut disc 'strictly diesel' was a competent and well-produced collection of Fear Factory/ Deftones style songs, that didn't quite have that special x-factor that makes a band successful, which is quite a shame as this lot are an excellent live band. Thankfully 'The height of callousness' is a major improvement over its predecessor. This album has more melody than before and whereas the first album only hinted at an industrial/ techno influence, it is more prominent on this album. Although I mentioned melody, don't think this album is inoffensive pop because 'Asthmatic' and the title track are two of the most intense and heavy tracks the band have produced and will appeal to Slipknot fans, while 'Synthetic', 'Seamless' and 'Negative Space' show off the more melodic side of the band. This album isn't quite perfect, a couple of songs pass by but make very little impact and the sound is still very reminiscent of other bands. But, saying that, it's good to see that the band didn't take the easy (and trendy) option of adding a hip-hop element to their sound and this is far superior to a lot of the fake and contrived nu-metal released recently. Good stuff.
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on 22 September 2002
As other reviewers have said you can compare Spineshank to their more established counterparts Fear Factory, however this album is not so overly produced as Fear Factory's efforts, it hits you with a much rawer sound.
As a follow up to their debut album Strictly Diesel this is a good progression for the band, they've got faster and more aggresive but thats not really a bad thing, actually for most of the people reading this its probably a good thing, they manange to pull off what the contrived thrashings of Slipknot etc do not, they have melody in their aggression and wall of guitar noise, the same melody from the first album but even though I remember their first effort fondly it was a little average and this album retains the good points while establishing Spineshank as more definated musicians, not just another brick in the giant wall of nu-metal flash-in-the-pan hopefuls.
If you like metal download some of the tracks from their reconrd companies website, if you like electronic sounds mixed with metal just buy it ;) and if you can look past the aggressive sound and still like what you hear pick up their debut too, its worth it for its cover of George Harrisons "While my guitar gently weeps" alone.. this album however: 4 stars, they've got it but there's still a little room for diversity and improvement, I'll look forward to the next one.
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on 27 June 2001
This album has everything you could ask for from a heavy metal band...spit, screaming and ripping guitar riffs. Not for the faint-hearted, this latest offering from Spineshank beats seven bells out of their previous effort. Hidden amongst the crashing noise are some well-executed melodies and the sentiments expressed in the lyrics will appeal to everyone who's ever had a bad day and wanted to tell someone about it. Congratulations to Spineshank on a great, must-have album!
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on 26 October 2004
Spineshank are one of the products of the Nu-metal scene. Luckily for them they're not the type of Nu-metal I hate. It's the type I love, the type that hates everything. Sure they sing about drugs and stuff but they do it at just the right tempo (really fast). This is also one of the bands that uses the occasionally acceptable electronic noise every now and again. They also employ my favourite lyrical method of shouting and screaming all the time. They get away with this continual lyrical barrage by playing their instruments fast and heavy. This is no nonsense that would be absolutely stunning live. Partly due to the fact they've got their timing just right with the heavy and mellow bits timed to metal perfection. All these traits are perfectly exemplified in songs like "New Disease" and "Cant Be Fixed". I retract my earlier comment about Nu-metal and change it to Nu-Thrash. Definitely,a good thing.
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on 8 January 2002
More good records have been ruined by drum machines and a synths that I am prepared to recall, particularly where guitars have been the established core of the band and its sound. Spineshank are notable exceptions, with this well above standard nu-metal. It's heavy, ferocious, raging, flailing and very modern. Bludgeoning riffs aren't hindered by the technology, but enhanced by it and the hours spent touring.
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on 16 August 2001
Ok Spineshank, how do you sum these guys up?
Energetic, heavier than you may expect, and all round tallent.
And all of the above come through nicely on this cd.
Having been a fan since the days of Strictly diesil i can see a change in this band, but its great because Spineshank are becoming more known and to me if a band deserves that then they should get it
Best tracks: "Asthmatic", "Synthetic" and "Cyanide 2600".
very much worth getting...and definatly get your tickets for the shows in september!!
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on 1 March 2001
After downloading 'Synthetic' off napster, I realised this band were a huge force to be reckoned with. From the thumping opening track Asthmatic to the strangly hypnotic New Disease you soon realise how brilliant Spineshank actually are. I can't stress how much this album rocks, stand out tracks for me are (Can't Be) Fixed, Asthmatic, Transparant and Seamless. Spineshank are not, and I repeat not just another trendy nu-metal band, such as the dire Slipknot. And if you've only heard Spineshank's very average debut album 'Stricly Diesel' and thought it was too tame, buy 'The Height Of Callousness' now!
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