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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 18 February 2015
After the debut 'Grey Lantern' album, it seemed impossible for Mansun to achieve such greatness again. The predecesor to this, 'Six', was adventurous, experimental, even a little...... erm, odd! (in a good way). Very under-rated.... a GREAT record though! This album, sadly the last they saw through as a complete unit, is probably the most accessible. The most 'radio / bedroom' friendly. The least demanding on the ear / brain. However, it has to be said, a masterpiece nonetheless. Enough pomp and circumstance and glorious theatrical swirls to garner the approval of the early Mansun appostles, enough cutsie hooks to seduce the casual listener into further investigation.. Unfortunately though, refusal to play the game, and perhaps, the harsh realisation that their bolt had been shot meant this was the end. Possibly even acknowledged in the abrubt ending to the final track, 'Goodbye'. This is a band i'll cherish forever.. Kleptomania (the cobbled together scpaps of a dying star) was interesting, but messy. Very very messy. This though, Little kix, is a wonderful way to say goodbye. God bless you Mansun...... and thank you!! x
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on 12 December 2000
This really is a sneaky album. One of those albums that you buy for someone else and end up listening to yourself. That's exactly what happened to me.
As someone who loved "Attack of the Grey Lantern" but never really came to terms with the melting pot that is "Six", I can promise that "Little Kix" keeps the best aspects of each and is a surprisingly easy and well structured listen.
Paul Draper has for the first time opened up his personal life in direct terms and the results are his most arresting lyrics to date, free of the opaqueness and auto-suggestion that have made his words so inaccessible at times on past outings.
The music is widescreen, expansive and slightly 80's retro in feel, with big keyboards and the odd wailing guitar solo courtesy of Chad. The effect is in all honesty timeless pure pop, in the best sense of the word. Stand out tracks are "Until the Next Life" (the best song Mansun have ever done, bar none) and recent single "Electric Man" but to dwell on these alone would be to detract from what is a very complete album.
The critics who incessantly pan this band can't possibly be listening to the songs. It's a quality, well written, articulate and downright sneaky collection.
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on 21 August 2000
To be honest, after reading NME's review of Little Kix, I was a little shocked and disheartened about the most looked-forward-to event of my summer. But then I remembered I was reading NME, and cheered up posthaste. Honestly, Little Kix lives up to the Mansun standard and beyond. While I was a bigger fan of Six than Attack (i know, i know, shut up), I must admit to thinking that this is possibly Mansun's greatest yet. While two of the songs don't quite measure up to the rest (specifically "Soundtrack 4 2 Lovers" and "We Are The Boys"), this is only due to the superior nature of the rest. I picked out my two least favorites simply because I find it impossible to choose a favorite song off this album, although "Butterfly (A New Beginning)" and "Until The Next Life" leap to mind whenever I think of the album in a vague, sprawling sense. In any case, don't listen to me blather on, just get it. Mansun seem to just get better and better as time goes by. Lads, if you're out there, keep it up. Some of us Americans are listening.
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on 7 November 2004
Mansun are (oops, were) a great band. Bought their first album (Grey Lantern) when it first came out, brilliant indie pop/rock. Great. Then Six came out... that kinda blew me away, "prog-indie" which twists and turns, never lingering too long in one state to become boring. Fantastic. Then Little Kix came along. Boring, stale and unimaginative. So I stashed it away in a box called "don't bother".
A couple of months ago I came upon Little Kix again, and decided to put it in my cd player. It's still there. I guess at the time I was hoping for another Six (or at least a Seven!) which wasn't a fair way to judge it. Upon reflection, 'Kix is a great album - no, it doesn't twist and turn like Six, it's not as lively. But technically the music's great - more mellow, typically depressive lyrics, and clever stuff!
If you're like me, hid it away, dig it out and listen. Maybe you'll change your mind too! And if you don't own this, or any other Mansun album, Little Kix is a good place to start.
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on 9 October 2000
Mansun continue to produce thoughtful and intelligent music that has grown up from stripping vicars and Winnie the Pooh to the difficulties of real life and relationships. Not as groundbreaking as either 'Six' or 'Attack of the Grey Lantern' nevertheless Draper pens his finest song 'In the Next Life' here and The Police's producer Padgham gives Chester' finest a more MOR feel. Hammered by the press, Mansun produce some of the most uplifting music around and as an antedote to Radiohead et al this album will keep us warm through the coming winter months. Roll on The Academy, Manchester!
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on 11 March 2007
An excellet album, with some stand out songs: 'I Can Only Dissapoint U' & 'Electric Man'. The only fault with this album is that Mansun's lead singer & songwriter Paul Draper, wasn't allowed to be producer, unlike on their other three albums. This explains why the album isn't as good as it could have been. If you like this I recommend buying 'Kleptomania' their last album. With Paul back as producer, it has a more rockier sound & sharper lyrics. Also Good Luck to Paul with his solo work.
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on 21 March 2016
If the original members of the band ever read their own reviews....please re-form again and create some more music! Four albums just wasn't enough! Each are like a piece of treasure, not a bad track to be heard on any if them. Buy any of them and fill your life with wonder!
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on 10 December 2000
For any one who has heard the song Legacy off the album "Six" will understand the genius of the band, at its heart it is a simple song but delivered with such power and gusto it blows you away every time. The reason I mention this is that unlike the EPIC Six, Little Kix is a simple album. Mansun can do simple and very effectively but some where along the line it went wrong. I think the first problem was the fact that brought a new producer on board, who pushed Draper's voice in the fore and the music in to the background, the fact that the music lacks the busyness of Six or even Attack this was a bad move. The album is not all bad and I still think that Mansun are one of the best bands and are vastly under rated. There are some redeeming features to the album, the first 6 songs are superb especially "I could only disappoint you" and "comes as no surprise" the following 2 tracks are also quiet good but then it just descends into blandness.... "Fool" is a misguided attempt at pop, Mansun can do pop damn well e.g. "Striper vicar" and "Egg shaped Fred" even b sides such as " Moronica". "We are the boys" is a little bit better but it is awkward and the grand finale "goodbye" is not so grand, which is the whole point, showing the band's playfulness but this time is a weak joke. All in all Little Kix is a good album, though somewhat average from a band capable of producing some amazing work. Check out Attack or Six first. Hopefully the next album will see them back on form.
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on 2 October 2009
I have rediscovered this CD. I had forgotten just how good it is. It is full of great melodies, great lyrics, and
great arrangements. What a waste that the band split up. I look forward to listening to Paul Drapers solo effort when it is released.
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on 20 August 2000
This is a great third album from mansun that varies considerably from the last two, 'attack of the gray lantern' and 'six' The first track 'Butterfly (a new beginning) comes across as the only cynical track and is followed by 10 tracks which show a more optimistic mansun. Draper's lyrics seem to have neither progressed nor regressed but just simply taken a turn in another direction. My highlights include 'soundtrack 4 2 lovers' an orchestra filled tune which benefits from Paul Drapers beautiful vocals. 'Electric man' is another highlight, it is a track which is once 'heard' never forgotten (fingers crossed this will be the next single) Overall I feel this album contains a more optimistic view, which is shown in it's epic ballads. 'Electric man' is just one example of a track which shows top 5 potential. I recommend this album to both mansun and non-mansun fans alike for easy listening.
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