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Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

on 22 November 2006
Yes, That Petrol Emotion are back and have been touring the UK last July (2009) and this record is the purest available document of their incredible energy as a live act. Please note that the CD features 16 tracks, and that the digital version also available through Amazon is the full 22-track meal. For more, check their official website.

Original review :

I must admit that I agree with ALL the reviews below on ALL points.

That Petrol Emotion really were, as writer Keith Cameron pointed out in his sleevenotes for their 2nd album "Babble" (1987) reissue in 2001, "a band ahead of their time, beyond their time, very much of their time" (1985-1994 R.I.P.). Indeed, they took their thrilling tones from Sonic Youth, their swamping grooves from a Gang Of Four-Gun Club-The Fall virtual axis and their melodies from the best of the Sixties darlings (i.e. The Beatles & The Beach Boys). As it looks (and looked) promising on paper, TPE kept on record something a little bit shrill and thin in their sound that didn't help make them the great crossover band (in terms of success) they should have been. The closer they got, sonically speaking, to the most chart-worthy material, was on the "Chemicrazy" (1990) album, which managed to sell even less than its 3 predecessors.

So this didn't really came as a surprise when they decided to disband in 1994; but before that, TPE offered their fans two farewell gigs in London and Dublin, and the "Final Flame" CD, released only in 2000, is supposed to showcase the best moments of these shows.

And it does, as it is also a more than fine documentary both on their killer singles career and their incendiary live performances: "Catch A Fire" and "Abandon" are even more viciously hypnotic than their otherwise brilliant studio alter egoes, "Genius Move" and "Hey Venus" provide tiny reminders that the bombing of their sales was a full-scale injustice and, at last, the triumvirate of "Chemicrazy", "Blue To Black" and "Scumsurfin'" proves that this band was capable of noisy epic finals without losing an ounce of their high-focused deep grooves.

Highly Recommended.
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on 14 October 2009
Their are not many live LP's you can say are essential listening, Ive heard people say Thin Lizzy "Live and Dangerous" on many occasions but that was heavily overdubbed in the studio, so it's claim to "Live" is seriously under threat. "Final Flame" is an LP that is essential listening and is the band live warts and all. If anybody was to ask me where would I start to find out what That Petrol Emotion are all about, this is the LP I would tell them to buy. What you get is a band at the hight of it's game, a live sound honed to perfection, stunning guitar interplay between Guitarists Raymond Gorman and Damien O'Neill, groovy bass lines courtesy of Brendan Kelly, wonderfully punctuated drumming from Ciaran Mclaughlin and passionate vocals from Steve Mack. Their is No "Best Of" That Petrol Emotion LP and their is no need for one as it is all here, from the killer singles "Genius Move", "Swamp", "Sensitize", "Tingle", "Detonate My Dreams" the majestic "Abandon" and "Big Decision" (How non of these set the charts alight still amazes me to this day!) to essential LP tracks "Sweet Shiver Burn", "Scumsurfin" ect.. all you could ever want is here. New bands should purchase this LP just to find out what putting on a passionate live performance is all about. Do yourselves a favour and buy this LP, I guarantee that you will still be playing it in 10 years time and not tire of it.
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on 1 April 2003
This is a brilliant (but untimely) ending to a highly underrated, highly original band. This album charts the two final gigs by TPE in London and Dublin and they truly are on fire. The rhythm section is as tight as a gnat's chuff, the guitar players are one of the best partnerships ever and the vocals are truly convincing. Every track on this album is great and energetic and if you like Sonic Youth and/or britpop you will love this band. Go buy now!
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on 5 February 2001
For those never fortunate enough to see That Petrol Emotion live, do NOT let this opportunity pass you by, for it is on "Final Flame" that one can truly appreciate why this band's following was loyal and always ready with complete openness to receive the Petrols' message.
I had the foresight to see the band on every occasion allowed and I can attest through "Final Flame" that yes, this was the quintessential live band that knew how to ROCK, first and foremost. From the etherial (tear-shedding) beauty of "Sweet Shiver Burn", the raucous "Sensitize" and the orgasmic climax of "Chemicrazy", "Final Flame" spells out quite clearly and sublimely that we'll not see a band that moves you, both on the dancefloor and in your heart like THAT PETROL EMOTION again (or at least not until someone takes the blueprint laid out by the Petrols).
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on 20 February 2002
It's time to give my respects to this band.
When you listen to this album you are taken to another music world: Fire, Detonation and Sublime Caos.... but everything fits... not the mess some many other bands give us !

I have bought all TPE's records, and Final Flame summarizes some of the best songs of them like the breathless "Blue To Black", the fantastic "Big Decision", the heart-breaking "Abandon" and the sublime "Infinite Thrill", among all the others.

TPE are great and I just wished they hadn't break up...their music really "tantalizes".
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on 16 October 2000
Six years in the making but By Jove it was worth the wait. I was fortunate enough to be at the London Gig and this cd gets the mixture of atmosphere and music just about right. The songs still sound as fresh, vibrant and dangerous as they did back in the days, it makes you truly wonder about what currently passes as "Indie".
This Album shows that success does not always follow talent. TPE always deserved better, a larger share of the limelight. Sadly fate decided otherwise and we are all the worse of for it.
If you like your music to have good tunes, decent lyrics delivered with raw passion and panache by the best butt kicking guitar band this side of the Rockies you will not be disappointed - A supreme effort
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on 25 September 2000
Live by That Petrol Emotion is the ultimate purchase for anyone who loves decent music. It is rock/manic pop at its very best. And all the more so, it covers 70+ plus minutes of live music from one of the most underrated bands of all time.
The Petrols have again produced a storming CD, full of all their classic songs, only this time, we get catch them live, which is where the Petrols were always at their strongest.
The CD has my strongest recommendation. All I can say is buy it. You can't go wrong.
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on 29 August 2000
I loved TPE and I was soooo gutted when they called it a day because the public were too ignorant to realise a good thing when they saw it. This live CD shows just how stunning they were and what the foolish masses were missing out on. It crackles with energy, its got great tunes (remember them?), sharp lyrics and begs to be bought by all and sundry. Buy it now and remember the good old days before half-wit Beatles imitators came along and ruined great guitar pop for the rest of the ninties... BTW the sooner Chemicrazy gets a re-release, the happier I'll be!
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on 14 October 2009
What can I say - one of the best live albums from one of the most underrated bands in rock history. Final Flame would be a great way to start with the petrols - If it is I bet its not long before you want to sample some more. To think that these 2 live recordings were the last live shows in nearly 15 years was criminal. Luckily however the band have reformed with this same line up and are still at their rockin best!!
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