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VINE VOICEon 6 January 2007
This was a christmas present for my 5year old - she loves it and so do I. You get a pack of cards giving different setups of the plastic cars, once you've copied the setup on the card the challenge is to get the icecream van out of the exit. I think its very educational as it gets kids thinking in a logical manner and planning ahead. The cards come in 4 different levels of difficulty. Most importantly its lots of fun. Its a game that can be played by one child (or adult), or two people helping each other. If you get really stuck the solutions are printed on the back of each card. The whole things comes in a good quality drawstring bag to keep all the bits in and means it can be easily taken away for the weekend. We have actually lost one car already but it makes no difference as you never need all the cars at the same time so we just substitute a different colour one when we need the orange one. Think I'm going to buy the non-junior version for myself now!
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on 25 August 2017
Fast dispatch, securely packaged. My decision to purchase this as a gift was based on the helpful reviews listed here by so many satisfied customers whose opinions have been invaluable in helping me decide to go ahead. Thank you! Not yet played, but confident the recipient will be delighted and that the game will live up to expectations.
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on 2 December 2006
I bought this game for my 5 year old daughter last Christmas without knowing much about it. It was an instant hit with her, her 4yr old brother, her 28yr old uncle, her 35yr old dad, her 57 year old grandmother and everyone else who has played it!

All you have to do is move the cars in such a way as to get the ice cream van out of the traffic jam. It sounds easy, but it gets harder and harder as you work your way through the levels.

The idea is so simple, and the first of 40 puzzles so easy, that you will be instantly hooked. Despite the manufacturers age range for this game being 6-8yrs (Amazon have put it at 4-6yrs which is more accurate) we found that our 4yr old could do the first 20 puzzles, and our 5yr old worked her way through to number 33. Puzzle numbers 35-40 are very challenging and much of Christmas day was spent laughing at my husband and brother trying to outdo each other. This is a game the whole family will enjoy.

It is a very well made sturdy game, unlike the remakes of my childhood favourites such as Game of Life and Guess Who which now seem to be made of the thinnest, flimsiest plastic imaginable. It comes with its own travel bag so no cars get lost, which makes it ideal for taking to grandma's house, or to pub gardens on a summers afternoon.

I would recommend Rush Hour Junior for children aged 4-6, and the more grown up version for children older than that. The company that make this game also make one called Railroad Rush Hour, which is the same premise except with trains.

Buy it! If you're disappointed I'll refund you your money!!!
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on 18 September 2015
fun. Great for all ages. Mine started trying to play it at 4 but really interested by 6. Ideal on hols, meals out to keep them entertained and everyone else!
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on 8 February 2015
Brilliant game. Bought for an only child who can play on their own or challenge friends. Great price as well!
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on 22 August 2007
My 6 year old was bought this as a birthday gift. At first glance it looks like there is not much to it, but it is brilliant fun and very addictive. It's definitely a go anywhere game. We took it to a family party (for the kids to play with) and all the adults were completely hooked! Guess what everyone is getting from Santa?
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on 20 February 2006
I bought this for Christmas and at first it didn't get a look in - it probably wasn't noisy or hi-tec enough for my 5 year old. When he did get around to playing with it he really enjoyed it. He thinks he whizzed through the cards at all the difficulty levels (but only after asking for a clue). It's excellent with the little travel bag and the range of difficulty means it has got some life left in it. I had seen this in the shops for years and actually bought it after reading the reviews on Amazon. I really do recommend it as money well spent. I also bought my older lad the non-junior. This is equally good but unfortunately doesn't come with the travel bag. If you buy that one don't throw away the packaging. With the addition of an elastic band it becomes the box !
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on 2 November 2011
I bought this game for 3 children to play with; my daughter aged nearly 5, son aged 7 and nephew nearly 8. There are 40 cards to work through and all 3 children loved it!! In particular the nearly 8 year old who never sits still and is always 'bored' insisted on playing for nearly 2 hours and only got just over halfway through. My nearly 5 year old was very good at it and worked out the solutions quicker than the eldest but she had played a similar game on my iPhone before and had the basics mastered. So i think it depends on the child's abilities on how challenging this would be.

My daughter played half of the cards on her first turn and on her second turn wanted to start from card 1 again and enjoyed it even more probably because her timing was quicker second time round. My seven year old is a very intelligent boy who normally enjoys nintendo DS games and drawing but he too was also sucked into the challenge. Overall i felt that they were all very proud of themselves for being able to solve each traffic jam which built their confidence up with each new card and of course that has got to be a good thing.

Whether it will stand up to the challenge of providing entertainment for journeys over the long term i don't know for sure as we only bought it a short while ago but i have a feeling it will definitely keep making a comeback.
It comes with a little drawstring bag to keep everything together which makes it ideal for travel - which is what we used it for. What a pleasant 4 hour sailing and 5 hour car journey we had!!!!
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on 29 December 2005
Came across this by accident and it has in just a few short days proved to be a real winner. My four year old loves it! And, my seven year old, for whom it was a present from Santa (!)actually sits and concentrates. He's a real fidget who gets easily 'bored' and this encourages him to relax for a while. Add on the fact that it comes with a wee travel bag which makes it easily and quickly put away and stored (all very important features)and I'd happily recommend this superb game.
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on 12 January 2009
This is one of those games I wish I'd invented! It's so simple and yet so very addictive, a kind of pre-chess strategy puzzle. We bought this as a gift for our 3-year-old, despite the 6-8 guidance, as he is really into anything transport-related and enjoys handling small toys which seem more readily available and directed towards girls (Polly Pockets etc.). I really didn't expect him to grasp the concept of the game. The game is firstly to copy a chosen card (which are graded) by placing the plastic vehicles on a small board in the same places as shown on the card. This in itself is a great game for a small child. Then the idea is to move the vehicles around in order to create an open exit for the 'ice cream van'. Within two moves our son had it, and an hour later was still engrossed, and loved showing our 8-year-old the 'rules'! I am ashamed to admit that I tried an 'advanced' card and really was challenged (I'll not be onwing up to how long it took me!) It comes with a great pouch which is perfect for taking out in the car and restaurants etc. My only suggestion to the company would be to make a wooden version as it seems to lend itself perfectly, though I have little crticism of this plastic version, it's bright, sturdy and attractive. It's no wonder it's the company's most successful product!
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