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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 6 March 2006
I actually missed out on the X-Files when it was first on TV, only getting glimpses of occasional episodes. But now since I've started to collect the Season Box Sets, I can't believe what I was missing out on.
Season Two is the X-Files nearing its peek, with the Mythology episodes that follow the recurring government/Alien conspiracy especially strong. This is not always the case in later seasons.
As well as this, there are also notable 'Monster of the week' episodes where the Agents have to investigate numerous unexplainable anomalies, including a creature that lives in the sewer system, a death fetishist, a group of school board members who have a taste for the occult and a dangerous creature that is the result of a circus sideshow.
Obviously as in all seasons, there are weaker episodes. But with the majority of episodes being so strong and well written, it makes it easier to forgive and be able to see the clear assets of the season overall.
As well as the episodes, there are a number of notable characters that are introduced this time round, such as Alex Krycek, Mr X and The Alien Bounty Hunter. All of these are welcome additions.
With the drama and excitement of the season finale 'Anasazi' leaving you almost breathless, you can't wait to get hold of Season 3. Let me assure you, nothing quite prepares you for all the events that take place in the finale.
Overall a brilliant season. 10/10.
Little Green Men
The Host
Duane Berry
Die Hand Der Verletz
End Game
Excelsus Dei
Fearful Symmetry
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on 14 December 2004
I was a big fan of the X files when they were aired during the mid nineties. Unfortunatley when the series first came out on DVD, the Prices were around £70 for just 1 season. But for around £25 you cant go wrong in purchasing this new digi-pak box set. The box set includes 25 episodes spanning over 7 Discs, Which is approximately 1100 minutes of footage including speacial features. This is a huge amount of viewing time for a price of £25. The special features inlude Chris Carter and other production staff comentating on certain episodes. Its fascinating to find out what lengths the crew went to whilst filming the season. Watch out for Scully eating a cockroach!
As i started to view the episodes I instantly realised why this programme was one of the best shows on tv. The special effects, tension, drama, story lines, acting are all amazing. Considering the season was filmed 10 years ago, the special effects are even good viewing by todays standards. Compared to other seasons, the 2nd season was one of the best. Each episode is unique ranging from scullys abduction to mulders discovery of a huge government conspiracy about Aliens. Basically at the end of the day the whole series is extremely entertaining. Even people who have not seen the shows on tv should experience the best sci-fi series ever made. Buy the box set, enjoy it, then save up for season 3.
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on 14 March 2005
I was never up on X files, and the closest I got to watching the series was buying those videos in the mid nineties that came in a cool limited edition box. When release on DVD, X-Files was a very expensive series to collect, and at 80 pounds a pop for each one was costly. Now though, they have rereleased them in a new package (better than the old ones and more robust) and still have the same amount of DVD's and features. If you missed the X files, like I did, then here's your opportunity to catch up with one of the best TV series ever made. Featuring 25 episodes on 6 disks and the 7th disc saved for special features, the set is concluded with a 20 page booklet which the 7th disk neatly fits in!
All in all a great set for fans, and an affordable series for those who would like to get into this cool TV programme.
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on 2 February 2006
Season one ended on a remerakable cliffhanger, which left a lot of people shocked. As the second season begins, the X-files has been shut down and now Agent Fox Mulder (played brilliantly by David Duchovny) is stuck with routine service work. His partner, Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson on top form) is now working in the acemdemy.
The first season had some very amazing episodes, but thses episodes beat them hands down. Invisible rapists in an old folks home, demonic possesion with little boys, the classic aliens (the best being the three part episodes, Duane Barry, Acension and One Breath) Mulder finnaly meeting the aliens who stole his sister, and more including vampires, parasites, cannibals and freaks.
The best episodes would have to be the scary ones. Season one wasn't scary enough for me, but season two does the trick. Watch out for Die Hand Die Verletzt, Little Green Men and The Calusari.
This season is the only 18 rated season in the entire show. This is because of the exorcism scene in The Calusari, which (annoyingly) doensn't mention on the back. It's not that suitable for kids, either, unlike (in my opinion) the first season.
The best series.
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on 28 April 2016
Season Two Of The Hugely Popular X Files Series Comes Spread Over Seven Disc's With a Stunning Blu ray Transfer. The picture is in it's original 4.3 Ratio and fills your TV screen The season picks up straight were season one ended with The X Files closed down and for The first few episodes Fox Mulder ( David Duchovy ) going it alone Trying To resurrect The files of course Dana Scully ( Gillian Anderson ) is never far away. some of The Best episodes That really launched The series into The Big Time is featured on This set including fan favourite episode Irresistible. Extras on The Disc's feature a Season Two introduction by series creator Chris Carter. Deleted scenes in reality Though Nothing new as been added for The Blu ray releases if you already owned The Season's DVD's. One little bit of Down play for me with This release is The Menu for The Disc's you really have To strain To see as you Highlight your choiced episodes They are a bit on The light side with The episodes wording. and it's a safe bet The rest of The Season's Menu's will be The same. The Truth Is Still Out There Though with This release Five Stars. Just A Tad Shy On The Menu Layout.
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on 29 January 2016
Not region A but region free
Picture and sound quality superb
With extras

The x files. Have been closed down following the last episode season 1. Both
Fox and Dana reassigned to different. Areas Dana in the medical crimes unit teaching fox doing background checks

In this. Season Gillian took a quick absence because she just had a baby and returned after 3days and this was fitted in to the season after her abduction and return... Great stamina for ms Anderson. The. Second season sees the appearance of krycheck and the re
opening of x files by skinner

The blue. Ray sets are not available thru uk or EU sellers at this time. But through. A hand full in North America all box sets start at a reasonable. Price at around £19
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VINE VOICEon 13 October 2014
This second season of 'The X-Files' begins where the previous season left off with the X-Files shut down, Deep Throat killed and Mulder and Scully separated. Not everything is going badly however as Mulder still apparently has friends within the FBI and the government he didn't even know about who wish the truth to be known.

The episodes in this season are all very entertaining with a good mix of monster-of-the-week episodes alongside episodes that focus on the series myth arc and government conspiracy with both of these styles of episode including some very good episodes and some poorer episodes. The season does see Scully leave the show for a brief period (due to Gillian Anderson being pregnant) and the writers do a good job of working this into the plot. Of the episodes in this season my favourites have to be episode 4, 'Sleepless', that is about mysterious deaths and introduces the characters of X and Krycek; episode 15, 'Fresh Bones', which deals with voodoo; and episode 19, 'Død Kalm', which sees Mulder and Scully investigate a ghost ship. Another notable episode is episode 20, 'Humbug', which is arguably the first straight comedy episode of the series and is very funny throughout. My least favourite episodes are probably episodes 16 and 17, 'Colony' and 'End Game', a two part story that sees identical strangers murdered and has personal ramifications for Mulder.

The season sees both Assistant-Director Skinner and the Cancer Man taking a bigger role in the narrative with both characters probably being two of my favourite recurring characters. The new people introduced in this season (X, Krycek and the alien bounty hunter) are also all quite interesting with their respective actors doing a very good job of portraying them.

Overall this second season of 'The X-Files' was a very solid one with very few missteps and is easily worth a full five stars.
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on 31 October 2006
The X-Files gets properly underway with season 2, with a good mix of stand-alone episodes and some solid contributions to the emerging `mythology'. The closure of the X-Files section at the end of season 1 lasts some way into the season, and makes for some interesting changes in the way the agents get to work together. We meet Mulder's new informant `X', and the duplicitous Alex Krycek. A.D. Skinner and The Cigarette-Smoking Man get bigger roles.

The show feels more confident - we have stories spread over more than one episode for the first time, and signs of a lighter, self-referential mood from writer Darin Morgan in `Humbug'. Although I don't rate this season as highly as some subsequent ones, it's still very good indeed.


Duane Barry, Ascension, One Breath, Red Museum, The Calusari, Anasazi

Episodes I remember not liking, but enjoyed this time round:

Soft Light, `3'

Weak points:

Little Green Men - worth seeing for the scenes between Mulder & Scully, but actually quite disappointing.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 June 2016
This is season two of 'The X-Files' on Blu-ray. It presents 25 episodes in full HD, with fantastic video and audio quality. As the show was originally recorded on film, the Blu-ray transfer is excellent (whereas the earlier VHS and DVD releases had to be reduced in quality). This is, therefore, the best version of the show.

This season originally aired in 1994-95, and contributed to the show becoming a defining TV series of that decade. This second season picks up immediately after the end of the first, and sees both Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) continuing their work as FBI agents investigating paranormal and supernatural cases - known as X-Files. As with each of the seasons, this one consists of several 'monster of the week' type episodes, as well as building the ground work for the ongoing story-arc concerned with alien invasion and government conspiracy.

This is a great show, and is now considered by many to represent 'classic TV'. As compared to the first season, this is faster paced - with more action. The show had, at this point, established itself - and the cast appeared more at ease. Additionally, the budget seems to have improved - as the special effects are more advanced.

The episodes included are: "Little Green Men"; "The Host"; "Blood"; "Sleepless"; "Duane Barry"; "Ascension"; "3"; "One Breath"; "Firewalker"; "Red Museum"; "Excelsis Dei"; "Aubrey"; "Irresistible"; "Die Hand Die Verletzt"; "Fresh Bones"; "Colony"; "End Game"; "Fearful Symmetry"; "Død Kalm"; "Humbug"; "The Calusari"; "F. Emasculata"; "Soft Light"; "Our Town"; and "Anasazi".
review image review image
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on 5 March 2006
This season of the X-files shows how the series could go from stand-alone episodes in season to 1, and expand on it in season 2, to larger story arcs and better strories to tell. This X-files season is quite possible one of the best seasons of the show.
The first episode picks up after the last episode 'The erlenmyer flask' and it shows Mulder and Scully still off the x-files. It brings us back to a more alien story. This sort of sets us up for a bigger story arc which would come later: 'Duane Barry' is probably the first proper mythology episode. It sets us up for a huge story-arc. It continues on in 'Ascention' with Scully's abduction and concludes in 'One breath' with Scully's resurrection. These three episodes are three of the most stunning episodes, and have to be viewed. Another mythology two-parter is 'Colony/End game' which introduces one of my favourite villains: the alien bounty hunter. It deals with the Earth's colonization and the bounty hunter is after the clones. It also gives us more information of Mulder's sister's abduction. 'Anasazi' is the season finale which is fantastic, as it gives more insight to the governments involvement with aliens.
The stand-alone episodes are also great in the season. A popular episode is 'The host' which deals with a large fluke-worm which is roaming the New Mexico sewers. In 'Sleepless' Mulder investigates the deaths of green beret soldiers who participated in a sleep expermient. This episode also introduces one of the most popular chracters: Alex Krycek. 'Red museam' concludes the story of Deep Throat's death. 'Die hand die verletzt' is one of the scariest x-files and 'Humbug' introduces the show to a comedic route. Though, a few episodes are weak: 'Firewalker', 'Aubrey' and 'Fresh bones' but most of the episodes are great. 'The calusari' is apparently the episode which makes this season an '18' rating, but frankly the episode isn't so bad. It could easily be a '15'.
This season is probably superior to season 1, as most of the stand-alones have interesting ideas. There is a larger amount of aliens in this season, many chracters are more involved more such as Skinner and Cigarette smoking man. If you liked season 1, you will love this also.
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