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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 25 June 2017
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on 7 December 2004
Released at a time when nu-metal ruled the rock roost, 'White Pony', the Deftones' 3rd record was released in a period when the band were expected to forsake any artistic development and create an album of simple riffs, rapping and tortured lyrics. Well, after listening to White Pony, the question begs, if that's what you want then why are you listening to the Deftones?
White Pony is the biggest departure for the band; yes, the chuggy riffs are still evident in 'Korea' and 'Elite', but whilst the Deftones have always forgone the option of making an easily heavy and hook laden rock album, this time they took the option of taking the listener on a proper journey. The moods the band creates here are truly sublime, emphasised in the emotive and driving 'Change (in the house of flies)' or 'Digital Bath'. Both with great melodic but firm riffs, and chased with a sense of beauty. And of course, the ever-impressive Chino Moreno's powerful voice bringing its trademark depth to this set of amazing songs.
Definitely the most absorbing and rewarding of the bands records, here, the Deftones delve into light electronica ('Teenager'), semi acoustic prog ('Pink Maggit') and...lets call it developmental rock for 'Passenger', which includes a stirring guest performance by Tool's Maynard James Keenan. And not once does any of this fail to work; each track flows seamlessly into the next, each track standing out from its predecessor as each flawless track makes itself recognisable.
Absorbing, rewarding and magnificent, White Pony is one of the best albums ever made, regardless of genre. If this doesn't make the hairs on your back stand up then nothing will.
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on 14 August 2000
This is the Deftone's best album, these guys are most definetly the best metal band on earth today. This album confirms it. It mixes great mellow songs like 'Digital bath', 'RX Queen', 'Pink Maggitt' and 'Teenager' with hard, melodic metal songs like 'Elite', 'Street Carp' and the albums best song - 'Knife Prty'. The rhythm section (in particular drummer Abe Cunningham) is fantastic as always, Stephen Carpenter uses his guitar to create some brilliant sounds and DJ Frank Delgados turntables add more ambience to the sound of 'White Pony'. And what of Chino Moreno? Well, Chino uses his voice brilliantly as always like sort of extra musical instrument. He explores the full range of his vocals on this album, where he goes from screaming 'youre into depression, cos it matches your eyes' on 'Elite' to sounding like a teenager on the song (you guessed it) 'Teenager'. His collaboration on 'Passenger' with Maynard from Tool is fantastic as it combines two of rock's most distinctive/powerful voices to stunning effect. Are you still reading this? Go buy 'White Pony'. Now! I repeat, you will NOT regret it!
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on 20 March 2002
I have never been fond of metal. In earlier years, 1996, after scanning through the late night music channels I wandered upon a clip of a supposed "new band", the Deftones, performing something close to noise which I had no intention of ever enduring.
Maturing was inevitable and since listening to rock over the years, metal was still boisterous ever since the arrival of Limp Bizkit and crew. The loud, heavy guitars did nothing and frontman Fred Durst seemed a fake, providing more comedy that seriousness.
When I heard a track by the Deftones on late night radio, I liked what I heard. Change (In The House Of Flies) had a mysterious, sinister edge that changed my view on metal completely. Like their album, White Pony, the Deftones actually DID something to inject much needed intelligence and originality into this genre. No longer is the lead singer of a metal band screaming his testicles off about how bad life is, how someone hurt him... lyrics so vague that for every listener, each track could mean something completely different.
Anger is usually the emotion released with heavy distortion, but here the music has so many transitions a track can move from rage to sheer beauty in an instant. Chino has a voice that moves this music like a tide - on Digital Bath the loud guitars suddenly cease as he mouths; "You breathed - then you stopped". Teenager is a soothing little number and the variety, which was needed to make this more than just a heavy-metal record. The whole album benefits from it, after it fades out, down come the blazing guitars with Street Carp and Knife Party.
The Deftones really outdid themselves here. No longer do I generalise metal after White Pony. This is an album with a dark, sinister undertone, a Clive Barker of albums, an album to listen to at the end of a hard day, relax, rock, release all your emotions to with one CD. If you take emotional music further than listening to a bland love song, you need this.
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on 21 June 2000
I only bought this album about 5 hours ago so im on my third listen. My first impressions of White Pony were, o.k, what have they done here then. The first two songs (feiceira and digital bath) take a bit of getting used to, but after a couple of listens you notice two things. 1-they are right up there with My own summer and Be quiet and drive. 2- chino's voice and expression has improved alot. White Pony on a whole has more to offer than the the previous two albums. It is more dynamic and reaches a wider spectrem of music. The quieter moments of the album (teenager) are more convincing, like there not just throwing them in for good measure. The Deftones have moved on from their first albums, there is more to listen to. You cant compere one song to the other and the none of the songs get lost in the mess like alot of other metal bands have a habit of doing. Stand out tracks on this album for me are digital bath, rx queen, korea and passenger. Im not a huge metal fan, but you cant help liking this album, you will find alot of your average rock fans listening to White Pony and going out to buy it.
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on 29 July 2003
I believe that with this album, the Deftones have reached their maximum potential. They've shown us with White Pony that they're not just another nu-metal band, but a great rock band with lots of different sides. My personal favourite song on the album has to be Digital Bath because its very soothing and the vocals are great. It's also a great song live. It features the hit single, change (in the house of flies) which has great lyrics and guitar riffs. If you're thinking of buying this album, yet think it might just be yet another nu-metal band,think again and buy it. You'll be impressed at the talent of song writing, musicians and the vocals.
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on 31 October 2006
This is one of the few albums I own that never, never, never gets old. I mean it! I bought this album right when it came out after liking 'Around the Fur' moderately. I was shocked at how far ahead of the last album this one was! I mean light years ahead! (no disrespect for those who worship 'Around the fur' and 'Adrenaline'.. they are both great albums but simply lack the distinct, brooding atmosphere that the 'Pony' reeks of) I have rarely come across and album as absorbing, and haunting as this.

From start to finish, the Deftones bounce back from dark, depressing, atmospheric pieces to violent, heavy tracks that just blend together to create something truly frightening. Chino, of course, stands head and shoulders above the mix, with his droning, dying, beautiful voice. You dont come across something this well put together every day. Intentionally or accedintally 'White Pony' is... amazing... simply amazing..
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on 14 July 2006
this is deftones 3rd album and was released in 2001 to critical acclaim,thats not to say that all deftones were overjoyed at it,for this was the follow up to the legendary around the fur opus and this is certainly a different album than that,the fury is there but only in parts,this is a more laid back,chilled affair where the rewards of listening to it arent that obvious at first glance or indeed listen.

The album opens with feiticeira which isnt the face melting opener that you may expect but instead relies on intelligent songwriting and beautiful moments of anger.Digital bath follows and again the mood is sombre and chilled but all the while you cant help but think,dear god this is good but maybe i shouldnt like it.Elite follows and its a cracking example of chinos scream and the chunky riffs that the band can throw at us,this song even won a grammy in 2001,believe that or not.Teenager and knife party are further prime slabs of substance over angst and screams,their is maturity in this album,passenger is one of the highlights of the album,tools maynard james keenans co writes this song and sings on it as well and really adds to the brilliance of this song,change is another cracker with its searing moments all evened out by a brilliant and moving chorus and pink maggot closes things and its a great change of direction when they break into back to school mid way through it,spine tingling brilliance.

This is an album from a band who destroyed us all with around the fur and who burst into the scene with adrenaline in 1995,this is the band who believe in the ability to write a layered song with style and grace,this is white pony.
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on 20 June 2001
Deftones have always been regarded by their fans as one of the true great bands of the last five or six years, and it's a shame that a lot of the faithful feel so let down by this album. In my opinion, it is the band's best work, although Around the Fur is indespensible if you are going to become a Deftones fanatic. Chino is showing maturity, innovation and most importantly, stronger songwriting skills in this LP. It has it's mash out moments, (korea, elite) and dark, brooding tales (RX Queen, Feiticiera) which are combined flawlessly to create one of the best albums of the late nineties. Chino's voice (including his ragged squeal, displayed so often at live shows) surfaces occasionally and is all the more powerful for it. Dark, but strangely comforting, in parts disturbing, unforgetttable. Suggest that fans of the earlier stuff give this album a day or two to grow on them, the Deftones are still in there, but if you just want to mosh yourself into the floor keep White Pony on the rack until you have grown up a bit.
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on 22 October 2009
I came across a Deftones track on a music TV channel, interested in hearing more, i bought White Pony, a random choice of their (at the time) 3 albums, and it never left my CD player for months. I was unprepared for what lay in store with this album, an emotional ride, swinging from despair to anger & more. It is a completely immersive experience, which to this day leaves me feeling drained after listening to it all the way through. To me this is the number 1 album I have ever heard, unlike anything else I have ever heard. Nothing else I know draws you in so deeply, & drags you along with it, the soundscapes create a tense, moody atmosphere, through which Chino's vocal range impart such deep varied feelings. At times tense, despairing, full of pain & longing, other times full of unrestrained anger. From the opening blast of Feticiera all the way through to the triumphant finale of Pink Maggit, this is ground breaking rock music, created by true artists, like nothing else, & for me, nothing else comes close
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