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Customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
Fragments Of Freedom
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 23 February 2003
This is a very light-hearted alsum - all the songs are upbeat, and there is a party, calypso-feel to many of the songs. The style is drastically different to Big Calm and Who Can You Trust - it verges on Electro-Pop/Dance rather than the fairly dark, trippy styles of the other two albums. It is the top of the 'jollity' sequence of Fragments>Big Calm>Trust which is great for an uplifting experience but can seem immature in places though shamelessly so! It is for this reason I am not awarding 5 stars to an otherwise flawless album.
Some of the background riffs are almost 80's techno-ish, especially in the incredibly happy Shallow End, which makes the PERFECT music for driving through tunnels!
Only the seemingly sloppy-in-comparison title track fails to retain the magnificent rhythmic drive of the rest of the album, but this is perhaps because it could be intended as a wind-down track, being at the end of the album.
One last thing: 'Love Is Rare' is very tacky, but there is no denying that that is exactly how the band intended it to be.
Overall a fine, rhythmic, laid back and shamelessly happy album which is more suited to Summer than Winter.
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on 12 July 2000
After two amazing album 'Fragments of Freedom' is somewhat disappointing. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad album, in fact it's quite good, but not as good as Morcheeba's spectacular 'Who can you Trust' and 'Big Calm'. After listening to 'Fragments of Freedom' I am disappointed that it is less trip-hoppy than the previous two, there is some trip-hop influence but it seems to be lacking. I would even go as far to say that Morcheeba put this album together quite effortlessly and perhaps with a little more umph and motivation they could have created a superb follow up to 'Big Calm'
'Fragements of Freedom' is not a must for you CD collection, but it's worth listening to at least once. With some chilled summer songs, you might make use of it if Summer 2000 turns out to be a scorcher!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 27 March 2011
Morcheeba's third album is almost invariably seen by fans of the quirky Brit-trio as definitely not having a place amongst their better output.

The first two numbers `World looking in' and `Rome wasn't built in a day' are very much in the mode of `Big Calm': trip-hop at its best, tuneful with a steady, chilled rhythm and interesting instrumentation augmenting the clear vocal line. However from there on in it's generally not good news, as the compositions lose their way in a mish-mash of upbeat gospel and reggae rhythms unsuited to the Godfreys' more subtle talents. The band simply fails to surprise and delight as they often prove they can.

This album is a dip in Morcheeba's usual high standards of originality, descending at times into the unremarkable and formulaic. If you're new to Morcheeba, give this a miss for now and instead listen to `Who Can You Trust', `Big Calm' or even better, `Dive Deep' to appreciate how good they can be.

FoF has its moments, but overall is for diehard fans only.
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on 8 October 2001
Ok, so 'Big Calm' was an awesome CD, as was 'Who can you trust'. I bought this and couldn't wait to be back in Morcheeba heaven. I was frankly disappointed by it, and put it aside. I started to listen to it occasionaly and it just started to get better and better. Now I put it up there with Big Calm. The beats and melodies are varied and it is good to see Morcheeba breaking into new ground. 'Rome wasn't built in a day' is very poppy, but it puts a smile on your face. This whole cd does that. 'The Shallow end' is for me the best track on it. I'd buy it just for that..
So don't be put off by all the negative reviews. Just check it out for yourself!!!!! And be prepared for an uplifting experience!!!
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on 11 July 2000
The first two albums by Morcheeba are amongst the most treasured in my collection ever since I first heard 'Trigger Hippy' being played on the radio of a small cafe in Warsaw. So it was with baited breath I waited for this album to hit the shops. So there I was at 8.30 before work ducking into the nearest music shop to pick up a copy. All day I waited to get home and play it. After getting home the disc went straight in the I hit play on the first track. It was interesting but not particularly catchy. As I played through the album, my face dropped more and more. Pop. It was pop. This was not the Morcheeba I knew - the music where you could just shut your eyes and drift off with the music, the addictive hooks and sweeping melodies - this was chart-friendly pop. I listened to the album a couple more times just to check I hadn't got the 'don't like it much on the first listen' syndrome but finished by taking it out of the stereo, probably never to return. Maybe if you hadn't heard the first 2 albums then you might enjoy this as a quirky, light pop album. However, if you know what Morecheeba are capable of then this will come as a disappointment - a myth exploded. I have nothing against artists changing style or musical direction and to be fair, they have retained some of the feel of the lighter numbers off the first two albums but you can't help feeling that Morcheeba have tried to cover all the bases here - a bit of soul, a bit of gospel, a bit of blues, hip-hop, a bit of reggae thrown in for good measure. In Who Can You Trust and Big Calm, these styles were seamlessly blended and twisted to create a wonderful sound. Here it feels too obvious. Guys, If you ever read this - please go back to what you do best - and if you have to go off on a different route, then please do it properly.
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on 11 September 2000
I bought this album on the strength of listening to the first track in the shop, and the fact that Big Calm is absolutely brilliant. The first song is good, but unfortunately the rest of the album is a let down. It's too boppy, not the soothing, gentle melodic sound that Morcheeba is so good at. I'll stick with Big Calm for now.
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on 5 December 2014
Every time I mention Morcheeba to anyone they have never heard of them, if I have their cd in the car or when friends visit I'm always asked what cd I'm playing and getting good comments. If you've never heard of morcheeba and feel like getting a new cd then I can't recommend it enough. This cd is kind of more on the chill out side, but it's seriously good. They aren't new, I had this same album several years ago and some bugger swiped it, but still too uplifting and funky not to keep replacing. :)
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on 18 June 2001
Reading the other reviews you may notice that those who are new to morcheeba are the only ones impressed by this album. If they were all given a copy of either of the other two albums i think theyd end up throwing this one in the bin. Its not that its really bad, but morcheeba know they can do a whole lot better.
'Looking In', is great and funnily enough could have well been a track off 'Big Calm'. In fact they probably wrote it soon after. After the first track on the album i failed to be impressed by a single track. Competant throughout and yet completely forgettable. They have tried to create a fresh summer pop album but it lands irritatingly short of the mark. I still love morcheeba, but am annoyed that a band that has made one of my favourite albums of all time, can produce one that i would never choose to listen to. There is much better stuff out there, albums they themselves have made, and they know their old school, die hard fans will not be impressed. Maybe they want an older, or younger car driving fan base. Maybe they want to pay homage to MPeople. I am sorry that those of us who bought the debut and Big Calm arent good enough.
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on 14 June 2002
Why only 98% you ask...well with the bands other offerings you get all killer, no filler, with this they have detracted from the trip-hop laid back trademark tunes (I am not knocking them for this btw) but in-between the great musical efforts are 2 well out of place tunes which don't fit the flow of the album really - the first is a "steel drum" tune which is not working at all and secondly later on is a full blown rap which is a bit harsh for the flow of music wafting over you from the rest of this marred classic.
If morcheeba want to diversify and expand then thats fine by me as long as they carry on with the "trance-like" masterpieces they skillfully knock out, quality is the order of the day from them!!! It does make you think that in the other albums there is a musical continuity that is sadly broken here...hmmmm
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on 26 January 2013
Morcheeba are good
there is little I can say, that anyone should know

this is a good CD

its just a matter of test
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