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on 27 July 2016
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on 24 October 2013
He'd tried a demo for the PC but never touched it again. So as I have a Dreamcast I decided to buy this 4th game of Tomb Raider. The first thing that came to mind was: It's like the 5th (Chronicles)! I played the 5th game in the last few years, this and the Last Revelation have the same graphics, gameplay, sound! Only the story is different, although the 1st level we play with young Lara where the Chronicles also gives the same experience.

Still I'm on the 1st level but what I can say (and how I'm a fan) is a decent game at all levels. I was disappointed that the Dreamcast versions are not better graphically that the PSX, then the critics give a weak note.

If you're a fan and if you have not played this game ,add to the collection, worth it!
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on 25 September 2001
I've played both the PSOne and this DC version of the game and I can not understand why some people have such a poor opinion of it. The game is as good an action/adventure title as you will find and on the DC and looks absolutely superb. The controls on the DC are a pleasure to use after wrestling with the appalling analogue control of the PSOne and the port is justfied for that reason alone. This is THE version of the game to play.
Sure it doesn't give us much that we haven't seen before but there is nothing wrong with that. Its long enough to be considered very good value and it's demanding enough to be enjoyable but still not frustratingly difficult. What more do could you ask from a game of this type?
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on 7 July 2000
Tomb Raider 4 has got to be one of the worst games I've ever played. Before you even think of buying this game know this: It does not even compare to the previous three. It's obviously only been produced to cash in on Lara - The Girl with big.....Guns.
The control is the worst I've ever experienced. In fact the training level which basically teaches you the controls will probably take a half hour to beat (you have to do it). You don't feel that you're part of the environment at all. Even pulling a lever is an incredible challenge.
The graphics make it look like a playstation game with slightly smoother textures. They are unbelievably blocky.
The music in this game isn't that good although the sound effects are spot on.
A totally unnecessary conversion.
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on 30 December 2000
I hated this. The graphics and the acting are great, but the controls ae really rubbish and difficult to handle.Going through the basic moves is a slow, boring process. I really wish they spent a bit more time making this...its has been rushed. When will they ever learn not to rush !If they rush things like this its bound to get bad marks! I only give this a one star for the graphics and acting.
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on 28 July 2004
This is the first dissapointing review I've had to write for Dreamcast. The game starts off with you having to do a dead long and dead slow and painfull training level, but I suppose I should allow that seen as it is only training, then you move onto the pyramids. No way!!!
Everything is so dark and you can't see a think, no to mention the fact that the game is stupidly difficult. I normally love hard games, but this one is no fun. I don't know if it gets better after that, so you'd better check out the other guy's reviews for that, but then, I just put the controller down and said never again would I play it, and so far I haven't.
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on 12 August 2000
This game proves challenging, but has some good graphic detail. Not many exceptionally difficult opponents to fight off in the beginning of middle of this game. However, the game adds some difficult challenges, dodging spikes, and solving puzzles that could take you hours. Often the reward of solving the puzzle or reaching another area, reveals some stunning FMV sequences which then seems make the task more worthwhile, and keeps you gripped on the game. The game has a great storyline, if you like the idea of searching round egyptian tombs, and catacombs. The controls are very sensitive so take care on edges, and ledges. I found the game enjoyable to play and the rewards for completing tasks kept me wanting more. I gave the game 4 stars because some folks may find the challenges irritating, don't buy the game unless you have plenty of hours spare to play, and work things out. Alternatively, buy the strategy guide, and you may find it more enjoyable.
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