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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
Final Fantasy VII Platinum
Price:£140.99+ Free shipping

on 9 May 2017
It came with the CDs in almost perfect conditions. All them were working and very little scratched. A good prize being the game it is. The shipment was fast too. Recommended seller and recomended product.
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on 20 October 2017
Arrived promptly, good condition and worked well. Very satisfied.
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on 22 February 2005
You most likely will be reading this review because you already have the game, are just reliving memories, and laughing at people who possibly put the game down. To these people, I salute you, a fellow Final Fantasy gamer. To the others, who have not played the game, and are possibly checking out earlier games from the series having experienced the later ones, I give you one the best gaming experiences you will ever have.
This game first appeared on the PlayStation in Autumn, 1997. It already had a big fanbase because of it's history on the Nintendo systems, and it did not fail to disappoint them. The PlayStation allowed Squaresoft to launch Final Fantasy into a whole new 3D world, which left players mesmorized.
So what do we have? Well, there is the main player of the game, Cloud Strife (though you can rename him, and every other player you control), joining up with a terrorist group called AVALANCHE, in order to halt the workings of Shinra, an enormous organisation slowly but surely destroying the planet by sucking up it's energy to fuel it's city, called Midgar. His entrance off the top off a train marks the beginning of an epic 80 hour story (get a memory card) where you battle with a host of other characters to stop the planet from dying. The sheer depth of this game is mindblowing. There are many side-quests to be completed (I give you Fort Condor, Chocobo breeding and Weapon destroying) which leave the gamer with plenty to do other than go through the story. Like me, if you play the game again, you will most likely find something that you didn't see before.
The graphics are outstanding. The PlayStation had many years in it after this game and, although they look dated now, still produce some of the finest art I have seen in a game. I particularly remember Cosmo Canyon. Something about that place just makes me want to find somewhere in real life just like it. The characters themselves are not exactly life-like but appreciating the level of detail surrounding them, this is an extremely minor flaw. The FMV is gorgeous for the 60 minutes that you can see it.
For me, the music is an extremely underrated part of this game. It's really memorable. The rush of the boss battle, the slow melody of Aeris' theme and the beautiful music in Bugenhagen's dome - they all combine to make a brilliant soundtrack (noticably, it's available to buy as an OST to the game - along with orchestral and piano versions, though these are predictably rare to buy now). I freely admit to playing the game again sometimes in order to hear the music put together with pictures.
The levelling up system in RPG's is often a cheap way of extending game time but here, it really works, and you're rewarded for putting time in to make your characters stronger. To level up, you fight battles with enemies - monsters, animals, soldiers or just simply other people. These battles appear randomly as you travel around the world (or sometimes at set points). This is often an area where gamers get annoyed, and just want to get on with the story. This is undoubtably a fair viewpoint, but to me, they add something to the game as you feel like you're truly involved with how your characters are developing.
There is a fair amount of strategy involved as you decide who has what Materia (magic stones that give your character more power). This part is difficult to understand at first, but, before you're given a chance to use it, you're made to go through tutorials early on in the game which give you ample time to understand it before you carry on. This materia comes in different forms and what makes it so great is that it can make your character completely customisable. If you give your character lots of materia, they become excellent with magic but not very strong physically. Obviously this works the opposite way. You'll have to juggle them around in order to suit how you want to play the game. Personally, like many, I balance it all out. Some people are naturally better with materia than others, however. To help you away from the magic, the characters can all find and purchase new weaponary, armour and accessories to aid them in battle.
The story is gripping. This was the first ever game where I felt slightly confused about having feelings for characters, and wanting them to succeed in the game. I almost felt guilty putting the game down and switching off the machine. I have read previous reviews and can happily say I'm not alone in feeling this way. It's like a well-written big book, where you understand the people involved and are keen to see what happens next. People cry at this game, it's that simple. I have to admit I didn't get that far (well, I maybe had a lump in my throat, but hey - I was 13-14) but at a certain point in the game it's certainly possible to feel such a way. The characters are all different in their approach to things and the player will always feel that there is one they like more than others (this is mainly because each has their own background which is always gone into in depth at certain points). But the character themselves will always be wanting the same thing in the game, and therefore so does the player.
In conclusion, Final Fantasy VII is the most complete RPG you are likely to find. The games following it in the series are all magnificent in their own right, but they all lead back to here. It really is the biggest bargain available.
The games in the Final Fantasy series don't endear themselves to everyone, but each of them (particularly this one) are creating a legend that, in my time and my life at least, will never be forgotten.
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on 20 December 2006
Without doubt the best video game ever made, this game is so much better than all other ff games( dont understand all the fuss about ffx, thought it was very boring with poor voice acting throughout). Okay the graphics don't hold up to today's games but its the story which makes this game so compelling. I can honestly say I never thought I could get so emotional about a game but this is special, a one off which squaresoft should be proud of for affecting so many people's lives for the better.

I only have one negative: every other game I have played since ffvii has been so inferior that it just seems pointless playing, thats how good this game really is.

For anyone out there who's reading this and has not played this game, shame on you, i suggest you purchase a copy immediately as this game will never be forgotten. If only they could make another like it.
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on 30 May 2006
Final fantasy 7 has a very powerful storyline and the best storyline of all the final fantasy games released. It was rated very high upon its first release. something like 98-99%. The game play is far better than the later releases for PS 1 & 2.

Upon first playing the game you may find that it seems boring. However do not worry continue to play on as you will shortly after playing realise how good the game gets. The more you play on the better and more intense the story line gets. It is my best game of all time if u can look past the (what is now) outdated graphics and look more into the game play and story line.

The game is quite complex for a first time player but you soon get used to it. There is loads of different magics and summons and other abilitys you can find through out the game and loads of additional extras you can do during the game to take off the main story line for a while. I would avise you to buy it. If you do own and want to sell it because you think its boring then ask yourself one question.. have you played it for very long and gave the game chance to get started?
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on 19 April 2006
Simply put this is the best game ever made. Period.

The story is just so deep and entralling once you've played 10 hours you're hooked and once you're finished you'd pay ten times the price of the game just to forget it all and play it again for the first time. It's THAT good.

The game plays like an interactive movie. You just identify and feel for the characters that you're drawn into their world.

Then there's the music. Which is second only to the story, (the sound they got out of the PS1 was impressive), the highlight being Aeris' theme, it is just beautiful. It's so good they released a 4 CD soundtrack to the game. It's excellent mood setting music, every place and event in the game has a perfect pice of music to go with it. It makes the experience all that more enjoyable.

To buy a PS1 and Final Fantasy VII now would cost less and If you have not experienced this game, I envy you because you can enjoy this masterpiece for the first time.

I don't think any game could ever top the experience Final Fantasy VII gives you. BEST GAME EVER.
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on 15 January 2011
Final Fantasy VII is now some fourteen years old, and yet it is one of the few titles from the 1990s that I go back to again and again, drawn back always by the fabulous story and characters, not to mention classic JRPG gameplay and awe inspiring attention to detail. For me, few games have the ability to last more than a few years before they start to lose their charm and begin to look and feel dated - none more so than Final Fantasy XII from 2006, which is already ugly and blurry, not to mention self indulgent and annoying. In short, the great majority of games do not age well, and the Final Fantasy series has suffered from declining standards as well. Since FFX Square/Square Enix seem to have produced increasingly poor console games, with FFXIII being the latest case in point. FFVII, however, was released at a time when Square were on a roll, producing brilliant games almost annually. Emotion in a video game can be a toe curling experience at the best of times (Ryo screaming "Noooooo!" in a famous sequence from Shenmue being a prime example in an otherwise brilliant game), but here it is dealt with wonderfully thanks to genuinely likeable characters, brilliant music, and perhaps the greatest video game story ever told. These days, a game without vocal dialogue would be almost unimaginable in a big console or PC title, but it really isn't missed in FFVII: the story unfolds via text dialogue, and it works very, very well. Console games from the 1990s that I can still fully enjoy are few and far between - Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evils 1, 2 and 3, Silent Hill and one or two others. Final fantasy VII, however, has neither become clunky nor graphically dubious with the passage of time. It is still as bright, vibrant and amazing as it was when it was first released. It's an all time classic which anyone picking it up today can still enjoy on many levels.
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on 27 October 2003
where to start?
storyline - the best story line in any game ever. there are so many twists and turns everything comes as a surprise as nothing is what you'd expect. the way each character is interlinked with each other through the storyline is nothing short of brilliant.
characters - sephiroth is THE DEFINITIVE bad guy. he just oozes evil. when i played this i became so attatched to all of the characters (except aeris but she was poo anyway). each character had their own little tale to tell that was so engrossing in itself, minus the main plot. i seriously think the way clouds character and motives and past changes throughout the game will never be bettered in any other game or story line. EVER.
Graphics - not the best, because it is 6 years old, but were revolutionary back in the day, and are still pretty damn good. CHECK OUT THOSE CUT SCENE FMV's!!!
music - the music in this game is so awe inspiring it just deserves, on its own, an hour of your time just to listen to it. especially: the boss music, the world map music and the jenova music.
overall opinion - Final Fantasy 7 is the best game ever. better than zelda, than metal gear solid, than FFX. anyone who says FF7 is a bad game is insane. i cannot recommend this game highly enough. if youre a fan of long games, or any RPG's youll love this. it took me 56 hours to complete, without doing all of the miniquests.
quite simply the best game ever. 10/10
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on 18 November 2005
I remember first getting this game in 1998. Since then I have completed it 5 times. There is no doubt about it. Final Fantasy VII is one of the most amazing games in the world. The story begins with a group called AVALANCHE who are trying to save the world by shutting down reactors that are sucking all the Mako out of the planet. You are Cloud Strife, an ex-soldier who now acts a a mercenary working for AVALANCHE. As you progress in this game you will meet more characters you join you in your quest. This game has so many secrets that I only got one of the summons on my third play of the game. The US/UK versions of the game also have 2 secret extremely hard bosses, Ruby Weapon and Emerald Weapon. These will take you a very long time of planning to defeat. (I finally defeated them). If you are a big RPG fan then this classic game is the one for you. If you are not a big RPG fan then this classic game is the one for you.
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on 1 February 2010
Instead of a normal review, in which it would be hard to say anything new, I'll simply tell the story of my personal encounter with this game.

On the 5th December 1997, for my 13th birthday, I received a shiny new playstation complete with the original Tomb Raider game. Whilst out shopping, I saw a playstation magazine with a free guide book for said game, and since I was struggling with the difficulty, I bought it. The magazine also came with a guide for a second game by the name of 'Final Fantasy VII' which I had never heard of.

A couple of weeks later, I saw that guide lying around and for no good reason read the first page. "You start with three potions, a phoenix down and an ether" it said. "Potions", I thought, "that reminds me of Shining Force II", a Mega Drive game I'd played and much enjoyed years before. I'd never heard of 'RPG' as a genre, but the connection with that game was enough to perk my interest. So I decided to rent the game and check it out. I watched the lovely intro scene, and then I was off. I was never a big manual reader, nor was I used to any kind of 'turn-based' combat, and so the first battle had me in a bit of a panic - the guide didn't help in that respect. Luckily the developers catered for idiots like me and had kindly made the earliest part of the game very easy. It took me perhaps half an hour before I was utterly engrossed.

Two days later and I was some 25 hours in, and it was time to return the game. It goes without saying that it was now top of my Christmas list, but despite this I begged my mum to let me re-rent it, for the 4 days between then and Christmas. She said no of course, and those days made my anticipation of the big day the highest it had been in years.

I got the game on Christmas Day, completed it over the following month, bought the 'master's guide', did everything in that, started the game again, completed it once more and have done again a number of times in the past twelve years.

This game is utterly brilliant. The battles are fun. The story is great. The characters are great. The locations are amazing. You will laugh, and you may just cry as well. The game never feels like its buying time with you like so many other RPGs; suddenly revealing the only way to fix you broken boat is to head into the Dark Fortress of Doom and retrieve the Wrench of Destiny, or meeting character after character who tell you their cat has been kidnapped by the Evil Witch of the Hills and ask if you would please stray from you crucial-to-the-future-of-humanity quest in order to rescue it. The main story is enough, and it unwraps itself beautifully.

Is it perfect? No, but there isn't a single game that is. People are right that the graphics are nothing compared to today, but in this game's case it really doesn't seem to matter, or at least it didn't bother me one iota the last time I played it. The Simpsons doesn't look realistic either, but that doesn't stop them selling t-shirts.

I'm not going to tell you to play this - I'm sure most of you already have. Personally I think this game should be remembered like the early classics of literature or art, standing out against the background noise of history, a modern day Chaucer or Leonardo. Deus Ex was a fantastic game. Metal Gear Solid was a fantastic game. This is a modern day Madonna of the Rocks.
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