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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Kolobos [DVD]
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on 3 October 2017
Entertaining horror that sees a group of young adults selected to live in an ultra modern house for a short while, and just be themselves. The catch? They will be filmed like big brother. However the kids soon realize there is a bigger catch.... Movie is very watchable and just downright fun it's also at times hyper violent with some nasty gore scenes that horror fans will love.

When everything kicks in we move into breakneck speed and we also get decent characterization, so both ticks there. And that's all there is to Kobolos, it's straight down the line, and doesn't offer any other layers. But for what it is, kids trapped in a house, this works a treat and is a 90s little gem of a movie.
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on 13 August 2012
What a revelation! A well-plotted, intelligently-written tight little thriller with great performances across the board. All the characters manage to avoid cliché and are actually likeable.
Having seen hundreds of horror films, I've become somewhat pessimistic when it comes to plot; they're usually dull and plodding, with the usual annoying teens getting bumped off in gory set-pieces. Not here though. We get to meet each character first, then see how they interact with the others and the surroundings in which they find themselves, and then with the events which befall them.

There are plenty of little nods to other films - most obviously in the opening theme tune, which pays homage to Argento's Suspiria [1976] 2 Disc Special Edition [DVD], which made me smile. Not really a slasher though, it's got plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing, and an original plot device involving the sketchbook drawings of one character.

Whether you're a jaded oldie like myself, or new to the genre, you'll be drawn in by this story, and will not be able to stop until the revelations at the end. I urge everyone to watch this film.
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on 8 July 2003
this is the best horror movie i have ever seen, the movie has horrible bits in and the plot is great, i never seen any of the actors ever before which i think makes it better and the acting is very good the ending has a good twist in it and i would recomend people looking for a scary film to buy this now
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on 26 February 2010
this one has a distinct euro feel to it. Very argento but somehow sterile and vaccuous.All the cast are american but if i hadnt read the notes on the back id have sworn i was watching an italian Giallo movie....but a really tame one.Yes there are violent deaths but they are shown subliminally and some are shown in a cheated way. The really positive reviews must either be by the makers or people who havent seen a lot of this type of movie. The run time is standard 90 mins or so but i felt so uninvolved most of the time that it dragged at times and never really hit any heights of originality or viscera. In all it was a competent effort helped by the feel of an art house slasher but once the flesh was stripped away from it, all that was left was a pale unworthy clone of argento or fulci. Certainly not "The best horror ever made" no way. Thanks.
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on 22 January 2017
L'édition est certes parfaitement rachitique, l'image 4/3 étant pourtant convenable et l'unique piste (VF) acceptable, mais ce petit film horrifique, surfant plus ou moins autour du thème de la maison piégée, est bien moins indigent qu'il ne laisse supposer au départ: en fait l'intérêt est bien au rendez vous, l'horreur de la situation s'avérant assez paniquante, dans un cheminement alternant laideur et séduction, la bande musicale parfois maline par ses références évocatrices étant la bienvenue. La distribution tient la route, mais seule la VF étant présente, pas vraiment facile de se faire une opinion précise sur l'interprétation d'autant que l'immersion, de fait, s'avère forcément altérée; Ceci dit et tel quel, le contentement demeure et l'amateur du genre devrait être agréablement surpris de ce petit opus troublant, fort inquiétant ..
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on 1 January 2016
This movie has good characters and some interesting ideas. At times, it was a bit disturbing, honestly, which, for a slasher movie, is quite an achievement considering we all what's coming.

Some warning though - this is a recent post-Scream slasher so to an extent the writers are clearly in on the joke regarding the predictable elements.

There's some twists and such, which I don't think made sense at all, but I was under the impression this was part of the "post-Scream" thing - many slasher movies have logic inconsistencies (if they're supernatural slashers and have at least one sequel, its probable the entity works on different rules than the previous movie), so I'm not going to reduce the rating for that.
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on 21 August 2016
This is one of my favourite films and has you stunned by the end, but it is not for the fainthearted
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on 25 February 2005
Right from the off you notice the Suspiria rip off theme tune which you hope will set the tone for the movie. But it doesn't take long to realise that Suspiria it definitely isn't.
The dialogue at times is excruciating to listen to, the acting poor & the least said about the plot the better.
But maybe I'm sounding a little harsh because even having said all that it's not the worst film ever by any means & worth a look for horror fans. Just don't expect anything brilliant or groundbreaking like a couple of the other reviews seem to suggest.
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on 16 August 2016
Remembered this being really good, remembered wrong 😂
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on 14 May 2002
If you are a fan of Dario Argento then u might notice that the soundtrack borrows heavily from "Profondo Rosso" and "Suspiria". One of the murder scenes is influenced by "Profondo Rosso" a.k.a "Deep Red". Other things remind me of "Suspiria","Jacobs Ladder" and the eye piercing scene from "Zombie". This is not a bad thing, if u got to borrow why don't borrow from some of the creepiest moments from other horror classics. There is some nice gory moments and creepy suspense as well. This film is more interesting than a lot of "big budget" horror films. The ending was hinted at throughout the film and I felt the "revealing" conclusion was a bit long. Hope the filmmakers make more horror films they seem to have a great understanding for what makes a good and interesting horror film.
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