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on 16 April 2001
I started off with FP 2000 because it seemed cheap for the features. It's certainly easy to learn and is brilliant for those of us who are more interested in how it drives than in exactly what is going on under the bonnet. I've used it produce two web sites that are generating money for me and my users seem to like them too! Yes it has themes and if every-one used them loads of sites would look the same. But if you're producing a professional looking site, you just don't use some-one else's theme. Sorry folks, but if you want originality and creativity, that has to come from you. I use certain aspects of themes that I have edited to my own requirements and find that if I supply the originality, then the programme handles the donkey work admirably, which is what it should be about . At the moment I see no reason to purchase another product for lots more money. It's not the programme that makes a great web-site, it's the author. This programme has more than enough to keep the great majority of people going for a long time and I think it's brilliant!
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on 19 February 2001
I strongly disagree with the general opinion that this is just an entry level product or intended only for building simple sites. Frontpage is so easy to use that many people think it is not sophisticated or unsuitable for professional work. Wrong!
Let's clarify some misconceptions: 1) It doesn't work only with IE. If you want to create a site compatible with both browsers, you can set the properties of the site in the tools menu. 2) It doesn't mess with your code (previous versions did though) 3) Compared to the standard version of Dreamweaver (not with UltraDev) it has a lot of features, and its management capabilities are much better. 4) You don't require server extensions to make it work! Frontpage can be used with FTP as any other program. However, if your server has the extensions installed, you can use its most impressive features. 4) It's easy to use and ideal for beginners. It helps non-programers by autamating complicated tasks such as setting up mailforms or discussion forums (no programing skills rerquired). It has a wizard for integrating databases and making interactive sites, and if you don't know how to build a database, Frontpage does it for you. BUT...if you don't need these handy features because you are a professional, Frontpage will not limit your work. It is as powerful as any other tool and even more.
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on 10 May 2001
My lack of technical knowledge has shrunk considerably since using this package, the first webs looked great but lacked some of the bells a whistles other software offers, however this package allows add ins and editing in a way that can create very attractive web sites. As with all MS software, the simple intuitive elements get you going and then with time so much more can be done. I disagree with many of the negative comments, FrontPage can work with most browsers including Netscape but you need to use the correct settings, given that only 10% of people use Netscape it's not a real issue. Bugs aside it's the best simple to use web package around. I'm looking forward to the next version with even more easy to use features. A cheap and effective package that delivers.
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on 25 July 2000
Very easy to use with a comprehensive set of templates - e.g. corporate site, personal site, discussion forum. The different functionalities can be merged together, for example you can drop a discussion forum onto a corporate site. Suitable prompts guide you during the creation process. A large selection of themes allow you easily to choose one that suit the 'ambiance' of your site.
Linking the pages is easy through the use of 'Navigation buttons'
It is very forgiving if you make a mistake.
Management of the site including uploading to service provider is as easy as clicking on a menu option.
Finally, it is great fun to use.
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on 6 March 2001
FP2000 was my follow up to Hot Dog Pro (which in retrospect was a great tool)
I went for FP as it promised an intuitive interface and promised a great deal, which in the main it delivers. FP has some neat features such as easy to use DHTML and the ever important site maintenance aspects, for a £100 it is impressive.
Good (not great) web sites can be created in a matter of minutes and the program is a joy to use, however I feel that once the learning curve is over, you will want to move onto something better and perhaps that is the best reason I can give for passing FP by and going straight for Dreamweaver or GoLive!.
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on 19 December 2000
The WYSIWYG interface is very intuitive and allows you to get impressive results fairly quickly. By the time you get good enough to get annoyed with how it writes some of the html it should have taught you how to edit the html directly, at which point the normal view and the preview become very helpful reference tools to check if you have edited it right.
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on 31 July 2000
FrontPage has come a long way since the very first versions. The latest version allows for a lot of functionality, but still has that Microsoft feeling. It works better with IE than with any other browser, it doesn't even truly mess with ASP anymore. But integrating with advanced features and other scripting languages that are not Microsoft owned is just not good enough.
Compared to DreamWeaver 3 FrontPage 2000 is just not tight enough with its HTML, and the plugins for DreamWeaver integration with for instance ColdFusion or PHP are greatly missed in FrontPage. And I have noticed a few HTML slips that are not according to the specs.
But for the user who simply wants a "Hello World" page it is a very usable product.
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on 4 November 2000
Like most MS products FP is great when you are just starting out. It does so much for you and you will have a fine looking site online in no time. However, if you've more experience then FP's strengths become it's weaknesses. It does so much for you that you end up fighting the software when you want to do something your way. As usual with microsoft products integration with other MS software and their servers is seamless but ignores the presence of other manufacturers software. The HTML generated by FP has improved but is still not as good as that produced by, for example, DreamWeaver. If you just want a simple web site that isn't too original (FP Themes are everywhere) but looks good and don't want to spend a lot of time actually designing then FP is a good choice. Of you want to build a dynamic site that will grow then I would recommed a product like DreamWeaver. The learning curve is longer but it's worth it in the end.
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on 27 October 2013
The screen shows in Russian, a language I don't want and don't know. I manage with my memory of the place of the different commands - but it is not very easy
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on 19 October 2016
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