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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 22 April 2017
fast - good value, great!
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on 21 March 2017
Great product. Very happy with it!
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on 26 March 2017
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on 3 May 2006
For some reason people call this an album. It's really a story, an unpredictable story (for the first time you listen to it anyway) that takes you to a lot of strange and wonderful places. Sigur Ros only properly came into the public eye in the UK when they released Takk..., and if that's the only SR you've heard then Ágætis Byrjun may surprise you. It's as dark compared to Takk as the deep blue of the album cover suggests and singer Jonsi's vocals are nowhere near as falsetto as on Takk. There are two ways to listen to this, either get it on your car's CD player when driving through the Icelandic countryside in winter or just stick it on your headphones whilst lying in bed with the lights off. Apart from Olsen Olsen, all the songs have actual Icelandic lyrics, which the whole of () and a fair bit of Takk do not, but if you don't understand Icelandic you can still make up what it all means as you listen just the same, that's probably the best way.
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on 19 December 2005
I have been listening to this album for about 3 years now, and I still can't get enough of it. It has an amazing magical, mystical, floating quality which sends you cruising over deep fjords, icy mountains and eery barren volcanic landscapes. I love the fact that I can't understand what the lyrics are about; you can just let it all wash over you and give it your own meaning, should you choose to. I just found the translations of the lyrics tonight on the net: they are very interesting and poetic. Icelandic (or Hopelandic!) is a beautiful-sounding language, ideal for singing in.
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on 29 July 2002
Agaetis Byrjun is most possibly the most amazing album I have ever heard. Every track makes you tingle with emotion, and the purity and beauty of the wall of noise created will blow you away.
This album is the perfect mix of raw, violin- bow enhanced guitar, mind blowing vocals and a plethora of crazed, beautiful sounds. Culminating in a perfect state of blissful energy.
If your a fan of the more experimental radiohead or simply a person who enjoys beautiful music you should not be without this album. Listen to Svefn-G-Englar (track 2) and let your mind drift away into a blissful state of pure ecstasy.
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on 4 September 2004
I have no idea what this instrumentally-voiced man is singing about, however I really could not care less. Every now and then I hear something close to an english word: breathe, it's you and north to name but a few. But these really do not matter - only the fantastic ambience of a reverb ridden group of instruments and a soft ethereal voice are important when listening to sigur ros.
In my opinion, STARALFUR is the standout track of this album by a very very long way. The heartbeat like drums and the simple guitar melody twisting it's way between perfectly written strings create a beautiful, enchanting sound that weaves it's way into your heart strings.
Other standout tracks include Svefn-G-Englar and the album's harshest piece, Ny Batteri.
If you are so ignorant as to say - "well I don't like it because I don't understand what he's singing" then please, please - give this album to someone who will appreciate the visual landscapes that this CD manages to create in one's mind...
(And you thought Jimmy Page was the best person to use a bow on their guitar, PAH!)
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VINE VOICEon 4 June 2008
Hearing Sigur Ros for the first time , as most of us did when hearing Agaetis byrjun, is akin, i imagine , to not just hearing music beamed down from another planet but hearing music beamed across from the far side of a far distant galaxy. The sort of thing Star Trek "Voyager" might have heard on their sojourn through the delta quadrant.( the cover , featuring a ballpoint pen drawing by a friend of the band further ratifies the music's alien ambience) The nearest comparison, and i realise that i am being far from being original here, are The Cocteau Twins , though even their celestial otherworldliness does,nt really compare to the Icelandic quartet.
Agaetis byrjun (Icelandic for An alright start) was originally released in June 1999 and is actually the bands second album , though i was under the misconception for some considerable time that it was their debut. With reference to the Cocteau Twins comparison their actual debut "Von Brigoi" is actually more like them mixed in with ambient drifts not unlike certain Eno or Seefeel. This album though is virtually unique. The astonishing falsetto vocals of Jon Birgisson soar over his cello bowed guitars and the diffuse keyboards of Kjsrtan Sveinsson . Abyss plunging bass lines keep the whole anchored somewhere adjacent to terra firma.
Further enhancing the music's obtuse quality's are degrees of self-reference. The first track "Intro" is,nt listed on the packaging and while most of the songs are sung in Icelandic ( though , even in English they would be indecipherable i feel) "Olsen Olsen" is sung in the gibberish language Vonlenska- which the band used for the entire follow up album ( ). The band also pull off sly technical tricks like making the strings in "Staralfur" palindromic or the fact that "Avalon" is in fact the aforementioned tracked played at a quarter of it,s speed.
Putting all this clever muso mumbo jumbo to one side though the real glory of Sigur Ros is the breathtaking emotional clout of the songs. "Svefn-g- englar" ( It translates as sleepwalkers) is consummately spine tingling -the sort of track i never ever tire of hearing . "Staraflur" has lump in the throat panoramic strings while on "Flugufrelsarinn" ( The Fly Freer) they are more sombre and elegiac like a Morricone soundtrack.
Agaetis byrjun remains Sigur Ros,s finest achievement, certainly better than the sombre ( ) and while "Takk" was a return to form it never matches the grace and insidious alien textures of this album. Whatever planet, galaxy , cosmos Agaetis byrnum is beamed from it remains a vital thrilling human experience.
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on 6 July 2003
i dont understand what he's singing
i dont know what instrument is playing....
but i've never known any music like this....
i thought radiohead were experimental... until i heard this iceland gem....
i'm blow away to the point where i cant move when this cd plays, every note goes through my body like a bullet, i'm humbled by the vast knowledge that this group can offer just by one track.
this cd breaks me and manages to rebuild me inside out
and i may sound dramatic, i may be hyping up this album alot...
understand i dont usually buy male artists, i gave up on male frounted groups (with the exception of grandaddy, spaklehorse and radiohead...) but my god this blew me away,
his voice is at times almost an instrument of it's own,
i recomend this cd to any music lover, to anyone who is open to interpatation and has an imagination...
get lost in this cd
and then track down those other equally amazing haunting albums...
like mini films in your mind this cd washes over me leaving tiny lil shellfish in my soul
i love it!
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on 17 April 2003
Think of the place u love the most. The place u would willingly spend the rest of your life at. The peace that surrounds and engulfs you. A place where time has no meaning. 5 minutes seems like a life time.Where your worries fade away, and all that is, is now and the moment.Where a smile seems to come over your face without you realising it. The view, the sounds, the air you breath, everything is worth dying for.A hot lazy summers afternoon.If you can imagine this then welcome to the world of Sigur Ros.A mind blowing CD. How can music FEEL this good? Serendipity at its best! Just sink into the music, and be comforted. Landscape music. BUY BUY THE CD. You will see what im raving about.
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