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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 7 June 2000
We can not expect any more new songs from Elvis so I was delighted to hear these alternate take's and through all 17 tracks the sound quality is good and Elvis himself seems to have enjoyed the recordings, his voice sounds in top form and I didn't hear the emptiness I hear in some of his other recordings
The alternate take of "She thinks I still Care" is pleasantly different from the ones I know and surly one of the better ones
The acoustic guitar gives both "Never Again" and "Love Coming Down" a sweet touch
The tracks I enjoyed most were "Bitter They Are Harder.....","She Thinks I Still Care", It's Easy For You" and He'll Have To Go" and the one a enjoyed least of all was "Hurt" but than it is never one of my favourites
The only three fast tracks on the album are "Moody Blue", "Way Down" and "Fire Down Below" the latter one being instrumental, so when you are looking for a Rock 'n Roll album than this is not the album for you but when you enjoy listening to the Elvis of the 70's than I am sure you enjoy this album as much as I did
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on 22 April 2006
WOW! That's how I would describe one of the best Follow That Dream releases. Firstly, the sound is incredible and the FTD team have worked wonderfully on the 1976 tapes. Secondly, and more importantly Elvis sounds fantastic. His voice is brilliant! Considering the slating that his Graceland sessions got, he's in a great mood. I read many reviews in the past relating to the sessions and how Elvis was in a foul mood, well not here! His voice lends itself to ballads and up tempo songs. Considering these are actually OUTTAKES, it's amazing they have been sitting in the vaults for so long. I would rate this 6 stars, but unfortunately don't have the option - so it is 5 star plus! If you are new to the collectors label, I would recommend you start your collection with this one. You won't be disappointed.
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on 24 November 2003
This cd is a stunner! Although it was released many years ago, it was never high up on my list of "wants". However, now I can see what I have been missing.
An insight into how much he enjoyed singing is apparent immediately, but also his sense of fun is there too. Tracks are mostly ballads, and his rendition of Danny Boy is really quite something.
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on 29 March 2007
When reviewing Elvis CD's for Amazon, you do have to imagine that many readers will not already have lots of the King's albums...and will be looking through the reviews to pick out the best ones...well look no further. The remastered quality of this 1976 album is superb, as is Elvis' voice, and the inclusion of the out-takes where you can hear Elvis commenting to the band just gives it that 'in the studio with him' feel. Its miles away from the 50's Elvis that so much of the music press claim is the only era of the Elvis catalogue worth listening too...which is complete rubbish of course. It would be easy to recommend any of a thousand other albums to newer fans of the king, such as any greatest hits cd's..but wait...this album is a true example of why the music of Elvis is so loved,respected and enjoyed and so sad to think that he would only live for another year. Possibly the greatest version of Danny Boy is included here, and all I can say is you wont regret buying this album! If however, you are already a big fan of the King, and want to add another CD to your collection, order it NOW!
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on 14 January 2001
For fans only - this CD gives you an insight to the studio sessions of 1976. The sound quality is superb - the CD is well worth the entrance price.
I just wished Elvis had fully recorded the instrumental Fire Down Below - this would have been a smash.
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on 15 November 2006
These tapes have been lovingly transferred to the digital medium. Stripped down and laid bare they sound better than most of the official Elvis Presley RCA catalogue could ever hope to. The stereo soundstage is fabulous. To complement Elvis' vocals (which are very 'up there' and clear) the drums, bass and piano sound outstanding and I cannot overstate this even if I tried. With a good sound system the King hasn't left the building, he's in your living room! The best FTD release to date IMO. Period.
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on 10 November 2010
I'm sitting here listening to The Jungle Room Sessions by Elvis Presley. It's incredibly beautiful. The story, in so far as I know it, runs as follows:

By 1976, RCA (his record company) was finding it increasingly difficult to coax Elvis into the studio to record new material. So if Elvis would not go to the mountain, then the mountain must come to Elvis. It was agreed that the recording equipment would be set up in the now famous "Jungle Room" at Graceland, and Elvis would...record. The producer was Felton Jarvis, who worked on a lot of Elvis' later material. Many, if not all, of the tracks produced during these Jungle Room sessions are on the cd. There are seventeen of them, mainly in the form of alternate takes, which include a number of false starts as well as a lot of the before and after studio banter between Elvis and his musicians. A lot of these songs are very beautiful indeed, and although it was only a little over a year before he died, vocally and temperamentally Elvis actually sounds in good shape. And he pours his still considerable heart into the material.

There is a story, which I picked up online - and for the truth of which I cannot vouch - that after the sessions were completed, Felton Jarvis found himself standing next to Elvis on the lawn at Graceland. It was night-time (of course) and the conversation went as follows:

Elvis: "I'm so tired...."

Jarvis: "You've worked hard. You deserve a holiday."

Elvis: "No, you don't understand what I mean. I'm just so tired of being Elvis Presley..."

The great thing about these sessions is that they give you a fully rounded portrait of the artist. Instead of the tracks which make up The Jungle Room Sessions being fragmented and dispersed over a number of different albums, here they constitute a single body of work - chosen and recorded in that place, at that time. In spite of the different styles of the songs - which actually serve to illustrate the different facets of Elvis' talent and his musical history - this gives to the work a unity and a narrative that it would otherwise lack.

It may be late in his career - and what are euphemistically referred to as his "personal problems" may be mounting - but this is very much a proper Elvis album. And it is well worth its place in any interested person's collection.
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on 1 August 2016
In 1976 Elvis was just not in the mood to go through the tiresome routine of recording music - not even to meet his contractual recording obligations. His last three albums, released in 1974 and 1975 (Good Times, Promised Land, Today), were artistically excellent and did reasonably well commercially. Now however, at the age of 41, he'd become vocal about his dislike of recording. The ups and downs of his private life as well as health related issues contributed much to this situation. A recent recording session in Nashville had been cancelled with Elvis not turning up after a row with his girlfriend Ginger, even though he did get to Nashville and all the musicians were at the studio awaiting him.

So, if Elvis won't go to a recording studio, then the studio must go to Elvis. RCA sent a mobile recording unit to Graceland and the jungle room was converted into an outlandish studio. Elvis loved the setup and convenience of having to simply come down a few steps from his private suite upstairs, while the musicians were put up in nearby hotels. No doubt he would have built his permanent recording studio on the Graceland grounds thereafter had he lived beyond the following year.

This collection is made up of selected out-takes of the songs recorded at these sessions - and was the first official release of its kind to offer fans a fly on the wall experience of Elvis' final recordings. The songs are mostly sad and melancholic, and are perhaps defining of his mental state at the time. And as a personal opinion, I feel Elvis wanted to share his feelings of loneliness and despair with the world. But what comes across abundantly is that Elvis still had that rich voice, and still commanded attention with his style and delivery.

A great CD with a crystal clear sound which deserves a place in your collection.
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on 13 November 2009
Possibably the best RCA/FTD album so far?;it blew the lid on the 1976 jungleroom sessions and opened up a new world of Elvis' very last studio recordings(albeit at his own den at graceland mansion)i just ordered the new 'vinyl' edition of this classic RCA/FTD album!-i cant wait to get this new 2 record vinyl deluxe edtition..we all know full well that Elvis wasn't feeling his best in 1976-77 but taking that into consideration he managed to pull off a superb recording session at his beloved home Graceland.I would have to reccommend this album to any Elvis fan as it immensly enjoyable to play and one album you can play ov er and over without getting bored..p urchase it from a licsenesd elvis fan club.(10 out of 10)
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VINE VOICEon 8 September 2007
Elvis is on fine form in these remastered session recordings and there is a sense of fun that stands out in each track. The music is superb and the mastering even better. The one things stopping this getting five stars is the packaging wich gives no information about the sessions or any information on the tracks. For an archive release such as this it is simply not good enough.
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