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X [1996] [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£8.39+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 13 December 2012
X The Movie is an abbreviated retelling of the long-running manga series (X/1999) by the famed manga team CLAMP. It's confusing and underdeveloped as a standalone story and the characters weren't that interesting cause you basically don't know that much about them. Having seen neither the manga nor later TV adaptation, I really had no idea what to expect past CLAMP's reputation. The film opens with one bizarre dream sequence that gets you hooked even though you have no idea what's going on, but then it quickly goes down hill. It then proceeds to roughly explain the situation (straightforward "save the world though dramatic angst" stuff) and eventually thoroughly concludes it, but in the end I was left feeling that it was all a little pointless. There's plenty of plot and characterization, but I can't say I thought much of either. This movie is horrible. It is so bad that it's entertaining, ****Spoiler Alert****** so many characters appear only to be killed off in the next few minutes and the English dub was horrendous and laughable. The only good thing I could say about this anime was that the animation looked very nice and fluid, but again the film seemed quite pointless, dull and shallow which is a shame cause I really like CLAMP's other works like Magic Knight Rayearth.
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on 27 February 2002
After seeing the trailers and all the stunning photos from this film I was like wow. Until I got to the middle of this film i was like what the hell is going on here it makes no sense at all. Yes the animation is brilliant but the soundtrack and story is just a let down. The death scenes have no emotion in them and the last scene with Kamui the main character is just rubbish. I was realy dissapointed by this film after the wait to find it was a whole load of mumbo jumbo.
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on 3 September 2003
As much as I like Manga, one of their most recent exploits into digital animation had me pondering a few things. Things such as: "what's with the sad endings?" and "why did it have to be like this?" and most importantly "do Japanese people really have super powers?"
Limitless as the answers to the questions are, coming across 'X' made me ask these questions so much that it irritated me. Not a good sign if you want to impress the potential punters. Personally I was pretty much put off by the film's content.
So here goes the battle between good and evil story: The Seven Dragons of Heaven and The Seven Dragons of the Earth are battling against each other to fulfil the prophecies of the next-generation of Tokyo. So far so Japanese, but here's the good bit! Kamui Shiro has been sent back to Tokyo, a city he left six years previously, to fulfil the prophecy of the Dragons of Heaven. It's safe to say he's not a happy bunny but then again, neither am I.
Kamui wants to go back to Tokyo to fulfil a promise made to his childhood friends, Fuuma and Kotori Monou, to look after Kotori (who incidentally has a heart condition and is ever so slightly psychic) but as luck would have it, if Kamui is the leader of the Dragons of Heaven, Fuuma (who does actually bear a striking resemblance to the "hero") has to become to the leader of the Dragons of the Earth. Cue several gory set pieces where every other member of the Seven Dragons on each side get maimed, killed, burned, torn apart, etc and then it ends.
And thank goodness for that.
Unimpressed is not a word I like to use when watching a Manga film but this one has gone one step too far for me. The story was filled with overly complex and unexplained ideas that just create frustration for the viewer. Struggling past the first ten minutes is a task in itself as you watch poor ol' Kamui's mother pull a sacred sword from her insides and promptly explodes in front of Kamui. The words: "no need" do indeed spring to mind.
What kind of gruesome future do the Japanese seem to think is going to happen? I mean, aren't the regular people in the cities who are wondering what two people are doing floating in mid-air doing? And aren't journalists going to have a field-day with these goings-on? Why is it there is a constant amount of Japanese manga (not necessarily from the company itself, since manga is Japanese for 'comic') that seems to like the idea of the destruction of Tokyo and also the idea that two childhood can never stay together and must indeed fight each other to the death in order to keep the natural balance?
Visually it's fantastic but what do you expect from Manga? They DID bring us the visual beauties of Akira and Ghost in the Shell (unfortunate acronym there...). But plot-wise it's highly dubious and it's all been done before. The box may say it's "one of the greatest orgies of battle and destruction ever seen in a live action film or an animated one" but the plot is both overly-complex and thin at the same time. Good vs Evil, you need know no more.
You can't help but wonder at the end of the film. You feel for Kamui who himself asks: "why?" and you can only hope to give the poor kid an answer. 'X' is one of the last letters of the alphabet and it's about that far down my list of Manga favourites.
Thoroughly, thoroughly disappointing.
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on 2 October 2012
From just watching the trailer you can tell that this anime film is one hell of a great anime, just look at all the good things they say about it in the trailer and on the back of the DVD. Well from watching the movie you'll find it a long and boring movie with only some cool action scenes that sadly can't save it.

They even have the gall to give you a directors interview which is 32 pages of text and the english dub isn't any better as it has some pretty bad voice acting which makes the experience even worse, though the animation is really good with some really cool dream-like scenes and head chopping action.

Tarot Cards (Character Bios)
Directors Interview
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on 4 March 2005
I bought this after reading all of the other reviews which
are posted on amazon about this product, and i now realise
those reviews were all WRONG, this film is poor to the extreme.

The dubbing is horrendous!! from the moment kamui opened his
mouth i hated the film,i could only just bear to watch till
the end, the voices in now way fit the characters and obviously
the people who were employed to do the voices had no acting
experience what so ever, scenes which should have been filled
with emotion were just dull and poorly voiced.

and then theres the plot, Puzzling and in no way easy to keep
track of, and at sometimes non existant, with large gaps being
filled by long and booring periods of dialogue.

Basically give this film a wide berth, rent it and see for yourself but for gods sake dont buy it!!

Instead (as mentioned by another amazon customer after reading this review), see the original tv series, or alternatively the
full length ova which this film was actually comprised from.

I still stick to my original comments on this particular version of the X universe, but I would
definately suggest trying its other incarnations.
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on 6 June 2008
Having watched the series of X (which is amazing, but sadly hasn't been brought out on region 2), I thought I'd invest in the film version, especially as it was only £3.50 and I could have it as a treat after finishing a pretty lengthy exam.
It wasn't as rewarding as I hoped for. The characters, which I had come to know and love throughout the series, were now paper-thin and the plot was weak. Understandably with so many characters they couldn't go into all of their backstories, but, given that the film is a pale 93 mins, they could have well fleshed some of them out. The odd pacing and plot holes means the viewer is left just as bemused as Kamui is. If I hadn't seen the series, I would've been completely lost! Furthermore, the animation is pretty shoddy considering it was only made in 1996. Anime like Akira and My Neighbour Totoro were made in the 80s and look far better. The subtitling on the X film is quite cringing at points too.
I'm not sure how to recommend how to watch this film. If you watch it without any prior knowledge, you probably won't want to watch the series and if you watch the series first then the film will just annoy you. I'd suggest you just watch the series: its very engaging with a detailed cast of characters, a fairly complex storyline and a mix of shojo-style animation with themes similar to seinen-style works. Perfect.
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This is one of those anime movies that will by its nature create two camps - the ones who love it and the ones who hate it.

I liked it very much. The story is interesting, touching on many many concepts without trying to develop any too much and the tricky bit, without getting overwhelmed by it.

Visually it is beautiful.

And at this price, well worth a look.
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on 20 August 2009
This anime is beautifully animated with great special effects and even though it is over ten years old the animation still holds up today. This product is essential to any CLAMP fan. As it offers a possible ending to the x series. Although, its only about 2 hours long so it lacks the depth of character that the manga possessed. This film concentrates more on the characters of Kamui and Fuma. The ending is...well its a definate Clamp ending to say the least but i did feelt slightly slapped in the face afterwards lol. If you are looking for a film that will provide entertainment and you appreciate fine animation then buy this film.If however you want a complex, complelling story line then i would be more enclined to suggest for you to read the manga or watch teh anime series as the series is closer to the original Clamp story and it has a different ending.
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on 17 January 2014
From the looks of things, this could have been great (similar to Elfen Lied), if only it had been longer and done a bit better.

I've heard the series is good. This film however, after the 'wtf?' beginning and then actually hoping (seeming) it would be pretty good - it doesn't deliver.

Deserves no more than 2 stars.
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on 29 August 2003
This film is about a boy who's really good friends with a couple. There's 2 groups of people out the make the earth a better place. The heaven group want peace on the earth, but the earth group want to wipe out the human race. Every member of the group has special powers which leads to interresting battles.
The boy teams up with the heaven group and the other boy teams up with the earth group. This leads to a battle between the 2 friends to decide what happens to the human race.
Not quite sure why its called x, or why they use dragons when there isn't any. This film is quite good in the sense of putting friends against eachother for the protection of the girl and every character's powers, especially what the shields do that each character has.
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