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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 29 June 2007
The Sega Dreamcast is simply wonderful. Sega's 128 bit console was released in 1999 in Europe, and took the gaming world by storm. Its graphics were astonishing, and still are even by today's standards. The console was innovative and unique in that it was the first games console to have online features, (the Dreamcast has a built-in modem) where you could play Dreamcast games online with other Dreamcast owners from across the world. It set the standard for the future of online gaming to come, with every next-gen console now having online features.

The controller is extremely comfortable, though you may not feel used to it straight away. Using it feels natural, however, and it suits the games perfectly, making for very pleasurable gameplay.

The console has a very unique memory card called the Visual Memory Unit (VMU). The VMU is not just a memory card, but also a little handheld game. It doesn't come with games on it, however, but most Dreamcast games allow you to download mini-games from the disk onto the VMU. Not quite a Game Boy advance, but fun nonetheless, and should keep you going when spending time away from your Dreamcast. The only small set-back is that downloading games onto the VMU does require a lot of memory space, so you may need a lot of free blocks. Memory space is good however, with a standard VMU holding 200 memory blocks of free space. On average you should be able to store a good 4 or 5 saved game files, depending on how many blocks they take up. The VMU also interacts with the gameplay in a creative and fun way, which you'll see for yourself. VMU's are also cheap, you should get one for £6-12 new here on Amazon.

Now, onto the most important part - the games. The Dreamcast was only on the European market for just over a year, but in that short time a very large collection of must-have classics were released. Some of those titles include Sega GT, MSR, Shenmue 1 & 2, Skies of Arcadia, Grandia 2, Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive 2, Virtua Tennis, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Headhunter... just to name a few. The list is too long to include them all. The games are awesome and the graphics are mind-blowing, even now. There is no slowdown in the framerate, and the games are just an absolute pleasure to play. That's all I'll say, as I'm not reviewing each individual game. You'll find out.

If you wonder why the Dreamcast was only on the market for under two years, the Playstation 2 stole a lot of interest. The Dreamcast was initially the console everyone wanted to own, but since the original Playstation was so successful (compared to Sega's Saturn which didn't do too well), the news of a Playstation 2 naturally aroused interest. Probably the main attraction, however, was that the Playstation 2 is also a DVD player - at the time of its release, it was cheaper than a DVD player, which were very expensive at the time. The Dreamcast cannot play DVD's (though can obviously play CD's). The Dreamcast unfortunately didn't end up getting the recognition it deserved, which is a shame because it truly is one of the best gaming systems ever produced.

A Dreamcast can still be picked up brand new if you're willing to search online for it, but expect to pay in excess of £100. A second-hand one in new condition can be picked up for £40 or less right here on Amazon. I can promise you will love it, and will not tire of it. If you've got a bit of spare cash and want to spend it on something that will last you for many years, the Dreamcast is it. You won't regret buying this exceptional system from Sega.

To sum up, the Dreamcast is a diamond that continues to sparkle in the gaming world, it is nothing less than brilliant. Get one!
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on 22 February 2001
First regardless of the future this has been the best console i have ever owned and i am now looking forward to a catalogue of triple A bargain titles some of which beat anything on the PS2 portfolio.Some of the games such as SHENMUE ,CRAZY TAXI,RESI EVIL have been brilliant and its demise is a result of brand name over content.The fact that the PSone is outselling the Dreamcast is testament to the lack of knowledge the average shopper has if they are buying a new machine to play six year old titles and sequels.If you enjoy gaming this console is a gem, forget PS2 and this machine will match it while you wait for truly next generation hardware to appear.As i say i have no regrets about this purchase and it has and will continue to be a cutting edge gaming gem.If you like lukewarm sequels and lazy movie tie-ins i would recomend PS2 anyday.Just coz McDonalds is the most popular doesnt make it the best food ?? Thanks for trying SEGA its been a hoot !!!
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on 25 February 2001
I could order a PS2 right after writing this - no problem at all. Why am I not going to? Because at the moment there is absolutely nothing going for it, and I do not want over-priced, under-performing versions of games that are already available. It has potential and I may get it one day (when Sega has some games on it) but as yet no-one has delivered the promises made in spring 1999.
However, the Dreamcast is incredible: it generally has better graphics than PS2, internet access, email, fantastic online gaming (Quake III, Phantasy Star...) and four player capabilities as standard without paying out for a ... multitap. But it's the games that matter.
There are so many DC games that just ooze quality and have clearly had so much attention lavished upon them during development (MSR, Shenmue, Jet Set Radio, Quake III, RE Code: Veronica etc). PlayStation developers just can't seem to put the same soul into PS games. PS2 DVD playback has been getting average ratings in DVD magazines - if you want to watch DVD films - get a DVD player! I did and it's great.
Basically anyone who gives the Dreamcast 3 stars or lower simply has not played it properly or just does not know what really good quality games are. I own a PSone and I am fairly fond of it but very few of its games stand the test of time, whereas DC games do and will.
Every time I power my DC up whether on my own or with friends I know I am playing the best games available. It has a least a couple of top quality games in nearly every genre. Don't worry about production ceasing - there are still loads of great titles to come and the prices will drop soon after release.
Dreamcast is the best console I have ever bought and I hope you make the right decision - to experience the best graphics, environments, gameplay, innovation and FUN that videogames can provide.
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on 1 June 2004
The Sega Dreamcast is the best console ever!
Graphics - 10/10
The graphics are superb! They beat the PS2 any day of the week with 128 bit graphics power!
Games 10/10
There may not be as many games as the PS2 or X-box but the games are so much better-- Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 (Both SUPERB games) Crazy Taxi 1 & 2, F355 challenge, Virtua Fighter 3TB, GTA2, Metropolis street racer, Toy Commander, Sonic Shuffle, Sega Rally, rayman 2, Virtua Striker, Mortal Combat gold, Jet set radio and House of the dead 2 plus many more...
Acssesories 9/10
The dreamcast has the most origanal memory card - it has a screen! it can be used to play stand alone mini games. The also the dreamcast gun, Vibration pack, Arcade stick, Race controller and keyboard.
Other 8/10
The dreamcast has the most confertable controler! Also, the dreamcast alows u to surf the internet!
Forget PS2, Xbox and cube get a DC and wait for the true next gen consoles!
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on 11 June 2001
The 33.6KBPS modem is no match for Quake3 so you would think? Well think again!!!
This is how it works. All DC Quake players have the same modem, connected online to the same server and what you get is a dream come true!! Man it flys! Read again. "It the dog`s online!!"
What makes it king over its PC brother is we all have the same version of the game. No cheating or hacks, so the best players can show off their skills and this is one big buzz! Forget PS2 for quake3 as it`s not worthy to even own the name of the game!
All you need is a Dreamcast, Keyboard, Mouse and Quake3 which will cost you less than a 150 sponds.
Last of all Dreamcast will become the collectors item of the near future. You dont buy now your suffer big time because this baby is gona sell for big money!! It`s Sega`s last machine... If you dont understand what I`m saying here then wake up because now it the time to buy one. Make sure you have copys of all Sega`s arcade ports and classic stuff made for DC and you could own a nice nest egg. Hehehe I know more about Sega related stuff than most and all I will say is, 10 years from now "eBay here we come........"
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Angel demon hunter is either a.) An idiot or b.) badly informed. Although sega are not producing games for other companies and not their own machines, they have admitted that they are going to be working closer to Nintendo than to Sony. They have no plans of moving saturn games and it is unlikely that they would now port over 100's of games to a 6 year old console (when most have finished their life at about 4). As per usual with sega, they get the best games but nobody buys them. Be different. Buy a dreamcast, it's worth it
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on 22 July 2006
I have owned many Games Consoles myself, First being the Sega MegaDrive, which quite frankly rocked!, Playstation, PS2 (Which i didnt find that special), Gamecube, Xbox, and now an Xbox 360. Out of all the consoles i could say, ive had the most fun on the Dreamcast.

Note to all gamers - Buy this console!! It is Cheap, and DEFINETLY cheerful!

In fact i might buy another myself!
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on 2 April 2013
was back in the day one of the best consoles you could get anywhere, though of course new advancements have passed by, in terms of speed and power and such at least, but this is still a great piece of equipment, and a little bit of history too.
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on 27 May 2005
More powerfull than the Playstation 2 and more AAA games than any CD-Based 128bit games console on the market...even though now off the market it still remains as a piece of brilliance for its power and inspiring online/offline games that still tower over any games console 1 and feel the force of Sega`s last games console,u wont reget it ........
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on 18 February 2015
What can I say thats not been said already about the Dreamcast.

I just got mine two weeks ago, and I cant believe I've gone 15 odd years never having one!

It came out in 1999 and is classed as part of the PS2, Gamecube and Xbox Gen but was the first one out the gate and the first system to (properly) have online. It was doing great at the time, Sega were making loads of games for it and 3rd party too, but alas, Sony's PS2 stole the show with very clever marketing and took sales away for a full year before the PS2 came out and so the Dreamcast died and sure we all know the rest, Sonic Boom anyone?

But there is still games being made for it, google is your friend.

So I got this system as I heard it was very easy to mess around with and clean etc. And I was right, I took it apart to give it a clean, very straight forward! Then I tried to fix the laser as it could not read my 'games', no problem at all, its like a new system now, reads everything ;)

After I cleaned her up, I just couldn't get the yellowing out of the casing and I just could not be bothered with all the work of RetroBright to get it back to the right colour and I live in Ireland, so no sun to leave it out in to clean. So, I got me some spray paints and gave it a black and silver look, along with the controller. Now it even looks brand new. Anyone can do this, just look for guides on youtube and you'll see its all so simple to do.

SOme amazing games the system, but I urge you to check out Half Life, the controlls take a little time to get used to but, its so worth it and its such a pitty it never got a proper release.

Sadly Sega will never release another system, and its prob for the best, they have lost their flare for game making and now are more focused on making SmartPhone games as they are pretty much broke. SO the chances of a DC2 ever coming, is, well, never.

Now I must get back to my Dreamcast and play over 200 games!


Get this system! Very user friendly and easy to mess with.
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