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on 4 March 2011
WWF No Way Out 2000 Match Ratings

1. Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho (WWF Intercontinental Championship) 3/5

2. Dudley Boys vs New Age Outlaws (WWF Tag Team Championship) 3/5

3. Mark Henry vs Viscera 2/5

4. Hardy Boys vs Edge & Christian (No1 contenders for WWF Tag Team Championship) 5/5

5. Tazz vs Big Bossman 1/5

6. X-Pac vs Kane (No Holds Barred Match) 3/5

7. Too Cool vs Radicalz (Six Man Tag Team Match) 5/5

8. Big Show vs The Rock (Winner goes to WrestleMania 2000 to face WWF Champion) 3/5

9. Cactus Jack vs Triple H inside Hell in a Cell (WWF Championship) 5/5

Match Favourite: Cactus Jack vs Triple H inside Hell in a Cell (WWF Championship)
Worst Match: Tazz vs Big Bossman
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on 18 August 2004
I bought this match for one match, and one match only. Hell In A Cell. Which, you probably guessed already but I just thought i'd confirm it. Anyhoo, on with the review.
Match 1 is for the Intercontinental Championship, and sees Chris Jericho defending against European Champ Kurt Angle. This was a good wrestling match. Maybe not Angle's best, but still okay. Next we have the Tag Team Championship match featuring the New Age Outlaws defending against the Dudley Boyz. This match didn't last too long, and it was the last time the NAO appeared as a team on PPV.
Match 3 is next, and features the 400-pound Mark Henry taking on the even bigger Viscera. well, at least it doesn't last long. This was during the Mark Henry/Mae Young angle. What were they thinking?
Next up is another encounter between The Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian. These two teams always put on good matches, and this one follows the trend. Oh, it has a SURPRISE ENDING.
Oh, it's time for the classic Boss Man/Tazz encounter. The one that didn't last a minute. Well, the beatdown after lasts longer, and culminates with a low blow.
Things get better when Kane takes on X-Pac in a match with NO HOLDS BARRED. This is a chance for mayhem, and there is some to a degree. Paul Bearer ends up chasing Tori around the ring at one point. Good ending too.
Match 7 is a 6 Man Tag Team Match pitting Too Cool and Rikishi against Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Perry Staurn. This match is an average match, but is still not too bad.
Next is the first of two main events: The Rock VS. Big Show, with the winner going on to face the winner of Hell In A Cell at Wrestlemania 16. This match came about when The Rock's feet touched the gorund first in the Royal Rumble Match a month ago. This match lasts under ten minutes, but is still a good outing for both men.
Now it's time for Hell In A Cell. Triple H defending the WWF Championship against Cactus Jack. This match is as brutal as the other HIAC matches, with about ten padlocks on the door. This match has a great ending, and could have been Mick Foley's last match if he lost. You probably know the result, but in case you don't, I won't say.
This match is a great ending to a great PPV. There are some not-so-good matches, but overall, this is an event worthy of any collection.
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on 19 December 2003
No Way Out 2000 was 1 of the best PPV's of 2000, it fetured a 6 man tag match, The Rock vs Big Show winner goes 2 the mian event at wretlemania 16, No Holds Barred Match Between Kane & x-pac and who could forget about the Hell in a Cell match for the WWF Championship HHH vs Cactus Jack, they used everything in the Hell in a Cell match, Chairs, steel steps, 2 by 4 wrapped in barbed wire which then was set on FIRE! on top of the Cell, if Cactus Loses the Hell in a Cell Match he muct retire, he also took hard bumps in this match like getting backdropped through the top of the Cell and lands straight through the ring this match is unbelivable!
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on 15 February 2005
WOW!! Many people may buy this solely for the hell in a cell match but it has so much more to offer!!
It starts with an intercontinental title match, Y2J Chris Jericho vs Kirk Angel. Jericho is on top, but Angle screws his way to victory. However, this is a good match, with plenty of action, and a good way to begin the PPV.
Next, a tag team match for the tag titles, The Dudleyz vs The New Age Outlaws. Although this is a pretty boring match, it is the last ever match of the New Age Outlaws. An end to probably the greatest tag team ever.
After that, the worst match of the night. Mark Henry vs Viscera. A boring match all said, Viscera gets beaten by a Scoop Slam. Enough said.
After the boredom of the previous match comes two great things. Firstly, the return of Terri! Secondly, a supurb match between The Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian for the number 1 contender spot for the tag team titles at Wrestlemania! This is a excellent match, with high flying moves and a tainted victory for Edge and Christian.
Tazz vs Bossmann is next, but this is short, with interference almost immediatly from Albert. This leads to a beating on Tazz, but he keeps getting up! Eventually, the Bossmann breaks his nightstick over Tazz's head.
6 man tag team action is next, Too Cool and Rikishi vs the Radicalz. This is a really good match, and the fans get to see Too Cool and Rikishi dance at the end!
A very personal match follows, The Rock vs Big Show, for the right to face the WWF Champion in the main event at Wresltmania.
Big Show dominates, the ref's fight, and Shane McMahon returns. Just as The Rock is about to hit The People's Elbow, Shane hits him with a chair, and The Big Show is on the way to Wresltmania.
Finally, Hell in a Cell. HHH, The Game, vs Cactus Jack, Mick Foley. What a match. Not as good as the first Hell in a Cell, HBK vs The Undertaker, or King of the Ring '98, The Undertaker vs Mankind, but still an incredible match. HHH has the door chained shut to stop Cactus leaving but inevitivley after busting HHH open Jack busts his way out. HHH is piledriven on the table and hit with the barbed wire, but as Cactus climbs the cage, HHH knocks him off and he flies through the other announce table! He climbs back up, and as the fight on top of the cage, Cactus sets the barbed wire alight!! HHH is hit, but as he is set up for the pildriver on it, Cactus is backdroped. He not only flies through the top of the cage and down to the ring below, but actually breaks the ring. As HHH climbs down Cactus lies motionless in what looks like a dent in the ring caused by a meteor!! Somehow, Jack climbs up, only to suffer The Pedigree. HHH gets the cover, and Cactus Jack's dream of main eventing at Wresltmania, and his career is over. However, he walks out of the arena like the man he is. Mick Foley, Cactus Jack, Mankind, whatever, is a legend, and will not be forgotten.
Overall, a fantastic PPV, a good PPV to proceed Wreslemania. 4/5.
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on 20 December 2007
this a great PPV if your a fan of the attitude era you will love this most of the matches are good but some that are not.

tazz vs. big boss man with albert.2/10
this match is a waist of time you shoudnt even bother watchin it the only good bit is where boss man breaks his police stick thing over tazz's head.

no holds barred
X-pac vs kane. 6/10
an alright match but i think its a bit short

mark henry vs viscera.2/10
total rubbish thats all i have to say

edge & christian vs hardy boyz.7/10
this a godd match there is alot of high flying moves which you would excpect from these two teams.

dudley boyz vs new age outlaws 6/10
good match thats all realy

chris jericho vs kurt angle 7/10
pretty good match but nothing special

too cool & rikishi vs radicalz.7/10
this a surprisingly good match quite long aswell and too cool do there trademark dancing at the end

big show vs the rock 7/10
good match but its quite short

hell in a cell
triple h vs cactus jack. 10/10
amazing match one of the best hell in a cells ive seen the best bits have got to be when cactus falls of the cage in to the announcers table and when triple h counters a piledriver and cactus goes right through the top of the cage and breaks the ring defintatley the best match of the PPV.
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on 30 July 2000
This is a fine ppv that belongs up there with the best.Most of it is great apart from the sexual chocolate Mark Henry vs. Viscera match and the Tazz vs. Bossman match.The rest are superb.The Jericho vs. Angle match is good with Angle becoming euro-continental champion,he would then defend both titles at Wrestlemania.The no.1 tag team match pitting Hardy Boyz w/Terri vs. Edge & christian match is good.Unfortunatley, someone gets screwed.The tag team title match is o.k with THE greatest tag team in the wwf,the Dudley Boyz vs. New Age Outlaws.The no holds barred X-Pac vs. Kane is outstanding and the 6-man tag,Too Cool & Rikishi vs.Radicalz is good.The Wrestlemania qualifying match between Rock and Big Show is alright where Big Show gets help from someone returning to the wwf.The problem is,the Rock returns for a title shot at Wrestlemania anyway.Then there's the Hell in a Cell championship match.HHH vs. Cactus Jack.What a great match!Watch Cactus rip the cell wall open and use a burning 2x4.It's great, but try the Royal Rumble aswell.
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on 4 December 2003
No Way Out 2000, an amazing PPV, easily 1 2 B watched. First off Tazz vs Big Boss Man with Prince Albert, Big Boss Man promising he would make Tazz stay down, with some patients and some hard knocks he did just that(8/10), a good start 2 the PPV. Tag Team no.1 contender match- Edge&Christian Vs Hardy Boyz with Terri, whom returned in a extraordinary way(8/10). Tag team titles- Dudley Boyz vs New Age Outlaws, alright but not the best of the PPV(6/10). Superheavyweight match- Mark Henry vs Viscera, this match is just funny watching huge guys wrestle(8/10). Intercontinental title- Cris Jerico vs Kurt Angle, one of those good wrestling technical matches(7/10). No holds Barred-Kane vs X Pac with Tori, 2 men fighting over 1 woman, happens all the time but this time its brutal(9/10). Six man tag match- Too cool & Rikishi vs Cris Benoit, Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn with Eddie Gurrero. Not much tension in the match, Rikishi had a broken bone but that was about it(7/10). Next match was The Rock vs Big Show, the Wrestlemania 16 qualifying match. This was built up from the Royal Rumble when the Rock beat the Big Show in the Royal Rumble match but it was said to have been a draw. The stakes were high in this one with a surprise return from Shane Mcmahon but who did come to help...?(9/10). Here is the finale, Hell in a Cell 4 the WWF Championship- HHH with Stephanie Mcmahon vs Cactus Jack(Mick Foley) with Cactus' career on the line.With steel chairs, Sledgehammers & a barbed wired wooden 2x4 lit on fire(& used)at the end. With one of the most devastating falls ever, Cactus Jack fell 30 feet through the top of the cell and went THROUGH the ring! One of the best matches ever in the WWF which makes this PPV well worth buying.(11/10)
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on 10 June 2004
The Road to WrestleMania continues and this is the last stop before the big extravaganza. And what a PPV this is.
Intercontinental Title Match
Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho 8/10
A great way to start off a great PPV. Some excellent wrestling by two of the best wrestlers in the WWE today.
Tag Team Title Match
Dudley Boyz vs New Age Outlaws 5/10
A good match, a bit slow in some places but other than that a decent match.
Mark Henry vs Viscera 2/10
Just a slow, boring card filler between two huge men
Number 1 Contenders Match for the Tag Team Titles
Edge and Christian vs Hardy Boyz 8/10
A great tag team match with two of the best tag teams to date. Ending was a bit silly but other than that great match.
Tazz vs Big Boss Man 0/10
A pointless, short card filler that should not have happened. You will not miss anything by pressing the fast forward button.
No Holds Barred Match
Kane vs X-Pac 7/10
For a hardcore style match this was not very hardcore. It could have been a bit more brutal and a bit longer but other than that a decent match.
6 Man Tag Team Match
Rikishi and Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay) vs The Radicalz (Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko) 6/10
A very good 6 man tag team match, some excellent wrestling but nothing groundbreaking.
Winner gets a World Title Shot at WrestleMania 16
The Big Show vs The Rock 8/10
Excellent match with some great action. Crowd were really into this match (mainly because of The Rock) and there was a surprise return by a McMahon.
World Title/Foley's Career on the Line Hell in a Cell Match
Triple H vs Cactus Jack aka Mick Foley 10/10
If you saw their street fight match the month before at Royal Rumble 2000, then you know that when Cactus Jack and Triple H meet in a match with no rules then it's going to be a brutal affair. That's what it is right from the ringing of the bell. This is the match of the night. Absolutely brilliant
Even with the main event on its own this is still a PPV worth getting your hands on.
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on 4 January 2005
It was the WWF at the peak of its prime, Triple H along with DX and the McMahons' where the much hated judge, jury and executioner of the WWF, The Rock was the ever popular, cocky baby face he played so well, young superstars such as Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, The Dudley Boyz and The Radicalz were just starting to emerge, and the WWF was never more exciting!!! I implore any WWE fan to buy this video and cherish it forever, for you will never see such storylines, superstars or action in the WWE ever again!!
This PPV has everything from toe to toe singles action to high risk tag team competition to career shortening Hell In A Cell Matches!!!
The matches are: The toe to toe singles match between Y2J and Kurt Angle with Jericho's IC title hanging in the balance. The Tag Team Championships are on the line as the cocky, crowd pleasing veterans The New Age Outlaws face off with the sneaky Dudley Boyz. Mark Henry looks for revenge on Viscera for Big Splashing his pregnant 70 year-old wife Mae Young. An excellent example of high risk, high flying Tag Team Competition, Edge and Christian taking on the Hardy Boyz for a shot at the Tag Team Titles at Wrestlemania 16. Tazz vs. The Big Boss Man, two hardcore, no crap street fighters continue a brutal rivalry. A No Holds Barred Match between X-Pac and former best friend Kane, you know you're in trouble when a very mad seven foot, 330 pound monster is looking for revenge on you in an anything goes situation. A Six Man Tag Match, the hip team of Too Cool & Rikishi Phatu take on the mean team of The Radicelz, quickness, excitement, action and suspense from the comfort of your own home. Two young, outstanding, charismatic Superstars face off for a spot in the main event at Wrestlemania for the WWF Title in the match between The Rock a The Big Show. And the main event, Triple H vs Cactus Jack, in the demonic structure known as the Hell In A Cell. Triple H putting his oh so coveted WWF Title on the line, whilst Cactus puts his Career on the line!! It is a brutal match that even includes a man falling off the 25 foot high Cell onto an announcers table, a man falling through the Cell itself, causing the ring to implode, and even a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire, LIT ON FIRE being used as a weapon and much, much more!!!!!!!!
By this video, you seriously won't regret it.
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on 16 July 2006
the only good match on the card was the hell in a cell match.

the rest of them were terrible.

it featured the likes of mark henry viscera etc.

the rock vs big show was the most dissapionting match because it should be 1 of the best matches on the card and in a way was supposed to be the royal rumble match all over agian.

but in stead it was about 15 miniutes of slow boring wrestling.
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