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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 4 October 2015
When it comes to underated Oasis albums, I think this is the one that stands out the most.
I am not sure what went wrong with Be Here Now, it was an okay record I guess, but as a follow up to the first two...not so sure.
Its very loud, very long, very noisy.
Not really a classic.

I think this record, while not all it could be, is much more closer to that perfection side of things Oasis were planning on going for.
The electronic noises don't distract too much from the songs or music.
My only criticism is Noel sings too many songs, and Lets all make believe should of been put on this along with Full On sung by Liam perhaps.

Only 10 tracks, 9 songs, 2 sung by Noel its an odd kind of album.
Its a bit short and I think definitely two songs could of been replaced with better ones but its not terrible at all, much more focused than Be Here Now was.

I think, Oasis did blow it a bit with Be Here Now, their third album was not as bad as it was made out to be, but I think the excitement got in the way of the music and they missed a great opportunity and it also affected the music down the line later on too as well as losing band members.

So sad, but at least you can relive some of the magic lost on this album perhaps?
It would be great to think Noel could write something as memorable as Wonderwall or Cast no Shadow again but we;ll just have to wait and see.

Its a bit dismal at times this album but its alright...and its a different side to Oasis.
But in truth, if I could turn back time I'd somehow make sure Oasis got that third album right, perhaps they should of delayed it until the year 2000? when this album came out?

Might of been a better decision.
I also kind of see this as the last classic Oasis type album, the ones that followed seemed a bit all over the place and confused.
One day though, one day they might just sort themselves out.....who knows...lets hope so.
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on 20 March 2017
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on 2 January 2016
Best band in the world amazing album
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I know that so many fans are very quick to dismiss Oasis' fourth studio album, 'Standing On the Shoulder Of Giants', released at the start of the new Millennium. Whilst it is certainly true to say that it marked a big change from the band's past releases, and indeed, anything they did afterwards, I am personally able to appreciate this different sound. Although it still ranks towards the bottom of my favourite Oasis releases, it isn't a terrible record at all, and didn't deserve a lot of the negative response it received upon release.

Noel has penned some of my favourite songs of all time, and although none of them appear on here, there are a handful of very good tracks that earn 'Standing on the Shoulder Of Giants' a definite three star rating. The obvious single choice 'Go Let It Out' gave Oasis their fifth UK chart topper, and is very catchy, the dark and sinister 'Gas Panic!' probably contains the best lyrics from Noel on the album, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I regard the standout ballad 'Where Did It All Go Wrong', to be one of the best displays of Noel as a vocalist, as well as the following track, 'Sunday Morning Call', which is another gem with a nice melody. The much needed 'I Can See A Liar' is up next, and this song, written by Liam, is very upbeat, and a nice way to cool off after the other songs. The beautiful 'Roll It Over' closes things out, and is in the same vein as the legendary 'Champagne Supernova'.

This neo-psychedelia rock album is more experimental than any other Oasis release, and has a much heavier sound than it's outstanding predecessors. Although I much prefer to listen to my prized copies of 'Definitely Maybe' and '(What's The Story) Morning Glory?', this is by no means as bad as some people have stated. Oasis were experimenting with different styles when they recorded 'Standing on the Shoulder Of Giants', and hats of to them for trying out other things. Often considered the black sheep in the back catalogue, if you still share this opinion, dust it off again and listen to the songs I've highlighted, there is still some good material here. Far from great, but not bad.
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on 8 March 2000
Well... what can one say, is this the 'New' Oasis, or are they in transition? 'New' material comes in the form of the albums two strongpoints, 'F***in In The Bushes' and 'Go Let It Out'. Evidence of samples gives a new feel and impetus behind the band. Perhaps the band has learnt that stagnant music cannot be revived with overproduction. The unfortunate low points are the Noel Ballads 'Sunday Morning Call' and 'Where Did It All Go Wrong'. Dull and dreary, Gallagher snr. really needs to get his backside in gear, because songs like 'Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is' is basically two different lines repeated but with a couple of words changed now and again. Along with 'I Can See A Liar', however, there is a look back to the 'Sex Beatles' days of 'Definitely Maybe', and rightly so. Overall verdict? Better than 'Be Here Now', could do with better lyrics, and a new direction in the waiting, so the next album should be THE MASTERPIECE.
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on 13 July 2000
Considering that this album was brought to us by Oasis, who brought us some of the most exciting rock 'n' roll of the last decade, this is a bit of a letdown. This is not too say that it is a bad album by any means, but it is certainly no match for 'Definitrly Maybe' or 'Whats the Story....'
There are certainly some standout moments. Gas Panic!' is possibly Oasis' finest song to date, and when Liam sings 'and my family don't seem so familiar/and my enemies all know my name', the listener is taken back to the golden era of Oasis when they seemed untouchable.
Unfortunately, the rest of the album does not live up to this. 'Who feels love?', despite being a blatant Beatles rip off, is pleasant enough, as are 'Put yer money where yer mouth is', first single 'Go Let It Out' and opener f**** in the Bushes'. However, to add to this positive aspect are some really poor moments. Liam's first stab at songwriting is certainly tender and from the heart, but with lyrics such as 'You play with their toys/even though they make noise', he should stick to what he is best at. After Noel's solo foray 'Where did it all go wrong?', the album takes a turn for the worse, and leaves people thinking What if....? Whoever decided to releasd 'Sunday Morning Call' as a single should question their judgment, and 'I can see a liar' and 'Roll it over' are little more than background music.
This is certainly not as terrible as some people have been saying, but it is by no means a classic. It's most glaring omission is the lack of a song such as 'Live Forever, Wonerwall or even (whisper it) Stand by Me. But the signs are promising, and after the low point which was 1997's 'Be Here Now', we can only hope that this positve upwards trend continues.
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on 7 July 2008
It is a real shame. No, I'm not talking about the 'demise of Oasis', but I'm talking about this album. The shame is that it is so underrated as an Oasis album. It doesn't deserve the amount of criticism it received when released.

The thing is with this album is that it is much better than Be Here Now. Although the singles of that album were the best thing about it, the rest of the songs were devoid of any inspiration. However, many of the songs tackle Noel coming off drugs, the big comedown on the heydays in the nineties and even one about Liam's son.

There's no 'Live Forever' or 'Don't Look Back In Anger'. Don't expect any of these sort of stadium anthems because your not going to get any. The lead single 'Go Let It Out' is probably the nearest thing to the big anthem on this album. But that's the thing. The album is not about big anthems. Instead, psychedelia is brought to the fold, and while initially many of the songs may seem dull, give them time because they grow on you. The production is absolutely brilliant and not over produced like Be Here Now. The lyrics are probably the best Oasis have come up with. 'Gas Panic' is genius and is one of the best things I've ever heard from Oasis. Yes, 'Little James' has pretty uninspired lyrics but only for part of it and it is a sweet tune, not the disaster that I'd heard people say it was.

To be honest, there are two songs that are missable. Ironically, it's the two rockers 'Put Your Money Where Yer Mouth Is' and 'I Can See A Liar'. Lyrically dull and musically dull aswell, it is certainly not something that would make it on to 'Definitely Maybe'.

The songs don't hit you like the ones on 'Morning Glory', but they are more slow and hypnotic ones. You can't casually listen to this album, you need to give it its full attention, and if you do that, them I'm sure you'll find the brilliance that I found in it.
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on 29 March 2010
Some say not the best, but some tracks stand out. Gas Panic of course, but taken as a whole and not just isolated tracks this this a great album. There are better by Oasis, but then is that not always the case with a great band?
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on 5 January 2017
Standing on the shoulders of giants is one of Oasis’s best and most underrated albums. It represents the midpoint of their career between the departure of Guigsy and Bonehead and the arrival of Gem and Andy Bell. Noel done the rhythm guitar and bass in the recording of this album, aswell as his usual lead guitar.

It features Liam’s first attempt at song writing with Little James, a sweet song for his stepson with lyrics like, “live for your toys even thought they make noise”, now, it’s Liam Gallagher not Leonard Cohen but it’s the sentiment in the song that stands out. Gig warm up instrumental, F’ing in the Bushes is a rocking track that kicks the album off. Go Let it Out is another cool tune. Noel singing ballad Sunday Morning Call is another quality tune about drug abuse where he sings “do you feel what you’re not supposed to feel”. Album closer Roll it Over is one of the best tunes they have never played live, it’s very psychedelic with a great build up and climax in the guitar solo. The other tracks are fine aswell and better than the filler they conjured on their following albums.

I read somewhere Noel was apologising for this album saying he shouldn’t have made it, which is a shame because I think it’s the best overall Oasis album since What’s the Story. Overall, if you really like Oasis or good indie music this is album is well worth a listen and the solo in Roll it Over is superb. It won’t change your life or anything but if you're looking for a good listen that’s not going to change your life, it’s a good candidate.
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on 6 March 2000
We all thought Oasis had died after 'be here now'. It seems that they have been 'Born agian'. The overall sound of the album is much improved. The kicking beats of Alun White and the meater Base bring a much needed alteration to the dying sound of the previous album. Noel's song writting seems to have improved also. lyrics like'Wash your face in the morning sun' have been replaced with more meanful statements such as 'found what i've lost inside: my spirit has been purified'. However 'Go let it out' droawns on and 'I can see a lier' is just typical of the Oasis lazy approach. But 'Gas Panic' is just brilliant, and 'Where did it all go wrong' is a fine piece of art not to mention the first song 'fuckin' in the bushes'. It does seem that Oasis have found that higher level agian. It will be interesting to see how the new line up performs.
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