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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 20 June 2017
very good
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on 3 May 2017
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on 28 January 2015
One of my favorite movies - beautifully filmed & one of the best soundtracks ever by Hans Zimmer
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on 13 May 2017
probably the best anti-war film i've ever seen
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on 5 April 2015
A thoughtfull film.
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on 20 September 2011
The only subtitles included in the Blu-ray version are English HoH. I suppose all these other subtitles mentioned in the product description refer to the DVD version. I have submitted to Amazon a scan of the case backcover, supporting my comment. This image is already available next to the other images of the product.
Despite this, Amazon has sent me the following answer:
We could not accept the following suggestion(s).
We have researched the following suggestion(s) for this product via all available authoritative sources and concluded that the current data is accurate.
Current value: English (Subtitled), Norwegian (Subtitled), Portuguese (Subtitled), French (Subtitled), Danish (Subtitled), Swedish (Subtitled), Finnish (Subtitled), Dutch (Subtitled), Spanish (Subtitled)
Your suggestion: English (Subtitled)
This makes no sense! I bought this Blu-Ray from Amazon.uk only a few days ago and confirmed myself that the only available subtitles are English HoH.
Besides, this is not a Region B disk, but an "All Region" (A/B/C) disk, as you can check, once again, from the image that I have uploaded.
review image
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on 5 April 2017
Another film encapsulating the great American war machine , this one of the very best , being more realistic .
Reviewers do a good job in their wide descriptions , but no one refers to THE LONGEST DAY .
The trouble is that the Yanks win everything , or die heroically .
War is a bloody , savage mess , this does show deterioration in attitude and loss of humanity .
Just waiting for a new version of Waterloo , with the Yanks showing up to take the credit .
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I had no idea how this wonderful director would follow 'Badlands', the film that, with Malick's reclusivenness, begat a legend. In fact I may have found it hard to get my bearings on what is ostensibly a war film, but as I watched the seemingly arbitrary interludes of jungle life, redolent of sunny ease amid the fury, I was very definitely looked though I find it hard to say why. This is a beguiling film, though never approaching kitsch, as 'Tree of Life did recently. I don't really see this as a war film, although it is set in World War Two's Pacific theatre and has battles in it. No, it is as much about not fighting as fighting, it boldly intercuts action with ants and unmartial life teeming in the jungle of southern Asia going its way, indifferent to Xxis or Allies. I especially liked the performances of Cavaziel and Penn but the only misgiving - a serious one - is that the proliferation of stars on show distracted from the points Mallick likely had in mind, and ones that as a serious Philosophy scholar mattered to him, of Being and Time, Meaning and Existenz...the usual. In other words 'Thin Red Line' concerns not "marchin' around in squares" as a famous British comedy troupe had it, that Line was abandoned by the end of the Boer War; this "line" could as plausibly denote the stuff that pumps around our veins as battle formation. This film is about absorbtion in all its guises, thus finding oneself inwardly exclaim at the latest star presence was a rather obvious misjudgement. The cinematically ravishing, deliberately slow narrative quite often lingers rather than furthers the story qua story...this makes it provocative in its quiet way, meditative in fact. In this a far cry from 'Days of Heaven' and even the career-making 'Badlands.' I think it is possibly my favourite of his films. No one else could have done it and I find it mesmerizing.
Dasein, as the cognoscenti will soon realise, hence the intercutting! Ever the Heideggerian.
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This another movie I haven't re-visited for some time (I bought the Import version
when released a while back) my previous viewing of the film was on the 'DVD'
The film was a big-budget production, of around $52,000.000, among the lead cast
'Sean Penn' 'Adrien Brody' 'Jim Caviezel' 'Woody Harrelson' and 'Nick Nolte'
It tells the story of an 'American' military operation in 'Guadal-Canal' which is to
stop the 'Japanese' forces advance.
We follow the fortunes of a unit as they try to advance toward enemy positions, the
'Japanese' controlling the 'Jungle' and much of the high-ground on the Island.
They soon come under fire, casualties mounting, when an order is given to 'Captain
Staros' to take the hill by 'Lt Col Gordon Tall' he refuses, believing the cost would be
too high.
The film considered by many to be a classic, is indeed thought provoking with many
graphic sequences along with an in-depth insight into the 'emotional' strain of battle,
the fear, the concequences.
It certainly displays the horror from both sides of the divide, a harsh look at the theatre
of war.
The movie has been given a superb upgrade to the HD standard, superb picture and
sound quality.
Features included (I am not 100% certain that ''all'' the extras on board apply to the
region 'B' release, however I see no reason why it would be any different)
:Commentaries and interviews with both cast and crew.
; 14 minutes of outtakes (always popular)
: World War 2' Newsreel from 'Guatal-Canal' and the 'Solomon Islands'
: Melansian Chants'
: Original Theatrical trailer.
: With this Import it also includes an interesting 'Booklet'
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on 19 May 2011
This is by no means a conventional war film but it is, nonetheless, one of the finest portrayals of war that you are ever likely to see. The film was not on my radar and I discovered it more by accident than design. It was first released in 1998 and was somewhat eclipsed by `Saving Private Ryan' which was released slightly earlier. Nominated for 7 Academy Awards this film failed to get a single Oscar. The more that I learn about the way these award systems operate and the complexities of the whole film distribution system, the less confidence I have of their value. In many ways `the Thin Red Line' is superior to Spielberg's war epic.

Directed by the reclusive Terrence Malick, the film is an adaptation of a World War II novel by James Jones (From Here to Eternity) about the battle for Guadalcanal. American soldiers land on the island hoping to secure it from the Japanese. This film does not follow the usual path taken by other war stories and unlike `Ryan' - which begins explosively, this film takes about 40 minutes before a single shot is fired! This long prologue is used to good effect as an introduction to the main characters and some carefully selected flashbacks to their lives pre-war. The tension to the film is slowly uncoiled as the troopships approach Guadalcanal Island. This is done quietly and thoughtfully and gives the viewer a good idea of the stresses and anxieties of the soldiers as they approach this life-changing situation.

The story is told through the eyes of 5 men of C Company and the visual images are simply amazing. This is where Malick excels. He has produced a film that is a cinematographer's dream where almost every shot is carefully composed as if it was to be entered in a photographic exhibition. I watched the film in the newly restored Blu-ray version and the video is absolutely fantastic with superb colour palette and pristine sharp pictures throughout. I watched this dvd through a projector and the video quality is one of the finest I have ever seen - and that includes some pretty stiff competition.

Of course, there have been many fine war films and who am I to say whether this film is better than `Saving Private Ryan', `Apocalypse Now' or the Oliver Stone Trilogy. It is certainly up there with the very best and for my money it is sufficiently unique to stand out from the crowd. All human characteristics are shown in this film, bravery, fear, uncertainty, blind ambition to name but a few. However, for me the overwhelming image is of the chaos of war and uncertainty of such a fast moving situation. For a lot of the time the enemy cannot be seen and with explosions and gunfire all around you it is not difficult to imagine casualties caused by friendly fire. It is havoc and the film graphically shows the toll that all this takes on soldiers both in terms of exhaustion - both mental and physical, pain, injury, disillusionment and ultimately death.

However, notwithstanding this reality the film is much, much more than this. I found the violence less graphic than in Ryan and the director takes efforts not to dwell on unnecessary gratuitous violent images. This film is very much a visual, as well as a vocal poem. The film uses hauntingly beautiful music throughout both by the highly talented Hans Zimmer and also by other classical composers. Early on in the film there is an extract from `In paradisum' from Faure's Requiem. This beautiful piece of music is used in a water scene and the combined effect of the music and cinematography is simply amazing. There are many other scenes where the camera is used in taking shots from unusual angles and this gives an enhanced effect to the scene as is the case when a young woman is swinging on a child's swing. Poetry in motion!

The audio is presented in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and it is magnificent. There are a number of excellent extras on this film including an interesting actors perspective and an interview with Hans Zimmer - both in high definition. I have not yet had time to look at the other extras.

This is a truly wonderful film. Highly recommended,
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