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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 5 November 2009
I have fond memories of playing this in the students union arcade, so relished the prospect of buying it for the Dreamcast.

I wasn't disappointed, but then I didn't put it in the expectation of 'Dirt' or the next-gen Sega Rally (360 / PS3).

For a game that is over 10 years old now, this still plays pretty fine.

Don't expect simulation handling, this game was always arcade fun. You soon get the knack of keeping the car sliding round the bends.

The original tracks are as I remembered, Desert (which can be done at full throttle), Mountain, Snow (tricky), and Rivera (a Monaco style tight track).

In addition to the original arcade tracks are more variants, available in the 10 year championship mode, including a remake of the original Desert track.

Car wise, the original Celica and Delta are available from the original, as well as mid/late 90s WRC models including the Impreza, Evo, Escort, 306, Corolla. A couple of classics are in there too, including the 206 T16 and the Renault Alpine.

Graphicswise, the game looks great for the age. There is some popup, and the framerate isn't as high as modern games, but it still looks presentable and looks as the arcade did. Recommended is the VGA adaptor, which shows the game in 480p 640x480 resolution. Not the highest, but still looks surprisingly crisp.

The sound is fair, including the original soundtrack, generic car noise and even the arcade "Game over yeaaa!".

Overall, for retro arcade fans and driving game collectors, this is a must have. Even for casual gamers, it is still pick up and play fun for a while. Once finished though, the replay value is low, apart from picking it up again for old times sake.

A recommended addition to any Dreamcast collection.
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on 19 October 2010
Sega rally 2 on the dreamcast is one of the dreamcast's best driving games and even though this games now about 10 years old it's still one game thats very enjoyable to play over and over again ,like the original now very heavily outdated sega rally 1 this game is an arcade type rallying game meaning no damage to the cars when hitting something on the track and bouncing off things like a pinball machine ,unlike sega rally 1 which had a pitiful 2 cars plus 1 bonus car ,3 single stages and a bonus stage sega rally 2 has 8 rally cars at the start of the game and 11 hidden cars which brings it to a total of 19 cars and 6 stages (5 of the stages have 3 types of stages).

Graphics for this game were just incredible back then and they're still impressive to this day (they look like real life rally cars this time) and the music isn't too bad ,the handling of the cars isn't too bad either but ull need a lot of practice at powersliding if you want to win the 10 year championship because the championship mode aint easy to get 1st place ,you also have weather conditions in this game from ,mist and rain to snow.

The only things i don't like with this game is the arcade mode and what i call a flaw in the 10 year championship ,i think the arcade mode is far too difficult to get 5th or above even on easy ,when you reach the snowy stage (3rd stage) in this mode because you can't modify your car like you can in the 10 year championship ull find that you won't pass any cars which isn't good for your chances to win and like in the previous sega rally there is a fixed number of cars on the track which in this game is usually 4 or 5 cars and on the 10 year championship say you get 4th before the final stage and you see the cpu cars on the track on the final stage and you didn't pass them ,then say this time you get 3rd before the final stage the cpu car in 2nd place almost always appear at the same part of the track as before no matter how fast you are when catching up to it so it's important not to keep hitting stuff on the track when you do see the cpu car.

In this sega rally you get...

Arcade - choose from championship or practice.

10 year championship - race in a 10 year event ,in this event you can modify your car and you don't have to keep the same car when you start every year

Time attack - choose one of the following tracks ,desert ,mountain ,snowy ,riveria ,muddy and the isle ,each track has 3 stages except for the riveria then beat the times.

2 player - 2 player battle.

Records - view all your driving records for this game.

Car settings - modify your car to perform the way you want it to by adjusting your co driver (male or female voice) ,transmission (auto or manual) ,gear ratio (fast acceleration or high top speed) ,front and rear suspension ,steering ,brakes and choose what tyres you want before a race then save your settings to the memory card or set your car before each race in the 10 year championship.

Car profiles - see details of a car ,watch it drive around a track and listen to commentary about the history of the car.

Options - adjust your game settings and controller and sound settings.

Save and load - options for your memory card.


Peugeot 206 WRC
Peugeot 306 MAXI
Toyota corolla WRC (hold the L shoulder button when selecting this car for another version of this car)
Toyota celica GT-four ST205
Subaru impreza WRC
Mitsubishi lancer evolution (hold the L shoulder button when selecting this car for another version of this car)
Lancia stratos (hold the L shoulder button when selecting this car for another version of this car)
Lancia delta HF integrale

The hidden cars are won in 10 year championship mode for coming in 1st place (the bonus car for that year will always win if you don't win that year) and 1 is unlocked in arcade mode ,they are...

Year 1 - Subaru impreza 555
Year 2 - Mitsubishi lancer evolution IV
Year 3 - Toyota celica GT-four ST185 (hold the L shoulder button when selecting this car for another version of this car)
Year 4 - Mitsubishi lancer evolution III
Year 5 - Renault maxi megane
Year 6 - Lancia delta HF integrale 16V
Year 7 - Fiat 131 abarth rally
Year 8 - Peugeot 205 turbo 16
Year 9 - Renault alpine
Year 10 - Lancia 037 rally

Fiat seicento sporting - finish arcade mode 7th place or higher.

Overall this game despite the annoying arcade mode and the difficulty of the 10 year championship (rally games are usually difficult the more you advance on them) this game is still one of the best rally games for the older games consoles so if you have a dreamcast and you havn't played it yet then buy it now.
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on 6 January 2002
One of the launch games for the Dreamcast, and it still holds its own against every other racer on the DC. The graphics are very good, even in two player mode there's little cut back on, and the cars handle well, if a little too eager to slide.
Sega Rally 2 is very challenging, arcade mode especially, but you also have the championship to go through and that will last a long time.
If there's one gripe I have it's that, not being a serious driving fan, I grew tired after a while of it, but that's more my fault.
A worthwhile purchase.
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on 15 April 2012
SEGA Rally has always been a great game, and this one is no exception. It has it's flaws, but still good if you're looking for an arcade racer.

Lots of cars to choose from
Good graphics
Customize your car for whatever track you're racing
Sound effects are good quality
It's a a good arcade racer overall

OH MY GOD is the music bad. But it's kinda the case with all SEGA racers from the 90's, isn't it? We'll let that slide for now.
The steering feels a little floaty at times
Some of the customising makes absolutely NO difference to the car, and then some make your car seem like a totally different vehicle.
Can't run on 60hz on the PAL version, so there is a little flicker every so often.

Overall, if you like SEGA racers, you'll like this. The cheesy music and the over the top steering wil appeal to you. Otherwise, go find something else
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on 29 December 2001
Having played Sega Rally in the greasy arcades of this great nation, I was expecting a true buzz from the home conversion- and to some extent, I suppose I got it.
The game now has much more depth, with a championship mode, options galore and all the additions you'd expect from a home edition of an arcade game these days. There is a good selection of cars, and a good selection of tracks, and the two player mode still retains it's competitive edge.
The game seems to be lacking bite. Whilst it's fun to go bombing around the tracks provided, you never really feel too engaged with the game. In addition to this, there is quite a bit of slow-down despite the general lack of detail. I could understand a drop in frame rate if I had just passed a beatifully rendered mountain range, but when I've just passed yet another muddy ditch it's not what I expect.
So- get MSR instead...
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on 25 November 2001
Sega Rally 2 is a joy to play- wether it be in the arcades or on thr dreamcast. I have got one thing to say about the graphics; they are awesome- crisp, very detailed and refined. With the challenging environments and coures eveywhere this is certainly one game to have. ( Especially for its extremely cheap price!)
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VINE VOICEon 6 September 2008
I bought this as a relase title, my god what a dissapointment! The arcade game was f-ing great, the Dreamcast was more than capable of a straight port yet it was hurried and rather bad. Though as a fan of the SR series it was enjoyable and playable.
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on 5 October 2000
Having played this in numerous arcades long after it was first released on the Dreamcast, I was still keen to get a copy for home use. However, it's not an experience of unalloyed pleasure. Lacking the force feedback of the full arcade machine means that it's much harder to play and initially less rewarding. So far, so much the same as any coin-op conversion. But Sega Rally 2 scores highly in its innovative use of pop-up, making surprising landscapes the norm rather than an occasional boost to ones playing pleasure, really moves the game into another dimension. Combined with the hovercraft that Sega decided to employ instead of cars that actually seem to be moving on the track, make you feel you've leapt into a parallel universe that's so much more special than your own. And last but not least, the UK version seems to run slower than the Japanese one that I've also played, aiding dull-witted Westerners with poor reactions to play better. A piece de resistance, then, until MSR finally arrives. It is better than Speed Devils, though.
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on 7 July 2005
I think Sega Rally 2 Is a good game if you like rally games which I Do. I have the game (2 copies). I have 2 copies cause onetime I played it so long my cd started to like melt. One time while was playing and my Dreamcast cought fire but I was able to save the game in time.
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