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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 29 July 2006
I am a great fan of Friends and although this isn't the best season out of the ten the mayhem and jokes are excellent and still intelligent and witty. The first episode (The One With The Jellyfish) begins with a recap of what happened at the end of series 3 with Ross dating a bald woman but falling in love with Rachel at the same time, leaving him stuck between whether to choose Rachel or his bald lover. Also, Phoebe finds out that her real mother is actually still alive but Phoebe wants nothing to do with her.

The episodes in Season 4 are as follows:

1. The One With The Jellyfish

Ross falls asleep whilst reading an 18-page letter from Rachel and when confronted by her, has to pretend to agree with what she wrote. Phoebe and her mother, Phoebe senior, reconcile their differences.

2. The One With The Cat

Phoebe is convinced that her adoptive mother's spirit inhabits a stray cat. Meanwhile, Chandler and Joey trade in Joey's home made entertainment centre for a canoe and Monoica upsets Rachel by dating a guy who used to tease Rachel at school.

3. The One With The Cuffs

Desperate for some extra cash, Monica agrees to cook the food for a party hosted by her mother. Unfortunately, one of her false nails goes missing during preparation. Chandler gets himself into a comprimising position with Rachel's boss, when she handcuffs him pantless to a chair in the office before rushing off to a meeting.

4. The One With The Ballroom Dancing

The girls recieve an eviction notice, after Joey jumps to Rache's defence when the gruff building superintendent insults her. Desperate to make amends, Joey appeases him by agreeing to give him ballroom dancing lessons, so that he can impress the famale manger of another building.

5. The One With Joeys New Girlfriend

Ross and Rachel continue their power games, trying to make each other jealous. Meanwhile, Chandler falls for Joey's girlfriend Kathy and can only control his feelings by avoiding her.

6. The One With The Dirty Girl

Ross's beautiful new girlfriend has a disgusting secret, which jeopardises their relationship. Chandler gets closer to Kathy and buys her a thoughtful, expensive birthday present. Meanwhile, Rachel proudly completes a crossword puzzle without help.

7. The One Where Chandler Crosses The Line

Thinking that Joey has lost interest in Kathy, Chandler kisses her when she comes over to their apartment. Ross perofrms on his keyboard in public and his musical brilliance makes Phoebe feel intimidated, although the others reamin convinced by his genius.

8. The One With Chandler In A Box

Still angry that Chandler had kissed Kathy whilst they wer still dating, Joey decides to punish him bu shutting him in a box during the Thanksgiving meal so he can think about what he has done. Monica gets a surprise when she visits the eye doctor.

9.The One Where They're Going To A Party

When the guys try to be spontaneous and wild, they reluctantly realise that they would rather behave like responsible adults. Working as a temporary restaurant critic, Monica is offered a job when the restaurant she slates asks her to take the position of head chef to improve the quality.

10. The One With The Girl Poughkeepsie

Ross debates whether to date a beautiful woman who lives far away, or not-so-great woman who lives much closer by. Meanwhile, Chandler tries to set up a date for Rachel with some men from his office. Monica's cunning plan to establish some authority in her new job falls flat when Joey refuses to co-operate.

11. The One With Phoebe's Uterus

Phoebe's half-brother Frank .Jr makes an astounding announcement and a thoughtprovoking request of Phoebe, who agrees to his plan. Meanwhile, when Joey gets a job as a guide at the museum where Ross works, he's upset at the class distinction between the guides and the scientists. Chandler asks Monica and Rachel for personal advice on how to please Kathy sexually.

12. The One With The Embryos

Phoebe finds out whether or not she is pregnant. Meanwhile, a seemingly harmless game between Chandler and Joey, Monica and Rachel escalates into a full-blown contest as they compare which pair knows more about their personal lives and habits of the other.

13. The One With Rache's Crush

Rachel schemes to get a handsome client to ask her on a date. Chandler's jealousy causes problems with his girlfriend.

14. The One With Joey's Dirty Day

On Joeys's first day of his new acting job in a major movie, superstar actor Charlton Heston (played by himself) finds him in a comprimising position in his trailer. Rachel ends up regretting Ross for a favour, when it sparks off a new romance in his life. Recurring guest star Helen Baxendale.

15. The One With All The Rugby

Chandler's annoying former girlfriend Janice reappears and he finds himself forced to lie to her, in order to get rid of her. Meanwhile, Monica is intrigued by a mysterious switch which she discovers in Joey and Chandler's old apartment. Ross tries to impress Emily by joining in a game of rugby.

16. The One With The Fake Party

In an attempt to become better acquainted with a sexy client, Rachel inadvertently thwarts Ross's plans for a romantic wekend with his new girlfriend Emily (Helen Baxendale). Phoebe's pregnancy makes her crave meat; to compensate for this, Joey agrees to become a temporary vegetarian.

17. The One With The Free Porn

Monica helps Ross to tell his girlfriend that he loves her. Phoebe gest some surprising news about her pregnancy, which has a large impact on Frank Jr's carrer plans.

18. The One With Rachel's New Dress

Desperately wanting to have sex with Joshua, Rachel sprawls on the couch of his parents' luxurious penthouse in sexy lingerie as a surprise. Unfortunately, Joshua's mother and father come home early. Meanwhile, Chandler and Joey battle against each other to convince Phoebe to name one of her triplets after them.

19. The One With All The Haste

Drastic developments occur in Ross's relationship with emily. Monica and Rachel try to win back their new apartment, much to Chandler and Joey's delight.

20. The One With All The Wedding Dresses

Distraught over Ross's engagement to Emily, Rachel takes Joshua aside and suggests that they also get married, despite only having been on four dates together. Meanwhile Chandler forces Joey to go to a sleep clinic to stop his loud snoring.

21. The One With The Invitation

Rachel and Ross reminisce seperately about when they used to date one another. Much to the friends; dissapointment, Rachel decides not to attend the wedding in England.

22. The One With The Worst Best Man Ever

When Joey's duck swallows the ring, he is distraught at the idea of having to sacrifice the duck to retrieve it.

23. The One With Ross And Emily's Wedding

(Special Feature Length Episode in England)

Ross is bitterly dissapointed when Rachel announces that she will not be attending his wedding in England. On arrival in London, Joey and Chandler decide to go sight seeing but Joey's over-enthusiastic bhaviour irritates Chandler so much he goes off on his own.

Special features include:

Friends go to London

Friends on location in London

The Rembrandts music video I'll Be There For You
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on 18 January 2001
If anyone reading this has never seen or heard of Friends before I don't know where you have been for the last six years!!! It is by far the funniest and most heart warming show ever created. Series 4 is, in my opinion, the cream of the crop. There are loads of great storylines and the final episode in London is very funny - however they do tend to characature English people in a way that could be found offensive if it wasn't so damn funny!!! Definately watch this series - even if you're a friends sceptic. Its guarateed to get you hooked for life!
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on 22 November 2003
After taking a while to think about whether or not it was worth buying this DVD, i finally thought, why not?
Now having received it, there are no reasons Not to buy it!
It is so good, with extra scenes that had to be cut out for advertising, and special features!
These special features are on set with the friends in london and the rembrants singing the famous theme tune to the series.
I love this series so much, there is not a bad word to be said about it.
My favourite episodes are "The One With The Free porn", "The One With the Cuffs", "The One With All the Wedding Dresses", and of course, "The One With Ross' wedding"
An Excellent Series worth Every Penny.... BUY IT NOW!
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on 14 June 2001
I've never really been one to watch this show. Actually I never liked it at all. It was one of those shows over here in America that everyone heard about, it became popular and then people started getting snubby with it and just thinking it's overrated. I decided to watch a couple of episodes one day(reruns), because they play two in a row. I liked it, but didn't really admit it to myself yet. Then the next day I found myself going back to my television at the convenient time of it being on again. Then afterwards I would watch at that time knowing when it was on, and I regret never watching it before, but now I always watch the new episodes. I purchased seasons 4-6 and I watch them on my dvd player on my computer since I do not have PAL format. A lot of the episodes I have heard about, read the scripts or have already seen due to their repetitive airplay, but this helped me to see so many more I haven't! I love the show now and it's my favorite. I don't watch television except for this, which is an awesome show. Too bad it wasn't crazed over here enough so that we could get the season box set DVDs. I will be purchasing seasons 1-3 soon though. Then 7 whenever it comes to boxset. What an addicting show. Humor at it's best, and all the characters are lovable for the good AND bad traits. ie. --Ross' whine? It gets annoying, but he wouldn't be Ross without it. The ridiculous jokes, antics and running around are entertaining. For anyone that loves Friends, this is worth it! Everything right there and the option to watch episodes over and over! Even if you're in the US, this is a definite gem to purchase if you can somehow find a way to get regional 2.
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While there are many classic episodes and storylines in the 90's sitcom Friends, I think it would be easy to argue that season 4 has the most memorable of the show's run. (And my favorite episode doesn't even come until season 5.) There's less drama and plenty of fun laughs as this sextet of friends face life together.

The season starts out exactly where last season ended as Ross (David Schwimmer) must make a choice between Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and his current girlfriend. As the season progresses, Chandler (Matthew Perry) fights his growing affection for roommate and best friend Joey's (Matt LeBlanc) current girlfriend. The two of them swap apartments with Rachel and Monica (Courteney Cox). And Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) agrees to become the surrogate mother for her brother and sister-in-law who can't have kids on their own. Meanwhile, Ross falls head over heals in love with a woman fromLondonand proposes to her after only a few weeks.

Yeah, all that is really in this season. And while we get more drama between Ross and Rachel, it's funnier here and not quite as dark as some episodes were last season. In fact, the entire season is filled with many funny moments and lines. It doesn't matter how many times I've seen them, I still crack up. Plus these stories are among the most classic the show ever produced with arguably the best known cliffhanger of the series.

By season four of a show, the writers and actors know the characters, and it shows. The main cast is amazing hitting the jokes perfectly every week while keeping things believable. And when they are called on for more serious moments, they nail those as well. This is especially true of Lisa Kudrow, who won an Emmy for her work here. In the guest star department, the likes of Penn Millette, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Michael Vartan, Charlton Heston, and Hugh Laurie stop by.

The season consisted of 24 half hour shows, including the two part finale that takes most of the cast to London. All of them are here on 4 discs and presented in full frame and surround sound. Okay, since the show is shot in a studio, the surround isn't that impressive, but over all the picture and sound are nice. Extras include three interesting commentaries by the creators/executive producers, and couple of clips features from the season, an interesting documentary on how the show is aired in foreign countries, and a trivia challenge based on the one Ross creates during the season. Unfortunately, it just has 10 questions, so it's not worth playing more than once.

Friends has already managed to become comfort viewing for me. Just a few minutes with these characters is enough to lift my spirits and have me laughing. Season 4 has so many great stories it's hard to name a season that was better over all.
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on 28 January 2015
Friends is great but a bit like Marmite - you either love it or hate it. We love it. It is fascinating to see how this series, created in the early 1990s, influenced so much of our modern culture, especially ways in which people speak.
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on 14 July 2006
The fourth series of Friends is when Friends goes international with the last couple of episodes being filmed in London. All fans of the series will know that during season 4, Ross meets British girl Emily in New York after offering to take her out as a favour to Rachel who had promised her boss who was Emily's uncle that she would only to bail out at the last minute after getting a better offer from a guy that she had been after for weeks. Little does Rachel know that Ross would fall in love with Emily. Once again, as Rachel has done before as soon as Ross finds somebody else she wants him back again but before she can tell him Ross and Emily get engaged! The season concludes with all the friends (apart from a heavily pregnant Pheobe and Rachel who feel she can't go because she loves Ross), all travelling to London for Ross and Emily's wedding - until Rachel decides to fly to London to stop it......!

This season also has Pheobe being pregnant with triplets throughout after agreeing to be a surrogate mother for her brother and his older wife Alice and the only thing that vegetarian Pheobe can stomach is meat!

Chandler and Joey's relationship takes a battering this season as Chandler falls in love with Joey's girlfriend Kathy and kisses her behind Joey's back. The end of the fourth season also starts the relationship between Chandler and Monica as they drunkenly sleep together in London.

Once again as always there are the star cameos. In this series they include Charlton Heston who stars as himself as a co-actor

with Joey who becomes extremely annoyed with him after Joey breaks into his dressing room and uses his shower, Jennifer Saunders who plays a particularly odious character as Emily's mother, Tom Conti who starts as hen-pecked Emily's father and Sarah Ferguson and Richard Branson who make brief appearances as people Joey meets in London. Hugh Laurie also pops up too on Rachel's plane to London.

Season Four is one of the few that actually has any extras as these newer box sets are pretty basic. The extras are featurettes made during the time in London. Nothing spectacular but something is better than nothing.

Once again loads of funny moments!!
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on 15 October 2013
I have never really found friends that funny, but for the first half of this season, it is very funny, the humour feels more intelligent. There are some great episodes as Phoebe is a surrogate for her brother and his older wife. It gets boring and cheesy when Ross Meets Emily and they decide to get married. Taking friends to London, these episodes are quite embarrassing to watch and it is quite dated now. There is some extras of friends on location in London. The series leaves on a cliff-hanger of Ross saying Rachael's name at the alter, one of my least favourite friends series, but still worth a watch.
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on 24 May 2013
Although the product was delivered before the expected date, I was very upset to find that it was scratched and continously freezed whilst I was watching it. I understand that the dvd boxset was second hand but it was purchased on the fact that it was supposedly in 'very good condition'. Only one of the three discs was scratched but overall I was unhappy with the product.
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on 25 July 2013
i ordered this DVD expecting what was in both the picture and description. what i received was the original 1999, bulky DVD set and even worse, the first disc turned out to be the last disc of season 6!!!!! I've never had a problem with zoverstocks before but this was a bit ridiculous.
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