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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 25 May 2002
This absolutely splendid box set, features the music from Elvis' "That's The Way It Is."
TTWII, is a cracking film, featuring Elvis third season in Vegas (Aug 1970) plus rehearsals and behind the scenes footage.
The music is staggeringly good, especially the live parts where Elvis really is spot-on; perhaps at his best ever!
This 3CD box is really excellent; with a full live concert, rehearsals plus the original TTWII album and bonus tracks.
CD1 is the original album, plus bonus tracks...and starting with the legendary version of "I Just Can't Help Beleivin'"; this favourite is still an amazing masterpiece, extraordinarilly sung and very sadly omitted from the DVD.
"How the Web Was Woven" is another beautifuls song; I really love this gentle piece of music. After this Elvis growls, "hut, two, three four" and lets rip with "Patch it Up", really rockin' on this one, with superb drumming from Ronnie Tutt.
The very famous "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" and "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" and "Bridege Over Troubled Water" are given the Elvis treatment on CD 1, and damn, these are good!
CD2 is a full concert, this is tremendous; really one of the very best concerts he ever gave. Opening with the one, two punch of "That's Alright" and "Mystery Train/Tiger Man", the King is sheer dynamite and in unstoppable form.
The big hits are here too; "Hound Dog", "Blue Suede..." plus a really bluesy "Heartbreak Hotel" and "One Night."
"Polk Salad Annie" is here also; this stunning funk is always amazing as is the recent live, hit version of "Suspicious Minds"; this is just thrilling.
CD3 has 8 or 9 live tracks from other concerts, whilst the rest is the rehearsals; and this is fascinating; listening to the man at work; goofing off, messing up and delivering big time as he is really just having a great time getting down with the band.
Elvis is on electric guitar on much of this; the fantastic "Little Sister/Get Back" especially with Elvis on rythmn guitar and really cutting loose on this gem.
"Johnny Be Goode" is cracking; plus "That's Alright" and a very rocking "I Can't Stop Loving You" really are gripping....whilst a slightly poorer sounding; but absolutely mesmorising version of "Oh Happy Day" might just be the best track on the box.
TTWII is amazing music; as a live performer Elvis may never have been better, and that's including the 68 special. The diversity and range here are this and the DVD to get the full experience of the King at his best.
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on 14 November 2003
This is a probably one of Elvis's best works. Especially the second cd, the live recordings. You get to hear Elvis at his top, his voice is great and most importantly he is having fun, and when he is, you are too. The way he does "Polk Salad Annie", "You've lost that loving feeling", "Heartbreak Hotel" etc. etc. Is just simply genius. The third cd is a jewel for the real fan, the rehearsuls. It's great to hear the man creating. The first cd is the same as the standard cd That's the way it is, but it includes extra songs:Love letters, When I'm over you, Something, I'll never know, Sylvia and Rags to Riches. Oke to sum it up, if you don't have this cd your collection is not complete, and if this is your firts Elvis cd, go for it!!!!
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on 9 August 2000
This 3 disk set captures Elvis, vocally and physically at his peak. 1969 to 1970 he was at the orbit of an incredible comeback, and the tremendous exitement of those live engagements are evident on the live cuts, which are the real gems, particulary on the concert disk two which is my favourite of the set. The sound quality is excellent, and we hear Elvis and the group giving full throttle to Polk Salad Annie, Lovin' Feeling (which includes a soulful encore, which must be the envy of any Motown artist) and Suspicious Minds. Elvis chats with the audience between songs, and is good spirit. His voice deep and powerful, he pours his heart and soul into every tune with perfect phrasing. Disk one is mainly studio cuts, which have been issued before, and these showcase the different musical directions he was taking at that time.
Disk 3 is the rehearal has more good live outtakes, so they are not rehearsal at all. Elvis and his rythm band hash around with some oldies in preparation for the concerts. The rehearsals sound quality varies from poor to average, and are more of historical interest. Listen to "Oh Happy Day", and hear, the full grasp that Elvis had on Spiritual and Gopsel music. With this unreleased material which continues to surface, one wonders what else lies in the vaults of RCA and MGM - perhaps the concert at Phoenix which was filmed in September 1970? Or the live sets from Vegas in August 1969? Only time will tell!
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on 3 December 2015
Another 5 star review but,um,thats the way it is. Well recorded and despite having a fair chunk of this already it is still well worth the price I paid..Also its a handy size on the shelf as it were, if you like Elvis this set is unmissable.
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on 31 August 2014
Other than the 1st cd,the 2nd live cd must be the best concert from the 69-70 period and for that alone was the reason I purchased this item,having had it about 14 years ago and losing it somewhere along the way,all tracks are crystal clear and especially the concert,which I had on top volume today so half of Hastings mustve been Elvis in concert live.wicked 3 cd collection,a must for everyone,not just the fans.
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on 7 November 2001
'Thats the Way it is' is for Elvis fans. Ignore those who say the King peaked in the late 50s and never recovered anything worthy, in 1970 Elvis was never fitter, musically mature and arguably happier. This amazing collection of studio and concert recordings represents the peak of Elvis' career. The next seven years would take their toll but this pivotal box set stands as a fitting tribute to Elvis' body of work. 'Patch It Up' and a stunning rendition of 'Suspicious Minds' which could go on for ever and ever and ever and retain its magic. After getting the CD check out the video/DVD if you haven't already, I guarantee you'll see why Elvis remains embedded in music culture to this day.........enjoy.
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on 28 March 2015
When I'm in the mood I love my early Elvis cds but, time and again, I come back to TTWII. I saw it as a kid when it was first broadcast and nearly wore the groves off the vinyl album. This box set is probably only for purists (or someone who loves the concerts) as it's a mix of production quality tracks, a concert recording and rehearsals. So some (not many) tracks are repeated.

For me the period between the '68 special and TTWII produced many of my fav all time tracks and many of them are on here. His voice was warmer and richer by this point and I often sit at my pc and keep pressing repeat on Bridge Over Troubled Water. I think it's just slightly better than the S&G version and sets the hairs on back of my neck on end.

But then I also love I've Lost You, You've Lost That Loving Feeling, You Don't Have to Say You Love Me, The Next Step is Love, Twenty Days and Twenty Nights...the list goes on. It's a treasure.
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on 4 December 2006
This release see's RCA/BMG continue with their fine work of very carefully looking at the original album, and in this case not just tweaking it a little, but completely revamping it! It now includes stunning songs which were recorded at these sessions, but for some reason were held back; only being released in a very fragmented way over some rather patchy quality 70's albums. It is truly superb to hear them brought together on this fantastic set of 3 CD's. The first CD comprises of studio material, which now includes amoung others, the classic "Sylvia", a song that I suspect even real die-hard fans may not own until now (on CD anyway!). The second CD is a breathtaking complete concert with some great dialogue between some of the songs! Disc three is entitled "The Rehearsal" but in fact includes nine "live" recordings, again with some nice chat in between. The last two tracks appear to be Elvis singing to some sort of backing track, which are unfortunately of fairly bad quality, but they are certainly worthy of inclusion, especially "Happy Day", what a shame he didn't record it properly in a studio! The one thing that strikes you when listening to this set is just how good Elvis' voice really was. When he recorded these tracks, (between June and September 1970) his vocal range, strength, and ability to convey real emotion were all awesome. A little more mellow than the fantastic 1969 Memphis sessions, at that moment in time, he could sing anything - I urge you to buy it without delay!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 12 April 2013
Make no mistake, for all his Rock 'n' Roll trail blazing in his early days, after Gospel ballads Elvis personally favoured ballads. Even back on those early Sun sessions before Elvis, Scotty and Bill discovered "That's All Right", Elvis was concentrating on ballads. In those early days Rock 'n' Roll took over and we all appreciate that. But, by the 1970 Elvis was in his mid-thirties and comfortable with himself and in returning to the stage after the Hollywood years he wanted to express himself vocally over and above what was possible in a Rock 'n' Roll song. So Elvis returned to ballads and produced some terrific music in this period. Classic hit singles asside such as "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me", "I just Can't Help Believin'!and "I've Lost You" tracks like "Just Pretend", "Twenty Days And Twenty Nights" are just expertly performed, by a supreme all round vocalist. Elvis was more than a Rock 'n' Roll artist and an early pioneering rebel, he was a singer. By this time he chose to simply sing and in doing so he captivated.
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on 30 March 2002
Elvis` voice is exellent on this set, and the sound quality on the first two discs is brilliant. Elvis` version of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' is brilliant, (although the version on Elvis on tour is the best one ever) In these recordings Elvis put everything into the songs and performance, Vegas was new to him, and he was a long way from becoming bored and tired of the spirit killing tours. The first Disc is the studio recordings, and all the songs are fresh and Elvis sounds happy with the material, although I don`t see the point in the songs from the album 'Love Letters' such as 'Ill never know' this is a great song but the album that it belongs to is fantastic, and shouldn`t be made obselete. The second CD is the concert in full, arguably the best of his career, and the third disc, is Elvis rehearsing with his superb band, the sound quality is not as good as the first two CDs but it is still exellent, this disc is strictly for real Elvis fans, who love to hear rarities, so of course it should all see the light of day!
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