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on 29 June 2000
A new breath of fresh air from the masters of progressive house will remind all fans just why they hold Sasha and Digweed in such high esteem. Seamlessly mixed like only these two can, both CD's take you on a journey through deep progreesive beats such as 'Roaches' and 'Voices' on the first CD before climaxing in 'Tyrantanic' and the ethereal 'Baguio Track'.
Upon pressing play once more on your stereo, CD2 will reveal that the beats are picked up straight from where the first left off. Tracks such as The Orb's 'Once More' create a surreal atmosphere, before the tempo acculmulates and builds into a more sinister accolation of raw energy with the ingenious 'Waah' by POB, before 'Ruhe' and PFN's 'Put your earphones on' will pierce your senses, leaving you reeling with pumping hard house tracks that are positively mindboggling. The Chemical Brothers, 'Enjoyed' finishes, and will have you itching to play it all over again.
'Communicate' is truly a work of genius that no self respecting Sasha/Digweed/Progressive house fan should be without. The tracks are carefully chosen and mixed in typical Sasha/Digweed style. A beautifully well constructed piece of work. You won't be disappointed.
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on 11 December 2000
I think many people have missed the point of this nem album. It's not "Northern Exposure 4," Sasha and Digweed have taken a whole new direction, which is represented by tne new title. Personally I think its excellent, CD1 is the perfect driving CD with the "Saints and Sinners" track being a prime example. I like the way it flows from deep house to tech-house to more progressive grooves (Breeder's Tyrantanic). CD2 is much more progressive beginning with a track from James Holden, keeping varied with tracks from Killerloop, P.F.N and the Chemical Brothers. It is much more of a journey, gradually becoming more melodic till it peaks at the Schiller track, then rocking to the end. I welcome this new direction, it is a better representation of what they're playing in the clubs, compared to the "Northern Exposure" series.
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on 17 January 2002
the mixing (especially cd1) and song selection is five stars and rivals oakenfolds tranceport and van dyks seven ways and out there and back. it numbs u into relaxation and then hits you with those beats that get ur adrenalin pumping. ideal after a hard days work and when you just want to chill out. to get best results listen through ear/headphonesphones to get the finer details of the music and it MUST be played from start to finish to fully appreciate this great work of art. it is better than any global underground album (All of the ones ive listened to which include oakenfold/digweed/sasha all worthy of 5 stars). i would recommend this album to any house/trance fan. if you are thinking of buying any of sasha/digweed work , i would buy communicate 1st, its worth every penny.
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on 6 May 2003
Even though it's been three years since the release of this album, it is still one of my favorite albums. It is easily the one I go to for comfort in times of need. Sasha and Digweed show that together as a team, they are second to none...
I like disc 1 more out of the two by virute of the track selection. Sasha takes you off easy, but by the time Clapton gives way to Sven Vath, you're grooving. I heard Barbarella for the first time at the release party for Communicate at Twilo (the club which this album is a tribute to) and it is the closest thing to orchestral perfection, a modern Mozart symphony. Deep Dish have seriously outdone themselves, creating chills and thrills and sounds galore, and each time you listen to the track, there is something new to cling onto and love. Sasha lets you off into a nice hard groove with Voices and builds into one of the greatest mixes I have ever heard, from Muzak into Pushing Too Hard. Anyone who was in the club or rave scene at this time have no doubt felt the frenzy that these two tracks create. Put them together, and it's like no other... Killahurtz- West on 27th is another Twilo favorite. Dark shifting and moody, the riff WILL get you. Sasha ends it with his one time fave, Breeder, mixed into a track that could very well make you cry, The Baguio Track. All of these tracks went on to become huge tracks in and of themself, but they aren't the normal cheese you'll hear by other bigtime DJ's. It's quality track selection by a truly quality DJ.
Disc 2. Well... it's just a very nice bonus to disc 1, chosen more for its atmosphere and energy, vs. Disc 1's excellent track selection.
Buy this album for Disc 1, keep it for Disc 2.
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on 12 September 2000
...Gone is the beauty of the Northern Exposure albums with tracks thatmake the hairs stand up on the back of your neck; gone is the pureemotional power of the Renaisance CDs and totally missing are the deep, sexy grooves of the Global Underground CDs.
Both CDs start with none-entity tracks that build to nothing with a mix that goes no-where. The tracks are caught in a limbo between deep house and trance, losing the good points of each and unfortunately find the bad from both.
Save your money, buy Northern Exposure/Renaisance/Global Underground CDs and remember the days when Sasha & Digweed used to make a CD that could make you feel something other than tired!
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on 7 October 2000
like many i was eagerly awaiting this cd from two of the dance scenes finest moody djs. I actually bought the US version as I happened to be in New York, and it was on the shelves before the UK release. Having listened to them both, I can say the US version is better (hard to believe really, no offense to the american dance scene).
technically the mixing is superb and the toons are great. however, its not a "put on the stereo and get ready to go out" cd, but it is definately a come home throw on or a sit at work and let the hours drift by cd... recommended.
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on 24 October 2006
I can understand why many feel disappointed with this mix. I was when I first listened to it. I put it on the shelf and left it.

About 6 months later, after a few beers, I listened to it again and started to realise what it was all about. Since then it's grown into a firm favourite. Not 5 star Euphoria like maybe people expect after the Renaissance cds, but it's not another GU or Renaissance mix.

So,maybe not the best they've ever done but still way ahead of the rest.
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on 22 August 2009
I got this album as soon as it came out back in 2000 and still listen to it regularly (CD1). I listened to it again the other day on the way to work, if you want to feel motivated, empowered, pumped up, energetic and ready for anything then you can't really beat CD1 to get you going. Great for going running to. The beats are constant and shifting, seemless and effortless in their entwined existence, creeping, haunting, raw and enlightening. Yes, it is deeper than their Northern Exposure stuff, but when released this was a new breed of mix, pioneering the way into progressive house, demonstrating the future. It still takes you on a journey, as all their mixes do, and gives you plenty of energy surges, it's just more subtle than their earlier mixes - without the flamboyance and elegance. CD1 is brilliant, CD2 has some great tunes but as a whole is not as good as CD1. I'd give it 3 out of 5 because on the whole CD2 is not great so it is not the complete package like Northern Exposure (which would be a 5+). Rating CD1 on it's own I'd say 4/5.
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Following on from their Northern Exposure and their Global Ungeround releases this latest collection lives up to all expectations. They really do provide a completely new slant on the progressive house scene and puts across the atmosphere that can be found at their nights at Bedrock and Fabric in London. An essential purchase....
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on 14 September 2000
Everythings been said about this quality release, it's very hard to take of the stereo. The only excepetion is the US version has Sven Vath, barbarella- Deep dish Mix (CD1 track 3) on it instead of the Moral track..this track in my opinion is the best track on the album..so it's diffinatly worth getting the US edition!
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