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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 20 April 2007
It is now 7 years down the line from some of these reviews so I thought I would update you all on the progress of this group. Fast forward to 2007 and having heard that Scooch are to represent us at the Eurovision Song Contest in May I decided to check them out by purchasing their one and only album which was on a reissue in a major store.

All I can say is that these guys have been severely underrated and that this album is surely one of the best pop albums I have ever heard. Reminiscent of ABBA, but with a style of its own, fantastic harmonies, great, catchy songs, amazing energy, this music dazzles and the CD is playing constantly in my car. I have not tired of these songs in two weeks. So go on buy the album (quite rare I believe) and listen. You won't be disappointed in the slightest. These guys are set to go places. I can't wait until the next album. If you only buy one album this year, let this be it-you might have to search around to obtain it, but it will be more than worth it I can assure you.
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on 11 January 2017
What a,great album this is already played more than ten times,grab yourself a copy before it sells out..
You'll love it
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I only bought this cd because of Amazon's (very!) reasonable price and im glad i did, because unlike most albums i love all the songs and the singles arent the only strong tracks!! Of course Scooch are underrated i suppose because people compare them to Steps and S club 7, people may say that but Steps and S club 7 arent the most original bands in the world themselves you know, ever heard of ABBA?! Anyway, Scooch does have its own sound which comes from a mixture of influences. This is definetly an album you can dance to, except fot the fantastic cover Zoom which is more of an upbeat ballad and Next step. The rest of the album is fun, poppy, and the upbeat Scooch we're used to. My very fave songs are 'one of these days', 'never stop beleiving', 'more than i needed to know' and 'music to my heart'. If you are thinking of buying this, do not hesitate!!
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on 30 March 2007
When Scooch released 'when my baby' in 1999, I didn't want to know - they seemed a cheap cash in on what Steps perfected!

However with the release of 'More than I needed to know' my mind began to change, and with the folow ups of 'The best is yet to come' and 'For Sure' that was it, the album had to be checked out!!

So in 2000 shortly before they sadly disappeared I purchase 'For Sure' and what a class pop album.

Nearly ever song was a potential single, the stand out tracks for me -

One Of These Days 4/5

Never Stop Believing 4/5

Syncopated Rhythm 4/5

Music To My Heart 5/5

'Music to my heart' later released as a remixed dance track by band member Natalie Powers - would have seen Scooch cemented as one of the UK's best pop acts, Sadly this was not to be.

Roll on 2007 and Scooch are back together, which by the looks of it means a reissue of this lost pop gem!!

Although 'Flying the Flag' won't be included this album is worth purchasing if you love classic pop!!

Lets see how Eurovision goes and we may even finally get to see there true potentail!..... watch this space
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on 27 July 2000
The singles are all here: When My Baby, More than I needed to Know, The Best is Yet to Come, and the new single For sure; plus loads more!
Natalie has a great voice, the group is totally camp. Light years more interesting than Steps.
If you liked Deuce, Steps or Matt Aitken/Mike Stock than get this album!
Perfect pop hasn't been heard since the days of Kylie and Jason!
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on 12 January 2001
Since the split of SAW, Stock and Aitken have never created anything that quite measured up to their output in the 80s from my perspective. I had ignored Scooch up until now assuming they would be the Stock/Aitken answer to Pete Waterman's Steps. The remakes and Abba sound alike style of Steps just didn't appeal to me (as much as I wanted to like them.)
Thankfully Stock and Aitken have decided to revive their style of combining classic pop melodies with simple but not simple minded lyrics. Starting with For sure and continuing through the album, they have created a collection of songs that all sound as if they are old favorites but are also fresh sounding. This cd matches the best of Kylie, Rick Astley, Bananarama, and other artists with whom they have worked without sounding like a copy of any of them. Of course it's formula pop but so was Motown and Phil Spector and yet their work is considered classic.
If you are someone who is over 16, I guarantee if you loved the PWL output of the 80's you'll love this too. The one suggestion I would give the stylists for Scooch is to give them an image that appeals to adults as well as children. A lot of adults who probably would like this group are probably going to pass on them because of the image.
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on 24 January 2004
It is one of the great mysteries of pop music as to how this album disappeared without trace, whilst Steps were one of the most successful acts in chart history. Thank goodness Kylie's comeback and the abject failure of One True Voice wiped the smug grin off Waterman's face.
Anyway, 'For Sure' stands as the great lost pop single of our time, utterly infectious and silly, but great fun, and the rest of the album never disappoints. Perhaps it would've fared better if they'd included their cover of the Theme from the Littlest Hobo. *Sigh* The benefits of hindsight.
Ah, pop, you truly are a fickle mistress. Scooch, you were robbed.
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on 23 March 2001
You can tell, just by listening to the first three tracks alone, that Stock and Aitken have not lost their touch. For Sure is probably the best track they've written in the last 10 years or so! Don't pass these guys up, just because they look like another typical pop band. The songs are high quality pop/dance music. And why should it be? Because they have been written by the pop gurus themselves. Bravo, Mike Stock, bravo, Matt Aitken, you deserve another gold medal to your mountain.
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on 8 August 2000
Phew! I have to admit breathing a sigh of relief after having listened to 'Four Sure' once through, having been prepared for extreme disappointment (I am reminded of my initial reaction to a certain other girl/boy groups debut album 'Step One'...urgh!) However, sparkly smiley Scooch surprised me by presenting a polished up-tempo collection of pure pop tunes that prove that they are more than just a Steps tribute band. The title track is fab (shamefully ignored by both UK radio stations and music buyers in general), the further three singles are also great and even of the two ballads included on this CD 'Zoom' is thankfully much more 'poppy' than your average slow number. Of the other tracks 'Never Stop Believing' stands out, as does forthcoming single 'Music Of My Heart'. Producers Mike Stock and Matt Aitken have finally found their feet again with this collection of camp, cheesy but undeniably catchy songs so I urge you to; Be proud, be loud BUY SCOOCH and have FUN!
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on 7 September 2011
A commercial pop album which doesn't have a bad track on it. The songs are brilliantly written and are very much in the vein of Steps. Shame they did not get the recognition they deserved. If you like Steps then you'll love this CD too.
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