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on 26 February 2013
I thought I would really like this CD, I used to like the two vinyl LP's I had of his (not this one), but sadly the only track that still appeals to me is the title track, and the rest were just not to my taste at all. I have given it to a charity shop.
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on 23 June 2012
this album is classic but listening to it again after all these years does reveal some dents in the armour. The over use of flats and sharps in 2 sequences simply got a bit boring and overly random. Parts 1,2 and 4 are clearly the classic sequences and I was very surprised that I had forgotten that the melody on part 4 kicks in on an odd bar count !? thought this was going to be an automatic 5 stars but no, a solid 4 , RECOMMENDED !
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on 7 December 2009
Jean Michel Jarre was one of the pioneers of electronic music in the rock and pop field in the 1970's. As melodic as Vangelis and as moody and atmospheric as Tangerine Dream was at the time, Jarre nonetheless had his own unique and distinctive sound that was characteristically rich, multi-layered and organic. 'Oxygene', his 1976 breakthrough studio album is typical of that sound and for those who are new to Jarre there is no better place to start. Whilst not as influential as Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre was perhaps more than anyone else responsible for breaking electronic music into the mainstream, introducing many people to synthesized music - and he did it with this album. 'Oxygene' was the first electronic music album to be a massive hit, selling over 15 million copies to date - despite the fact that it was the height of punk when it was first released and was an instrumental album (the only other big selling instrumental album in the 1970's was Mike Oldfield's 'Tubular Bells'). The reason for its success, I think, is that the music was accessible enough for mainstream rock and pop fans, unlike a lot of electronica made at the time which sounded raw and mechanical. Jarre's brilliance was his total command and understanding of those early analogue synthesizers, which were a lot less sophisticated than today's instruments, and of this new music. However, he was for a long time dismissed by ignorant music critics who didn't consider electronica to be 'proper' music. Today, electronic music has become the mainstream and Jarre's important contribution to its rise and success is now properly recognised.

'Oxygene', like many of Jarre's albums, is a continuous suite of electronic instrumental music. It is divided into six tracks each titled 'Part 1', 'Part 2', etc.

'Part 1' gets the album off to a brilliant start. It is Jarre at his most atmospheric - and atmosphere is something that he excels at. The mellotron is a feature of this track, its brooding presence heard under the soaring synths particularly in the first half, before the music erupts into something almost rhapsodic, then calms down again as before and slowly dissolves into part two. A superb piece of music and one of my favourites of his.

'Part 2' is one of his most popular pieces and is often in his live set. It is characterised by a pulsating rhythm throughout and a punchy meandering tune. A good example of Jarre's great rhythmic sense, a feature of his music that is often overlooked by commentators. Another excellent piece.

'Part 3' is the shortest track on the album, some would say filler, but is a good finish to the first half of the album. It features a slow bass-drum-like beat under a haunting melody that slowly fades away into the sound of twittering birdsong.

'Part 4' was the single from the album and is Jarre's most famous piece, even if you're new to his music you've probably heard this track before - it has been used in everything from commercials to tv and film soundtracks. The single was a big hit in many countries (reaching #4 in the UK) and unsurprisingly it almost always gets performed at his concerts. A simple and catchy tune that belies its clever production.

'Part 5' is in two parts, the first of which is a bit like 'Part 1' with its mellotron and wispish synth line, and it too erupts with strident chords, but the mood here is much lighter. The second part is a sequencer driven track that is dance-like and a great one to listen to on headphones. 'Oxygene 5' is another favourite of mine.

'Part 6' fades in slowly to what sounds like crashing waves and a gently bouncing rhythm after which a fully developed tune begins, more in the vein of 'Part 4' (it was also the 'b' side to the single). The melody eventually fades out until only the crashing waves remain, themselves fading into nothing...

Parts 1, 3, 5 and 6 were rarely played live at his concerts until the 'Oxygene' 30th anniversary tour when he performed the album in its entirety for the first time since 1979.

'Oxygene' has a timeless quality to it and has not really dated, it still stands up well today in the digital age - a sure sign of a great album. My only small gripe is that it's too short, when you reach the end you just want more, but its length is typical of the LP era.

Jarre has made two sequels to this album: 'Oxygene 7 - 13' in 1997 and 'Oxygene 3' in 2016 to make it a trilogy. He also re-recorded the original 'Oxygene' for its 30th anniversary: Oxygene - 30th Anniversary + 2D DVD.

For anyone even remotely interested in electronic music, the music of the 70's or just wanting something tuneful and evocative to chill out to, then this is an essential purchase: a landmark in electronic music and a classic album.

NOTE: Don't buy the original 1983 CD Polydor release (which Amazon is also selling) as it's a poor transfer and the sound quality does not do the album justice.

So buy this album, put it on, sit back and breathe the Oxygene.
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on 11 October 2014
And so music mythology is made as Charlotte Rampling presents her young Mr Jarre with the human skull earth painting, and Mr Jarre sets about creating a master piece in electronic ambiance that speaks of some primordial organic soup being manipulated & organised into life on earth.

There is something inner, deep and organic to these six tracks that blend seamlessly into one another, representing a timeline journey through the history of the early earth. The sounds of organisation from chaos, the reverse of entropy as matter and energy are brought together to create a breathable world for humans in inhabit.

Track 1's random openings come to a triumphant crescendo as the basic coalescing fragments of floating matter come together into a critical mass of molten rock, setting the scene for track 2's meteor bombardment of the surface volcanic liquid, cooling down over millennium, to spawn the uplifting introduction to track 3, the arrival of plant and tree species sweeping across the land. We now feel the air, the oxygen of life at the start of track 4, as we then celebrate the diversity of flora and fauna in this uplifting smooth sweep, interposed with clicks & clacks of tempered rhythm. Track 5 pauses for quiet contemplation with beautiful eerie organic slime before sparkling into a frying pan of slaps & fizzles, swapping from speaker to speaker as we celebrate the rise of intelligence, quickening of the pace of change. As we reach the climax of this the sea suddenly takes us by surprise as it roars up, slams itself down, and with shingle hissing in the foam, draws back to rear up once more. As the tranquility settles over us we hear and feel the sea ebb & flow in the undercurrents of the melody with the birds calling on the wing, softening into stillness.......
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on 11 January 2015
Very poor remaster
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on 9 August 2010
In 1976 I was a 10 year old geek obsessed with spaceflight and science fiction. When I heard `Oxygene' Part 2 on the radio it blew my mind. I had to own this album. It was the first and best record I ever bought - I played it so much on my Dad's HiFi I drove the family mad and wore out both the grooves on the LP and the stylus on the record player. `Oxygene' has always been there in my life and even now, 34 years later, I still listen to the album (now on CD and MP3) and it still sounds fresh, futuristic and new. `Oxygene' is perfect for several reasons. Firstly it was groundbreaking in concept- an entirely electronic seamless soundtrack with no vocals; secondly the album art by Michel Granger and thirdly the fact that the tracks are masterfully composed, crafted and produced. Musically it is not avant garde, it is quite simplistic (the most instantly recognisable track, `Part 4', revolves around three chords: C minor, G minor and F major); a kind of melancholy version of the classic synth track `Popcorn' which was previously covered by Jarre under the pseudonym "Jamie Jefferson". Prior to `Oxygene' Jean-Michel Jarre had produced some other minor recordings that were not particularly memorable (such as `Zig Zag Dance', the soundtrack to `Les Granges Brulees', an album of background music compiled as `The Deserted Palace', various advertising jingles etc...). These compositions, however, suffered from poor production values and intonation problems. The story then goes like this; Jarre's future wife, actress Charlotte Rampling bought him a painting by Michel Granger (the now famous cover art to `Oxygene') which inspired this master work. Jarre converted the kitchen of his flat into a makeshift studio equipped with several synthesizers, a multitrack recorder, a very early drum machine, tape-delays and most importantly (the "star" of `Oxygene') an `Eminent' 310 electronic organ patched through modified guitar effects pedals which gives the album its distinctive swirling string sounds amongst others. Over the course of many months, Jarre painstakingly constructed `Oxygene'. Compared to his previous works it was a majestic `Opus Magnus', acoustically perfect and (amazingly) completely free from any "cheeziness". During that period, Jarre proved himself to be more that the privileged son of a famous composer with some fancy expensive gear - but a musical genius. Anyone listening to Oxygene for the first time will be impressed but then you have to put things in context; in 1976 this was the first time human ears had ever heard anything like this. Get a decent sound system, buy a copy, pour yourself a glass of wine, turn out the lights, settle down in a comfy chair and enter the world of "Oxygene"...Then, afterwards, of course, put on `Equinoxe'.
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on 25 July 2017
i alrady have this album in vinyl that can't any more be used as my turntable player is very long on repair and the serviceman can't do that Since I found price id quite low ar GBP2.8 I Prefered to buy it again after nearly 40 years .
My interest in Jarre has been reboot less than month ago after i devised a story on a ambient music composer and listened once on youtube with great interest that made me feel once again the majesty of this masterpiece that is nerly equal to the great works fo the famous compsers of the 18and 19th centrury .Jarre made arond 4 nonmainstream works of ambent music that are fanstastic and get out of the crowd in the ambient market. Simply excellent
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on 1 December 2000
Jean Michel's "Oxygene" is still breathing!
Still the Talented Frenchman continues to amaze and stun the "Jarre" fan. Still the wonderful songs continue to flow and please the ear. The Master of "electro pop" is here to stay, make no mistake.
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on 7 October 1999
I wanted this album after I heard that half the population of =Moscow turned up to the concert 2 years ago. The all time bestseller of = electronic-pop, and I can see why--it's wonderful. Really relaxing; the = music is simple, but there's so much going on in it.
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on 3 April 2000
I have had this recording on tape for over 10 years now and because of playing it so much it had worn out so i decided to buy the cd version at long last, and have played it non stop - much to the annoyance of my flat mates at Uni. The collection of pieces is well linked together to give the feeling that it is just one long continuous piece of music. It has excellent meandering parts in the 3rd and 5th movements and has a good climax at the end. Well Done! Keep it up.
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