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on 9 April 2006
I bought Tomb Raider 1 on PC yeeeeaaaars ago, and because i had xp, it didnt work well.
Then I bought this and was soo happy!
Lara's home is at its best in Tomb Raider 2, (TR 3 is boring) and the assault course is cool!
The wall of china level is a classic TR level, great for using all techniqques like diving, shooting, killing and so on.
The venice levels are great too, the first level is actually quite difficult, but dont be tempted to use a level cheat, i did and i regret it! The speed boat you can use in Venice is good to, and at the end of the first Venice level there is a neat peice of puzzzling to work out! The opera house level is very hard but also very good!
The next set of levels (offshore and underwater) may get slightly boring, but offshore rig is pretty cool, 40 fathoms introduces the sharks! and the wreck of the maria doria is sort of like Ghost Ship!
Tibetan Foothills is verry good level, but also very hard. You use the snow mobile for most of it, but I have done it ON FOOT which is a good expereicne.
The China levels are pretty good, floating islands is very strange, Dragon's Lair is the boss level.
But Temple of Xian has to be one of the best TR levels. It is so, well, tomb raider. Lots of spike traps, lots of guns, and lots of action! Home Sweet Home is the last level, surprisingly easy, and the final cut scene, Lara starts to get undressed, then goes to the camera "I think youve seen enough!" then shoots her shot gun!
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on 22 February 2009
I have completed and revisited every Tomb Raider game ever invented a countless number of times (with the exception of Underworld- my least favourite - on PS2 anyway) which I have completed just once, (yes I'm sad I know, but I'm sure I'm not the only one to be so hopelessly addicted!). Out of all the nine TR Games, Tomb Raider 2, has always been the one that I have been drawn back to revisit THE most times. So what is it that makes it so special?
Well, Lara is phenomenal in this, she has progressed from her pixellated TR1 appearance, and is looking great. She has costumes more appropriately suited to the different level environments and her evironments themselves,- from the venice levels to the wreck of the Maria Doria (where everything is upside down), from Barkhang Monastry to The Dragons Lair, are just so atmospheric, and designed beautifully . Lara can now swan-dive, reverse jump-grab (tricky) and light flares to illuminate dark areas, she has a diverse selection of weapons, including magnums, uzi's and a grenade launcher, that you can get in the first level, 'Wall of china', which helps you easily dispatch of the T-Rex duo you have to dodge past to get it. Phew! You've earned it! If you wait until the 'Opera House' level, it is irritably taken from you just after obtaining it off Bartoli before you get to use it properly, (but you DO get it back later).
The expansion of Lara's home to include an assault course is great for practising those tricky moves.
She can also ride vehicles. The speed boat on the venice levels is easy enough, but the snow-scooter that she acquires in Tibet can be difficult to handle. Much more so than when Lara is on foot. Mastering of its controls however is essential to progressing through the level. Although introducing vehicles to Lara's repertoire is an interesting concept, It does not enhance game-play in any way, and in the case of the snow-scooter actually slows it down. (It takes just sooooo long to master those awkward jumps!). Still watching Lara fall down a chasm on it and blow up, is entertainingly realistic-but gets rather repetitive after a while. The interaction vidio cut scenes are excellent, (from the start, Lara has such a great sense of humour).There are also, extra adventuring incentives to find the silver, gold and jade dragons (available in every level except Home Sweet Home). My least favourite level of all time is in here, Catacombs of The Talion, but only because those springing jump mechanisms are so awkward to manage, resulting in major loss of health, and added replaying time. However, with those pesky save crystals eliminated from this game (as available in Tomb Raider 1 and 3), re-doing difficult areas, is so much less hassle. Just remember to save regularly. In Levels such as Barkhang monastery, it is useful having the monks help you kill the other baddies, just sit back and watch them fight it out! By the time they are finished, the number of adversaries you still have to kill will have greatly diminished. Ultimately a great sequel to the Timeless original.
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on 29 September 2016
Tomb raider 2 this was my childhood always trying complete it but could not as an adult I completed and enjoyed it from fighting tigers at the Great Wall of china to Venice to a opera house then a oil rig then under the water to a sunk ship. Then to ice kingdom fighting bad guys and yetis to going back to china to fight spiders tigers and a dragon and then killing bad guys man this game was so fun worth the buy and time
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on 22 November 2003
Well well well. If it isn't videogaming's favourite star on her second adventure. This was the first of her games I bought and it has encouraged me to buy some more.
The first thing you should know about this game is that it is VERY big. There are huge levels and although they are very good, the endless wandering can be frustrating.
The graphics are pretty naff now, but they were good in its day. The gameplay is great too, although the controls are clumsy. However, this game is alot of fun, and as I got it really cheap, all these years on, it is worth buying. Its a good place to start, and much better that Tomb Raider 3. And i'm getting the last revelation next...!
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on 23 January 2011
Tomb Raider 2 was released on the PSone in 1997. Eidos and Core Design brought together a brilliant story, a more satisfying challenge, and lots more gameplay features than the first game, all in one package. Some fans reckon that this game is the BEST Tomb Raider game ever made. Do I agree with that? You've probably already figured that out by reading the review title. Oh well, read on and enjoy the ride!

Lara Croft travels to the Great Wall of China in...er...China, to look for the Dagger of Xian, a blade which is said to grant its holder the powers of a mighty dragon. That is providing they're crazy enough to stick the dagger through their heart. Ms.Croft, however, is not the only person interested in the artifact. A stereotype Italian mafia boss called Marco Bartoli is also looking to get his hands on the dagger so he can use it for his own evil deeds.

Once again Lara clocks up the airmiles. Her adventure starts off in China, but soons takes her to Venice, Italy, plus many other locations. However, unlike the first Tomb Raider game, some of the levels in this second outing are actually set outdoors. Being able to see the bright skies makes the levels feel more open. One example is when you make it up onto The Great Wall of China in the first level. The view of the sky and the grassy hills you're presented with are very impressive. It's like taking a deep breath of fresh air when you step out of the house in the morning.

New features have been added since Lara's debut outing. As well as the familiar pistols, shotguns and uzis, new weapons have been added. New weapons include a harpoon gun for underwater use; a grenade launcher which can be used to blow up enemies; and an M16 rifle which looks very cool and takes down enemies quick. Lara's mansion has also been extended to feature outdoor areas like a garden and an assault course to test your skills on.

Tomb Raider 2 was the first TR game to feature vehicles to ride around in, including a speed boat to drive around in the Venice level. Lara also has a couple of new moves: the ability to wade through waist-high water (still allowing her to use her pistols), and climb up ladders and climbable walls. The latter move was something of a stroke of genius, as it allowed Core to play around and think up more interesting level designs. TR2 is a little more challenging than TR, but to compensate for this you can now save your game anywhere you like. Just select the passport from your Inventory and just save. That's it, simple.

The graphics are an improvement over TR. Both the in-game graphics and the FMVs run smoother; and Lara's movements are not only a shade faster than in her last game, but also look better (Core even animated her pony tail this time round). The lighting has been improved as well, with light areas showing things clearly whilst dark areas are very much pitch black. In dark areas you can use flares to help you find your way through dark caves and passages. Having said all this, the graphics are still a fair way behind Tomb Raider 3 in terms of other details, such as fire and water effects, and it doesn't contain TR3's minor touches like footprints and smoke.

The music in TR3 is better too. But that's not to say the music in TR2 is terrible. The tunes range from being very intense to pleasantly relaxing depending on the surroundings, and there's a nice Italian styled orchestral score that fits perfectly with the Venice level. It can also be heard on the music player in Lara's mansion. Also the acting is much improved from TR, with Judith Gibbins providing a brilliant upper-class British voice for Lara.

Despite its slight graphical shortcomings Tomb Raider 2 is a cut above most if not all other PSone games. The reason for this? Its sense of adventure. The story is well written, and constantly has you craving for more as the game moves from location to location. Speaking of locations the levels are beautifully laid out. You have The Great Wall of China in all its greatness, despite missing a little piece of wall (It's only little! Honest!); Venice with its rivers (and gondolas) flowing around old buildings; the industrial metal-clanging surroundings of the Offshore Rig, plus much more. Both the story and levels combined make for a wonderful experience, and as you play this game you always have THAT feeling. THAT feeling of...you're really going on an adventure, and not just playing a video game.

It's very VERY close between Tomb Raider 2 and Tomb Raider 3 in terms of which is my all time favourite TR game. But TR2 just gets the nod. The storyline and the overall sense of adventure make it number one in my eyes. Regardless of whether or not you agree with that opinion, Tomb Raider 2 is simply brilliant. It's an adventure that PSone lovers must have in their possession.
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on 11 December 2008
Tomb raider 2 is the stuff that games should be made of. With and interesting storyline, a new artefact to track down, thugs to defeat and yetis to contend with tomb raider 2 is excellent.

First off Lara pays a visit to the great wall of china, with spike traps old and new this is a stunning opening level. We then take Lara to Venice. The venice levels are good particularly the opera house which is a level you can really sink your teeth into. Next we have a slight hitch and have to get off the offshore rig and out of the diving area to continue on Lara journey.

We then have the underwater levels. The best of these being Wreck of the Maria Doria and the deck, both lengthy levels which really add to the atmosphere and the depth of the game. Lara then takes of to some snow levels. I found some of these quite hard. Barkhang monestry is the best of these levels although can create a few problems should you accidently shoot a monk. In the end of Laras snow escapades we track down what we were looking for the Talon.

Next it's back off to china to get deeper inside the great wall. The temple of Xian has just got to be the best level on here. Traps, spikes crumbly floor and even springboards to keep Lara busy. Floating islands was a very very strange level, however it was very good if at times a tad annoying. We then have the dragons lair with the big bad boss where Lara finally tracks down the artefact. Then she heads for home for a well deserved rest, or does she?

I really recommend this game to anyone. Although nowadays the graphics of the original playstation would be classed as limited Tomb Raider 2 has excellent graphics, a fantastic storyline and some intense gameplay. Anyone who hasn't yet got this and is thinking of getting it really should. And maybe just maybe now that we have had the original tomb raider remade, just maybe tomb raider 2 might be too.
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on 4 June 2001
This is a fantastic game and definately the best in the Tomb Raider series. It combines the perfect amount of badies to kill with skill needed to control Lara and work out all the puzzles.
The area i liked best was the oilrig where you begin the level with no guns at all and only a few measly bullets left from the many you previously collected. (Watch out for the rig guards with flamethrowers, they get Lara a bit hot under the collar!) The puzzles on this level are based around the idea of getting your guns back and when you do you get some sweet revenge on those rig guards!!! There is various types of weaponary Lara uses in this game and you slowly progress from level to level starting with the simple pistols and towards the end gaining the grenade launcher to blast your enemies to bits (literally). There are also some really cool machines in there for Lara to have a play with such as the snowmoblie with the machine guns attached and the speedboat. Plus there are some really interesting secrets to find such as the one at the back of the T-rex den on level one.
When you finally reach the end and you come to retrieve the goal you've been looking 4 u come face 2 face with...well i won't spoil it 4 you but lets just say i hope u saved plenty of ammo for this one as you'll be wondering what all the fuss was about with yeti's and giant bird like things when you meet this guy!. I also thought that the extra level at the very end when you think it's all over and more baddies appear at Lara's home was a good added extra as it finishes of the story for you. Appart from this Tomb Raider, I have played Tomb Raider 3 and the Chronicles. Number three was way too hard compared to 2 and the chronicles had good levels, but it annoyed me that you couldn't go on any level you chose once the game was completed as you can in Tomb Raider 2. I would say that if you like to play games that use the brain as well as the broan and that shows a little girl power then this is the game for you and if u r a first timer with Tomb Raider i would go with number 2 as it will keep u occupied for hours and i promise you won't get bored!!!
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on 25 October 2000
Maybe not as massive as the huge TRIII and TRIV versions but much better fun. More men and dogs to shoot as they appear from nowhere. While 'Venice' and 'Bartolli's Hideout' are spectacular, the real jewel is the 'Opera House', especially the eerie rooftop before entering. Watch out for the 'Golden Mask' add-on (PC only). Much more manageable than its successors, TR2 is a true masterpiece.
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on 15 August 2000
Tomb Raider 2 may not have lots of moves such as duck, rope swing, monkey climb & pole climbing as 3&4 have, but this is a truly quality game with varied locations from the Great Wall of China, to the Ocean, to Tibet, even Lara's Mansion in England. A great game and very much worth ....! A Bargain
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on 22 December 2015
just as good as the first one but even better graphics ... for the time
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