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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 6 April 2003
Definitely one of the best and most exciting seasons of Friends, it's the season where Ross and Rachel are; still dating, break-up, and eventually decide to get back together by the season's end. In between lots of events take place, e.g. Monica gets a new boyfriend (Pete the millionaire) and Joey &Chandler buy birds (a chick and a duck). The season features some of the all-time favourite Friends episodes! I love the packaging! You take it out of the cover and the DVD version is like a folder. It opens up into like 6 pages with the DVDs and episodes listings. You can also choose to have subtitles (choice is from 4 different languages) or you can choose to have none.
The episodes are:
Disc 1:
The one with the Princess Leia Fantasy- Ross' secret fantasy doesn't stay secret for long after he confides in Rachel. Chandler begins to rekindle his relationship with ex-girlfriend Janice.
The one where no one's ready- Ross gets riled when his friends fail to be ready on time for a museum fundraiser.
The one with the jam- Monica tries to get over Richard by making jam but she gets obsessed. Se decides to get a sperm from a bank to have her own baby.
The one with the Metaphorical tunnel- Ross and Rachel encourage Chandler to commit to Janice.
The one with Frank Jr.- Phoebe invites her bro over for a visit. Ross makes a list of celebrities he's allowed to sleep with and one of them shows up.
The one with the flashback- Janice asks them if they've ever dated each other, they say no but they start thinking of the past (when Joey hits on Monica by stripping and when Chandler tries to make something happen between him and Rachel).
The one with the racecar bed- The 'Mattress King store' sends Monica a wrong bed, a kid's bed.
Special features: Audio commentary by the executive producers.
Disc 2:
The 1 with the giant poking device- Phoebe thinks she has killed 'ugly naked guy' so everyone joins in to poke him.
The 1 with the football- the friends play football (Ross and Monica fight like cats and dogs, Rachel hangs along, Phoebe makes t a game of a lifetime for herself, and Joey and Chandler fight over the same woman).
The 1 where Rachel quits- Seeking advice from Chandler, Rachel finally quits her job at Central Perk.
The 1 where Chandler can't remember which sister- Rachel has an interview at Bloomingdales. Chandler sleeps with Joey's sister.
The 1 with all the jealousy- Ross gets really jealous of Rachel's co-worker Mark.
The 1 where Monica + Richard are just friends- they bump into each other at the video store. They do everything they did when they were dating except they say they're 'just friends'.
Special features: audio commentary.
Disc 3:
The 1 with Phoebe's ex-partner- Phoebe’s old partner returns to Phoebe's life but not for long, she ends up stealing Phoebe’s 'smelly cat'. Chandler dates a woman with an artificial leg.
The 1 where Ross+ Rachel take a break- Rachel thinks it's a break; Ross thinks it's a break-up. This is where it started.
The 1 the morning after- Rachel finds out about Ross' one-night stand with the Xerox girl.
The 1 with the ski trip- Rachel invites the gang (excluding Ross) to a ski trip, Ross goes to Carol.
The 1 with the hypnosis tape- Rachel gives Chandler a tape to quit smoking. It works too well but it's for a woman, "you're a strong and confident woman" and Chandler starts to act like 1.
The 1 with the tiny t-shirt- Rachel returns Ross' belongings to him. Ross asks for his t-shirt back in spite. But later Rachel gets it back.
Special features: audio commentary.
Disc 4:
1 with the dollhouse- Monica inherits a Victorian dollhouse. But she has competition from a cardboard house that Phoebe has.
1 with the chick and the duck- this is where they get them. They buy a chick and end up with a chick and a duck. Pete wants Monica to be the head chef at his new restaurant.
1 with the screamer- Ben Stiller dates Rachel but he's a loud, angry, malicious maniac and Ross tries to tell everyone.
1 with Ross’ thing-Ross finds a 'thing' on him. He goes from doctor to doctor but no one can tell him what it is. It is referred to as a 'coundas' and 'the Ross'. Phoebe plays the field.
1 with the ultimate fighting champion- Pete gets beaten up in public, but he refuses to listen to Monica.
The 1 at the beach- Every1 goes to the beach. Ross and Rachel flirt, Bonnie becomes bald, Chandler wants to know why Monica won't date him, Joey wants to play poker, and Phoebe wants to know her father's location but she finds out her mother's alive.
Special features: This disc has the best special features' options. You can take in an Open house at Joey and Chandler's Bachelor Pad with the interactive menu (you can even flip through a 'Friends' scrap book). 2nd- you can leaf through the Friends of Friends Guest book (e.g. Billy Crystal). 3rd- You can learn what's up with your friends with video guides. 4th- You can do a Rachel-Ross trivia quiz: every right answer brings them closer to each other and every wrong answer moves them apart.
I highly recommend this season. Not only is the season extremely funny but also I love the packaging and everything. The episodes also have extra footage that you've never seen. Every episode has at least 1 line that had to be cut-off because of limited time when it was aired.
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on 16 March 2017
Loving revisiting these episodes and introduces my teenage girls to them too.
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on 16 August 2017
First five or six series are great, then its downhill all the way
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on 18 July 2017
Great video and audio quality
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on 12 September 2017
It's like reliving my teens all over again!
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on 22 August 2017
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on 5 September 2017
A favourite season of friends and one of the best drama and comedy wise.
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on 30 July 2017
Simply fantastic!!!
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on 25 July 2015
LoVe the friends series always a winner, unfortunately I bought the new style disc set as shown above bought- like new and what I received was the very old style that isn't sold anymore which was so battered it just went in the bin. Thanks
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on 30 May 2017
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