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on 30 March 2017
it's not bad nor good however if you do buy it don't do what I did and accidentally buy a Spanish version missing disc one, two and containing copy of metal gear solid 2 son's of liberty
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on 9 April 2017
It didn't work when it came quite disappointed. Left it a couple of weeks to try the game out
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on 7 March 2004
You need the original Metal Gear Solid to play this game, so if you dont have it, buy that first, because that is the main game. There is no additional story in Special Missions, only VR missions.
Sound and graphics are similar to the original, and the music are remixed versions of the 2 first (quite unknown) Metal Gear games. The only bad thing about the original game is that it is to short. When you finish it you only want more, then this game is what you need.
Lots of crazy missions here, some examples are: BIG soldliers, "bowling" with enemies, find the murderer, play as Grey Fox!, photo mode with Naomi and Mei Ling.... and so on.
You might get frustrated some times when you have problems with a level, but it feels even better when you manage to complete it.
If you didn't like the original, you won't like this either(as if its possible to not like the original). The replay value is somewhat less than in the original, unless you are very interresting in getting the best times ever on all the levels(300 levels).
So, if you are like me, and can feel truely alive only on the battlefield. You need this game.
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on 7 September 2000
Metal gear solid..... undoutably the GREATEST game every produced for the sony playstation. it had flare, it had style, it had guns, guns and more guns. not to mention metal gear itself. this "sequal" if you like is simply hundreds of VR training missions packed onto a disk, and it doesn't stop there, oh no, it goes on, hands up who always wished they could play as the ninja in the original? well now you can, along with many other characters. you can perfect all your skills in this and then go on to absolutely thrash the game (again) without taking a single hit. it is just as fun as the real thing (but withoit the plot) and i highly reccomend it to all thoser solid snake fans out there. happy gaming!
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on 12 December 2009
I remember rushing out to buy this on its release, many many years ago - This along with Final Fantasy 7 on Playstation were the games that really pushed the idea of big budget gaming as a story telling and entertainment concept equal to movies (if not surpassing them!).

The story is fantastic while taking atmospheric hints from John Carpenter's 'Escape from New York' and other classic movies, Solid Snake is a 'Kurt Russel'like hero who is brought back on a mission by his superior officer (like in the second Rambo movie.). A new threat to world peace has emerged (The gigantic Metal Gear robot/thing!) and some terrorists are going to use it for their own evil purpose!

The game has great playabality involving stealth, combat and spying (and some romance)- a brilliant control system which has only been matched or improved by its sequels. It has you sneaking, crawling, climbing, fighting and shooting bad guys.

The graphics and storyline are amazing - and when I say interactive movie - this is probably the closest anything ever got to one at the time this was released -

If you haven't played this - then you owe it to yourself to get this at the price here its a steal.
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on 6 September 2000
A great add on for a great game.you take the role of the famous solid snake as you go through 300 vr missions it has all the guns from the first plus for the first time you even get to control the ninja.The fisrt was a classic the second is a master piece.Well adviced to bye for many reasons you wont be dissopointed i garante it
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on 14 February 2011
As a follow up from the first Metal Gear Solid, I feel that this 'second edition' is an amazing way to gain a different prospective throught the use of different and extensive VR training levels. This includes different levels for different subjects, for example, Time Trial, SOCOM, Level 1.

I love the fact that there is such a vast amount of different levels to do which keeps you interested in the game, and in my opinion the old school graphics are still awesome!

It's a very fun game to play and if you enjoyed the first Metal Gear Solid, then purchase Special Missions as it has a great range of extensive levels and features to do/take part in.

Overall, an amazing game, amazing additional levels and features, a definate 'must have!'
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on 24 February 2012
Simply had to buy as i remembered it from my child hood. This game brings back memories which make you feel excited and so happy inside you can't put the controller down. I used my PS2 slim to play this game as the PS3 wouldn't recognise the disc? I cannot put into words how amazing metal gear solid games are and to have this tops your collection off by not just a margin but by a mile! BUY BUY BUY amazing quality amazing game!
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on 27 December 2012
One of the greatest games ever made: Metal Gear Solid. And there's an 'expansion pack' to it. You can't go wrong.

Those of you who are a bit too 21st century, I tell you now, buy the original game and the Special Missions then MGS 2, then MGS 3 then MGS 4. Play them all! You'll be surprised.

A game that has it's own genre. A true classic. Buy NOW! (literally, BUY IT NOW!)
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on 19 February 2008
Enjoyed it- completed it in 5 days. You get 300+ VR missions, then get to play as the Ninja for 3 levels. They could have done more with it though, added a story mode for the Ninja, etc...
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