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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
A Collection Of Great Dance Songs
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£16.45+ £1.26 shipping

on 19 June 2016
great quality, excellent condition, fitsin well with my collection
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on 24 March 2017
Good quality and service thanks
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on 22 September 2017
Not as good as I remember.
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on 9 August 2014
The album had to be cleaned before playing and enjoying the tracks.The dealer delivered due to expectations and I am satisfied. I recommend the dealer for purchase and will look for what he offers in the future.
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on 12 March 2015
Get the original albums instead
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This is an oddity, a collection of six of PF’s danceable rock numbers from various album projects up to 1981 (though you could hardly call ‘Shine on you Crazy Diamond’ a dance song).

The album was released to fulfil a contractual obligation to the record company at the height of the acrimonious split between Waters and Gilmour, and the recordings differ from those released on the studio albums – though sometimes not by much. The hit single version of ‘Another Brick’ is featured, and an alternative studio take of ‘Money’ recorded in 1981.

Overall this is only for the PF completist, though admittedly the CD is very good driving music.
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on 26 January 2011
With Echoes, the other famous Floyd compilation available for almost the same price as A Collection of Great Dance Songs, containing all tracks of the latter, plus another 100 minutes of music spanning the band's entire career, there seems to be little reason to buy this one. Yet I chose ACOGDS (or more precisely I chose not Echoes), for several reasons:
1) Omitted tracks. It's inevitable that a compilation will not contain all your favourites. Echoes features many of the latter-day hits (though excludes On the Turning Away), but omits most of the melodic, simple SONGS of their early years (like Country Song, The Narrow Way part 3, If, Wot's uh the Deal, to name just a few). Are they not progressive enough? Not psychedelic enough? Not representative enough? Anyway, what you can forgive a 43-minute compilation, will not be acceptable from a much longer one.
2) Tracks cut drastically. I am a customer who actually knows the original tracks (although I do not own all Floyd records) and I know I would feel really bad if I had to listen to Floyd's only Grammy-winner composition Marooned in 2 minutes, instead of the original 5. The usual attempt to include as many songs as possible on a compilation, rarely adds value, and in my opinion it is the case for Echoes, too.
3) Shine on You Crazy Diamond. OK, if you want to hear it on a compilation, the two separate parts (13+12 minutes) from the original record need to be merged and cut. The editors of ACOGDS made a good job and came up with a 10-minute version which lets the song build up nicely, has all the sung verses of course, and omits some less integral parts. Echoes, on the other hand, presents a 17-minute version which still does sound as two tracks placed next to each other.
Though ACOGDS was originally published on LP in 1983, needless to say that the currently available remastered CD has full, warm sound. All in all, the best "short" compilation you can buy from this great band.
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on 21 January 2010
Pink Floyd have been very well anthologised not only with the double CD 'Echoes' from a few years back but also their live LPs, which are pretty close to the studio recordings. This compilation from 1983, issued during the heart of the Waters / Gilmour war seemed an odd LP even then. However, it contains by far and away the best version of 'Another Brick In The Wall Part 2' for the simple reason that it is as close to the original 7" vinyl single version and thus starts straight into Gilmours iconic scratchy funk guitar riff. There's none of the slightly annoying lead in sound effects - bang! it's straight in there; brilliant. On here too is the original 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond' edit which includes all the verses but musically fades out where the original used to become 'Welcome to the Machine' on Wish You Were Here. It's a snappier version at only ten minutes and a compelling version, probably closer in spirirt to the bands original version as played (and widely bootlegged) on their 1974 UK tour. Supposedly 'Money' was re-recorded by Gilmour for this LP but you'd be very hard pressed to spot the difference.

An odd LP but well worth it for these isolated gems.
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on 26 January 2013
Yes, there is only 6 song on this album but then again that's very Floydian as most of their albums have long epic numbers. Echoes, Shine On, Dogs etc (I deliberately left out Atom Heart Mother). The reason to buy this CD is there are slightly different versions for the Floyd fanatic. Shine on is only parts 1,2, 4 and 7 or is that Parts 1, 3, 4 and 7 The second keyboard and guitar solo just before the singing starts is left out and then it goes straighjt into the verses on side 2 of the original WYWH album so you kind of get a studio version of the live version! Money is the version where David Gilmour plays all the instruments to get around some legal issues with record companies. ABITW Pt2 is the single version without some numpty turning down the volume before David Gilmour has played the last D note of the solo (sacrilege!) or Roger has had the chance to do his scottish voice! It;s a collectors edition for fans and is great if you fancy listening to their best albums without listening to them all the way through!
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VINE VOICEon 3 July 2004
This package is for a truly dedicated fan only. First released in 1981 to fill out contractual agreements ACOGDS was the first readily available Floyd compilation since 'Relics' ten years earlier. This forty minute album features 6 tracks.
One of these days is taken straight off Meddle and its wind outro is nicely linked into Money. It is Money that is the only track of interest here. For legal reasons the original from Dark Side Of The Moon could not be used. So the vocal track was re-recorded in '81. If you listen very carefully David's voice sounds like it does on his solo LP, "David Gilmour", a 5 star album in my opinion. David GilmourHowever, if you can tell the difference then you ears are better than mine. Sheep in full completes the first half. The inclusion of a heavily edited Shine on you crazy diamond is interesting if unnecessary. The first edit takes out that wonderful guitar just one minute prior to the first verse. The last verse of part 4 (or part one - whichever you're familiar with) is blended to the first verse of part 7 (or two). As soon as the vocals have finished then the song is faded out losing parts 8 and 9. This somewhat abrupt ending flows smoothly into Wish you were here. Then there is a traditional blank run before the single version of Another brick...(part 2). Unlike the single it has the extra few seconds of the teacher yelling 'You laddie...', 'You behind the bike sheds...' etc as was used on The Wall album version. The original single version is also availible on The Best Air Guitar Album In The World 2.
As each of these 6 tracks are on the excellent 'Echoes - the best of Pink Floyd' along with another 20 then I do not recommend this album to a casual listener. Back in 1981 it was a great introduction for me. It inspired me to collect more Floyd but that was in the days of 40 minute LPs, not 155 minute compilation CDs for a similar price of today.
The album cover is the final item to discuss (as anyone who is going to buy ACOGDS should already know the songs). Storm Thorgerson (according to David Gilmour) had taken this boring picture and nobody wanted it. So, David out of sheer kindness agreed to use it. Well Mr. Gilmour, I love it and the main picture has been framed and hangs above the fire place in our lounge. The vinyl cover and package works for me. The original CD release was poor as it was over modified. The imported version has extra small (Japanese?) writing over the back of the cardboard slip jacket.
OK the music is fantastic, the photography and graphics are stunning, the packaging is poor. So how do I rate this? I don't know. Are you a fanatical Floyd fan, with money to burn? No: buy Echoes. Yes: buy ACOGDS.
Thanks for reading.
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