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on 24 April 2013
it was eve more than i expected! thank you so much!! everything was perfect and everything was intact when i got it in the post!
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on 7 April 2001
Brilliant Storyline for a sequal. Excellent intro and Cinametics. Thrillings music and sund effects, above average graphics........ but .... EVERY TIME I LOAD A SAVED GAME I HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE MINDLESS KILLING OF THE SAME MINIONS TO REACH THE QUEST OBJECTIVE........... WHICH IS REALLY REALLY FRUSTRATING & IRRITATING. On the other hand the gameplay and interface is user friendly. the skills options for charachter experience are interesting... the feel of the game is gothic and gloomy and gives you the feel that you are all alone in this world. specially the Act 3 music is cool. If you decide to play then you better complete the quest or sub objective before quiting otherwise you would have to go through the same dongens and fight through the hords of badies. And if you would run too fast and move through complicated paths and door ways, you would loose your fathfull missionary. To conclude not a bad buy at all if you can brave annoyance of going through the same path over and over again every time you load the game although way point system gives you a sign of relief and you do build your experience before facing the booses or bigger badies while playing.
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on 24 June 2002
Excellent game. Easy for beginners, fun for the experianced gamer. There are only a few problems, such as the regeneration of monsters (if you leave an area for long enough, the creatures will regrow) but these can only help. You gain experience through fighting and exploring, and can get new skills as you go along. The characters are awesome, with specialised abilities- the necromancers can raise skeletons to fight for them, the sorceress can use magic, the amazon is skilled at both the bow and arrow and melee (close combat) fighting, the Barbarian is an amazing close combat fighter and the Paladin, (holy warrior), can use his auras to resist attacks, or steal life from enemies.
You can trade and sell items you find to buy better and more powerful weapons. In my opinion it is the best RPG on the market-BUY IT NOW.
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on 30 November 2002
Diablo 2 is without a doubt in my opinion, the best of hack and slash based RPGs of all time, on any format. Fight with your chosen character through non-stop action as you progress into quite a deep storyline.
Pick from different variations of character classes each with their own specific technique speciality. Firstly there is the Amazon, one of the strongest of characters for your picking- the amazon is a character of speed who focuses on long range attacks by using bows, crossbows and javelins. There is the barbarian, a popular choice by many who uses strength to come out top- the barbarian will go straight in and fight hand to hand combat style often using weapons like axes, swords etc. Then there is the sorceress, an other of the stronger characters for the game, although being fairly weak, the sorceress is extremely powerful and does not need amazing weapons as she would focus on using her spells which are based from the 3 elements- water, fire, lightning. The necromancer is not as powerful as some of the others however he is of a menacing type, looks rather cool and focuses on raising an army of the dead to aid him through his quests. The paladin is the fifth type of character and like the necromancer, is not one of the strongest, the paladin will go in to fight hand to hand but could be described as being a holy crusader.
Basically, with the character you have chosen you will work through 4 acts, ultimately to kill the game's main boss- Diablo hence saving the world. On your way you will be given many separate quests to accomplish which can vary from killing a special type of beast to collecting a mystery artifact- to make your life a whole lot harder doing this there are hoards of bad creatures who will do anything to stop you in your tracks and often succeeding, resulting in your death and re-spawn. These monsters come in all shapes and sizes, you can find small demons, flying spectres and even large yetis depending on where you are in the game.
In order to kill these enemies, you need to arm yourself with improved weapons as you progress in the game, now you can buy these from safe areas or typically the best items can be found in the game, after killing act bosses. As well as equipping yourself with high quality weapons, you will come across armours of all kinds each with different defenses and appearences, all of this collecting items process adds a lot of life to the game as a whole. An other way to kill these enemies is to gather experience and go up levels so that you can add to certain skills for your character, for example- the sorceress has some skills such as a fire wall and a frozen orb, whereas a necromancer will be able to summon a fire golem. In a way you unlock the use of some of these spells by levelling up and by also increasing your level, you are able to add to your character specifics, allowing you to focus on such areas as strength or dexterity. All of these factors add greatly to the game's whole Role-Playing effect.
Now the game on single player is amazingly fun and all, but the game will come to an end and you will most probably stop playing the game and the Cd case will gather a rather thick layer of dust lurking at the bottom of your shelf, so stick in the game and log online and play multiplayer on BattleNet where the fun seems to be eternal, you can trade items, duel other characters to the death or work co-operatively as a team working through the game. Also, this way you will find it easier to reach one of the game's climaxes- becoming a level 99 character.
Graphically the game is very impressive with each character and beast looking very visual, showing a lot of detail, it is actually quite amazing how many types of enemies there are found in the game and is stunning once you have been playing online and you discover some of the game's real secrets.
To put it frankly, along with the game's expansion this game is 100% worthy of belong in any PC owner's game library and it is guranteed to enertain even the novice of gamers, especially with the option for changing the difficulties. It is no wonder really why Diablo 2 is the world's most popular RPG- it rocks!
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on 4 September 2000
This is a very good game and well worth the wait. Although it is a little unbalanced in normal difficulty, with the first two acts being very easy (with the possible exception of the final boss of Act 2), the game becomes much more balanced (and perhaps somewhat overly difficult) in higher difficulty levels. It certainly has drawbacks, though, mainly a thin story and dated graphics. On the other hand, the action is very intense, the graphics system is very fast even with scores of monsters on the screen and the cinematics are absolutely stunning. It also has great potential for multiplayer games, but unfortunately the lag is terrible as yet. All in all this is a game that will keep you company for quite some time.
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on 28 November 2002
Diablo II has been around quite a while now, but it remains in my mind the greatest game ever made. I was one of many who waited impatiently for untold months for Blizzard to finish the sequel to the original Diablo, and I was by no means disappointed. Blizzard does not release a game until it is really ready for prime time. The most amazing thing about this game is its disarming simplicity. All you need is a mouse and a finger to click with, yet the action is often intense and the experience completely absorbing. When you get right down to it, killing demons and other nefarious beasts is just plain fun. The game can get rather difficult at times, yet this is a game that even I, inept player that I am, have actually been able to complete all on my own.
This game took everything good about the original Diablo and just multiplied it. You now have four entirely different regions to explore, each featuring a number of NPCs-some more helpful than others. You've still got your basic dungeon campaigns, but you also get to explore wild forests, desert sands, and ethereal regions somewhere between earth and the netherworld. Your choices of how to fight are varied indeed; you can choose to fight as one of five different hero types, each of which requires its own unique strategy. I tend to stay with the barbarian because I find it the easiest to control (it's all about slicing and dicing). If you want to use a lot of magic, you have to do a lot more clicking in order to change spells and refresh your manna-when you are surrounded by demons, this can get rather difficult. The NPCs afford you a lot of choices in terms of armor and weapons, but of course you have to earn the cash to pay for the high-dollar stuff by slaughtering untold demon hordes. The monsters you encounter in your travels are diverse and sometimes daunting. You have to use a little skill (or a lot of luck) to defeat some of the premier baddies you will run across, but one advantage this game offers is the aid of a companion. When the going gets tough, a partner firing arrows left and right can be a great help. If you worry about the length of the game, rest assured that there is action enough to keep you clicking for untold hours. There are four "parts" to the game (with very cool introductory sequences), each one featuring about 10 different areas and six significant quests. Finishing the game will take some a lot of time and effort, but it can be done; as soon as you finish, though, you are ready to dive back in and do the whole thing all over again.
There is only one negative thing I can say about Diablo II. Death can find you very quickly, yet you cannot save the game as you go along and return to the exact same spot later. When you load a saved game, you start at the central location of the region and have to make your way back the hard way to the spot you previously occupied-the status of your quests is unchanged, and you can still "see" areas you have visited, but it's annoying to have to trek through a couple of lands just to get back to where you already were.
Diablo II is incredibly addicting; you may sit down planning on playing an hour or two, and the first thing you know you've been fighting evil for four or five hours (and you still aren't ready to stop). If you enjoy online gaming, the danger of obsession only grows. Blizzard's free Battlenet online gaming service remains the standard by which all other online gaming services are judged. Blizzard does everything the right way, and Diablo II is a shining example of their commitment to the thoughts and desires of the gaming community. Twenty years from now, I will still be playing Diablo II.
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on 30 December 2000
Ok so you have an internet connection and you own a copy of diablo 2, with this combination you dont need a social life! its great, play Diablo 2 for three hours online and you will see what I mean, if you want to keep a social life however i do not reccomend you buy this game because it is so addictive. The replayability of this game is far superior to any I have ever played in my life if you dont have this game buy it now and play it online. Single player is OK but does not compare with the possibilities that are available with a modem. Get on the new ladder ranks this year because they are reseting the old ladder so that new players can have a try at being the best players around.
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on 18 October 2001
OK so it isn't an RPG by definition but the true fun of this game is to be had just by creating the most monstrously powerful character you can. You will spend HOURS trying to find that sword that's just a little bit better - or that vital bit of armor with the fire resistance you so badly need - and it is really a top quality game. What's more, the difficulty is really nicely pitched so that getting through the first difficulty setting is realatively easy, but finishing Hell requires on hell of a character! Hephasto in particular is an evil character - unless you are seriously powerful he'll wipe the floor with you after one hit.
The only small hitch in the game is the fact that you will reach a stage where the character is too powerful for hte weapons (as my own character has). But that's why the Elite items exist on the Expansion pack! Oh why bother...you either love it or hate it apprently, and I've never played Baldur's Gate, but who cares? I'm hooked on Diablo...now if you'll excuse me there's a wilderness of Imps that requires my urgent attention.
The Indestructible Baron Greggen
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on 18 July 2000
As a stand alone game for those of you haven't played Diablo (I), this is well worth the money. It can be annoyingly addictive (my boyfriend and I have virtually wasted the last 2 weeks.) It's not particularly difficult, but compelling enough to keep you coming back for more. There is a little of a repetitive nature to DII as there was in Diablo, but in general it compares well with the likes of Baldurs Gate and Planescape Torment - it's basically a simpler variation on those.
There are two main differences between this game and the first in the series. Fewer bugs and a better storyline.
The designers have ironed out the AI issues and annoying little bugs that were so frustrating in Diablo. The plot has improved and provides more obvious goals in the different quests rather than than the "just wandering round hacking and slashing" mentality of the first episode. Some of the quests require the player to actually work out a strategy for defeating the various monsters, and this adds to the gameplay.
All in all, a great game. Just don't expect to have a social life for a few weeks...
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on 9 August 2000
Yes, that's right - this game is so good that I think it more than capable of taking away Final Fantasys basically undisputed RPG title...
This game will blow you away from the word go - the cinematics are absolutely mind-bending - they are simply superb.
The plot will enravell you and you will find it very, very difficult to do anything but play this game.
Diablo 2 is easily the best RPG and for that matter, game, that I have come across for a long time...
If you buy this game you can expect a very, very large portion of your social life to disappear - this game is immense; and is immensely addictive.
An absolute MUST buy.
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