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on 17 July 2003
OK, time to kick back, grab a San Miguel from the fridge, pop in a slice of lemon, savour the summer heat and rejoice in one of Gordon Liu's classics. First off this aint no sequel to the 36 Chambers, it's just billed as such to draw in Gordon's new fans from the aforementioned flick.The U.S. title is 'Shaolin Drunken Monk'. This time round he's more of a vagabond than a Shaolin however as he learns the drunkard style from a miserly drunken master who lives the hermit way. Needless to say he has to break his back for this alcoholic in order to train so he can gain revenge on the evil master who killed his dad and destoyed his family school etc. etc. As usual in these classics, great drunken form performed in a massive waterfall at the beginning - very picturesque. Gordon never disappoints and you see more of his normal Shaolin techniques used clinically and very powerfully before the final showdown. Nice. Good to see he uses the Miss Ho applications in a very effective manner during this encounter too! The usual American cigar chugging voices do the commentary and no widescreen but at this price we knew that anyway. Who cares? Gordon Liu at his finest. Right then, must get that wine for Master.
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on 4 March 2006
this is a great old skool kung fu flick with the legendary Gordon Liu (F*ck what it says on the box), and the real name of the film is Shaolin Drunken Monk, and was actually released in 1983. The story goes like this, Gordon kidnaps the evil masters daughter to avenge the death of his family. There is a flashback from when he gets drowned as a child, but the drunken monk saves him, and eventually teaches him the drunken style. he teams up with a one armed fighter called Kam who has surprising skills considering his handicap. then goes after his now girlfriends father. This film has some of the best fighting ever in it, and the comedy is provided with a few memorable characters (the drunken monk mainly). I think if you like dubbed kung fu films (theyre great!!!!!) then youll definetly enjoy this. the final fight alone is worth the cheap price.
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on 25 February 2005
Well.. I pretty much echo the other reviewers above.
The picture quality is pretty poor. Yes it does look like an old VHS transfer, complete with rolling frames a couple of times toward the end of the movie.
It is quite a washed out print in some places and you also notice the effect of compressing the picture to fit a TV screen ratio.
The sound is quite good and clear... but I was suprised by the choice of many of the English actors used to dub this edition: many regional English accents !!! Cockney Shaolin anybody ???
The film itself runs at a cracking pace (assisted by some bad editing) and only runs at about 76 minutes.
However.. all that said.. there are some great fight sequences, and overall it is an entertaining watch.
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on 20 August 2001
An old school 70s kung fu movie with all the vital elements you'd expect - a story of love and revenge, lots of fighting, a drunken master and of course, some hilarious dubbing.
The picture quality (and editing for that matter) are a bit dodgy - in fact it looks like it's been transferred from an old VHS copy - but it's watchable. Just don't be expecting Iron Monkey or Crouching Tiger style production values or you'll be sorely disappointed.
If you want to enhance your kung fu DVD collection then I can honestly think of better titles to spend your money on. However, if you just want an amusing flashback to how kung fu movies used to be, then enjoy..
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on 25 November 2000
This film has everything that I always look for in a Kung Foo movie. Great Kung Foo (of course) tempered with wise Shaolin masters giving out bizzare advice together with really MAD dubbing dialogue. A must buy for the appreciative collector and connoisseur.
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on 19 July 2014
Great Kung Fu film. Not so good as a training aid, you need too much space.
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on 28 July 2015
Classic for the collection.
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