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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 13 September 2013
This game is like Soul Reaver, but voodoo instead of vampires. This game is incredibly atmospheric, has a good plot and plays well. This is a 5 star game. Most of the play is pull block/push switch action to collect the maguffins. But there are boss fights and wea[pons to collect, but overwhelmingly this is not short on polish and atmosphere. It should be noted that small children and those of a nervous disposition might want to avoid this - there are dark themes like what you might find in horror, so be warned but otherwise this is an outstanding game, which easily stands the test of time against today's titles. Enjoy.
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on 22 June 2012
SHADOWMAN is one of those games that was literally developed and created for all those gamers in the world who love films like "Constantine" "The Ninth gate" and "Prophecy". You will absolutely love the dark and twisted expanse of Deadside (Hell) and equally spend hours exploring the dark Voodoo Louisiana swamps of the old American deep south. The story is excellent and is worthy of any modern day horror movie. One of Hells most powerful Demons "Legion" has instructed the dead spirit of Jack the Ripper to build a Great towering Cathedral of pain, torture and sorrow in hell so as to create an unspeakable place of Pure Evil in preparation for the upcoming Apocalypse. He has also enlisted the help of four terrifying serial killers in Liveside (land of the living) and ordered them to murder anyone and everyone so as to send as many damned souls to hell as they can and in doing so charge the Cathedral of Pain with pure evil energy. Legion himself is also desperate to find the 120 hidden immortal souls of the accursed ancient ones (Powerful evil vanquishers defeated centuries ago). With their evil spirits at his command and with the dark cathedral in hell as his Fortress of Abomination he can then unleash the final Apocalypse upon mankind. Your job as Shadowman is real simple....Find all of the 120 hidden spirits of the accursed ancient ones and destroy them before Legion finds them and absorbs their power...Find out who and where the four serial killers are living in Liveside (land of the living) and send each of their evil souls to hell..Return to hell and finally kill their damned souls forever..Also find a way to enter the Great Cathedral of Pain in Hell, confront and destroy Jack the Rippers damned spirit and destroy the Great Cathedral of Pain.. Finally confront Legion and spare his life if he says he is real sorry and he promises not to do it again...NO only joking kill the evil swine and do as all hero's do return peace to the world and save mankind... Its a huge game which will take you at least 40 hours to complete and the game music is one of the best I have ever heard in a video game (check it out on Youtube). I recommend playing the Dreamcast version and hook it up to a composite to Hdmi converter/upscaler box. It looks absolutely stunning in full 720p resolution... Anyway that's my review..hope it helps..take care everyone..bye.
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on 23 November 2001
Imagine the scene... Three guys sitting in a cold, badly painted room. Small 14" TV is on, with Dreamcast whirring away beside it. One guy is holding a controller, another is watching the screen with terror and helplessness to help with the noticing of the evil monstrosities that could appear at any moment. The third is sitting with a wad of paper - crying out directions: "Well it says there is one just to the left of where you are." "Well it's not my fault that it is wrong!!" Game is played and eventually completed - mostly during a half hour before school starts, lunch times and an hour after school.
This is an ok game. It has many graphical improvements over the other versions on other platforms. It plays well with decent controls allowing you great freedom of play. It is attractive and is very atmospheric with a very good backing soundtrack (involving many a tangled scream etc.) It has a lot to do, with over a hundred "Dark Souls" to collect. This is not a game you will complete with in your first month of buying it :)
However, it does nothing to make you want to play it. After the first few levels there is not much new to be seen. Sure new levels with nicely detailed scenery and new weapons, but there is not really anything about the game that says: "play me!!"
It becomes very repetitive and annoying when you find yourself searching for hours to find just one extra "Dark Soul" so you can progress.
If you can get hold of a game guide, then there is more fun to be had killing all the minions than there is searching aimlessly for all those "Dark Souls", and if you play with the lights out, with some mates, you can get a few nights of enjoyment out of it. It was a lot more fun to be trying to find things together, as a group all discussing and arguing about where to go and what to do next than it was to play individually.
Buy, get a game guide and play with some friends.
Otherwise avoid...
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on 24 March 2008
I love this game, I really enjoyed playing it. It has a superb story line, great locations, horrendous enemies, and a dark sense of humour running thoughout the game. If your a fan of horror you'll love this game, if your not play it anyway. Look of for the play-room section in the Asylum level, it really freaked me out!
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on 5 September 2001
The game is a good adventure and horror game. Better than Tomb Raider and arguably Resident Evil Nemesis and 2 (Not Code Veronica though)
The graphics are ported PS graphics but are way improved and run smoothly.
The game plays great but starts slowly and that can put you off.
Get this game!!!! NOW!!!!
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on 10 November 2001
When I bought this highly-anticipated title I expected a reasonably good game. My friends had bought it previously and shown it to me, and it seemed OK. When I bought the game for myself, I found out how terribly wrong I was. This game is absolutely fabulous! It has all of the essential traits of a great game; a gripping storyline; fantastic gameplay; user-friendly controls; Lots to do and plenty of replay value. I have given this game 4 stars because it has one fault: it is extremely diffiucult to complete. It is very easy to get stuck and give up. Unfortunately, there is no way to change the difficulty level. However, don't forget the FANTASTIC storyline and gameplay that makes this title well worth the miniscule price that it can be bought for.
In conclusion, if you like a lot for a little, then this game is for you.
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on 24 August 2000
At first it looks like that the game you bought will take you on a dark advture throught the would of the undead. It is lead to belive that this is a game full of adventure, action, and a few scares, how wrong can you be! This is a repetative game. The action is not there. And the monsters are not scary. This is not a fun game you just dont see a point of continuing after the third level. The graphics look like a slightly buffed up playstation version. This is a BAD GAME avoid! at 30 quid there just is no reason to bother you would be better off buying Resident evil:Code Veronica or tomb raider...
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on 12 August 2001
This is the best horror game I have played. But remember, that for the first 2 or 3 hours that you play, the game may seem to be average. But behold, after that the game starts to become both amazing and scary. The graphics are neat, environments are well designed and the sound effects really create the creapy mood for the game. I dare you to play the game at night with lights off and stereo headphones in your ears.
Remember, don't judge this game in the first two hours that you play. You have to continue playing a while longer to see its true beauty.
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on 7 July 2000
A very cool game. Dark, mysterious, with loads of action and an intriguing storyline. Looks great, sounds cool, and plays pretty well too, except for the occasional drop in frame rate.
Gameplay is non-linear and a guaranteed 60+ hours of gameplay. There's a lot of exploring to do and even though you have to keep backtracking to previous levels, when you get there you find a huge new section to complete, so it never gets boring.
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on 11 July 2015
Decent game and okay graphics but the story is not very interesting as i thought it might be more exciting but kind of a dark mood is showb in this game
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